SEO On-Air: The Local Search Microcosm with Harmony Huskinson

On today’s episode of SEO On-Air, we speak to Harmony Huskinson, the Local SEO expert at Portent. Tune in and watch us talk about Local SEO, competitor analysis and how to perform a proximity audit.

In this episode, we cover the following:

00:24 – The Journey from Journalism to Marketing

10:27 – The Local Search Microcosm

22:48 – User Intent

35:57 – How to do a Proximity Audit

43:00 – Competitor Analysis

47:34 – Marketing tools to use

56:04 – How to rank a website without a physical address

Join us in our next episode, where we speak with the Director of SEO of an award-winning B2B performance marketing agency.

Meet the speakers

Aaron Basil
Content Manager
Search Engine Land contributor

Guest Bio

Search Engine Land contributor

Harmony has been with Portent for more than a year and has been the recipient of "Best Local Campaign" with the 2022 US Agency Awards, and is a Search Engine Land contributor. Being an award-winning local SEO expert, Harmony thrives when helping businesses, small and large, achieve success.