There is no service without support! Stan Ventures is dedicated to taking care of your office, from operations and accounting to IT infrastructure maintenance.


Stan Ventures works closely with you to understand the strength required to manage your office. In general, every office is assigned a dedicated HR generalist, an office caretaker, an operations expert, an accounting genius and an IT engineer. If you would like to assign a couple more specialists with unique responsibilities, we will listen and do whatever we can to make the office more efficient.


The operations team will mail you general reports, from employee attendance, work downtime and leave records to office expenditures, once a week. Added to monitor the work environment, the link to our live feed broadcast will be shared with you. You can witness everything that happens at the office from your country.


Every Indian subsidiary must have its own corporate bank account through which the salary transactions for its employees must take place. Stan Ventures will take the initiative with the best bank in the country to get the corporate account created, followed by creating the salary accounts for the joining employees. The Stan Ventures operations team will be managing the corporate account and the account details. Reports on any transaction made will be submitted promptly.


Our Stan Ventures support and operations members will be on the office premises from the beginning of day to the end. We’ll be supporting your employees day in and out to make sure the operations of the office go as planned. Our Stan Ventures members will be the first people to enter the office before your employee and the last to leave the premises.


We invite you to visit your subsidiary office any time. We would like to show you the traditional hospitality of India. Just share with us your itinerary for the visit to India, and the Stan Ventures team will be waiting to accompany you throughout your visit. We wish to fill your journey with memories.