When an agency lost huge money partnering with multiple agencies, growth, margin, and credibility were put to the test—a real survival story backed by Stan Ventures.

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About the Client

___ is a relatively new agency that started receiving SEO orders from businesses that have already burned their pocket with other agencies. One of the USP’s that they highlight is affordable pricing without compromising on quality.

Once they started receiving orders, ____ understood that their current in-house expertise could not fulfill the promises they had made to their client. That is why they reached out to three different White Label SEO agencies for execution. Managing three different agencies for the same client was a pain. Moreover, the quality of the delivery was strongly mismatched and inappropriate with what ___ had promised the client.

Stan Ventures

Challenges we faced

The reports sent by three different agencies were hard to collate as each one used various standards of optimization. The quality of content and links created wavered to the extent that the clients were almost on the verge of losing hope.

Apart from these operational challenges, the profit margin was greatly reduced due to working with multiple fulfillment partners that had to be paid. All of these entailed a lot of money, which could have been spent on the more important aspects of growing the business. On top of that, it was also difficult to work with multiple partners because of miscommunication. It is harder to understand missives and directives when it coming from different organizations.

The Partnership

___ was looking for an all-in-one SEO partner whom they can depend on for anything SEO-related. Stan Ventures came out as a natural choice as we have proven expertise serving some of the top US agencies. One of the factors that make us stand out is the scalability of our services. This is precisely what ____ was looking for.

Stan is an Indo-American SEO agency with over a decade’s experience in providing quality White Label SEO solutions to leading SEO companies. Getting all SEO requirements fulfilled by us saved 50% of the cost incurred by ___ and allowed them to create a larger profit margin.

The Secret Sauce

Stan’s SEO expertise helps us to offer high-end SEO solutions at half the cost. While other agencies in the US use native talents for both analytical and creative tasks, Stan Ventures has a diverse approach that allows us to excel.

We have a talented workforce located both in India and the US. While the transactional tasks are taken care of by our Indian team, the creative department is headed by US natives, thus helping us to reduce the cost by half.

Stan Ventures Stan Ventures

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