The agency failed to balance the weighing scale as the churn rate climbed up along with increasing acquisition rate. The strange phenomenon continued until Stan Ventures gave them a concrete solution.

Stan Ventures

About the Agency

____ is one of the most trusted names in the SEO industry, serving clients across the US and Europe for the past eight years. The last two years have been quite exciting for them as they started getting 10x more acquisitions than the previous years. However, as the company grew, they realized that the retention rate also came down significantly during the last two years.

The churn rate was so alarming (> 40%) that their competitors were using it as a sales pitch to poach their existing clients. Fortunately, ____ was able to tie the loose ends after we latched on to a strong partnership that helped them to improve the retention rate by 85%.

Stan Ventures

Challenges we faced

With a robust and well-optimized website, _____ was able to top Google for some of the most competitive SEO keywords. This resulted in them receiving close to 100 SEO fulfillment requests per day. The inquiries came from both enterprise and small/medium businesses in large numbers. This occurred at a time when they required a trusted partner for executing a significant chunk of the SEO tasks.

____ is providing end-to-end SEO solutions; the requirements ranged from Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research, Technical SEO Audit, Local SEO, SEO Content Creation, and more. They were looking for a partner who had proven expertise in all these areas. Soon, _____ doubled down on Stan Ventures based on the recommendation of one of the top SEO thought-leaders in the industry.

The Partnership

As an Indo-American SEO agency with over 10+ years of experience, we have a tried and tested process that fulfills all SEO requirements. With more than 300+ SEO executives from the US and India working in tandem, the magnitude of work was never a deterrent for us when it came to helping SEO agencies.

We helped them scale the business to newer heights by fulfilling 100% White Labeled SEO services, without missing the deadlines even once. As 75% of execution was taken care of by the Stan team, ____ got enough time to focus on acquisition and client relationship management.

As a result, ____ was not only able to increase their ROI but also was able to establish a strong client relationship that resulted in a retention rate of > 85%. It is vital to retain clients because repeat customers are noted to boost sales. Moreover, spending money on marketing to attract new clients costs more. Apart from improving revenue, the retention rate is a huge factor in determining a company’s success.

The Secret Sauce

Stan is a well-known pioneer in offering Indo-American SEO services to agencies and organizations in the US. We have divided our SEO service delivery process between talented SEO experts based in the US and India. This enabled us to offer _____ advanced SEO services at an attractive profit margin.

Stan Ventures Stan Ventures

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