A top SEO agency paid 80% of the margin in buying links for their clients. Stan’s Indo-American expertise helped them increase the margin by 4x. A real growth story of inspiration.

Stan Ventures

About the Agency

___is an SEO agency in the US with five years of substantial experience delivering success to their clients. Even though their clientele grew exponentially, they failed to scale the profit margin.

There came a time where it became difficult for them to fulfill the SEO orders, especially link building orders, using the in-house resource. During the initial days, they reached out to some of the top White Label SEO Agencies in the US to get the work done.

However, the partnership didn’t last long because the profit margin did not improve as expected. In fact, it depleted further!

Stan Ventures

Challenges we faced

Despite associating with one of the top White Label agencies in the US, the quality of the links created and the content that was built around the links were very low quality. These bad links translate to scoring low on Google rankings, too. It signifies a lack of credibility and authority. As a result, there’s less visibility due to reduced traffic.

At one point, their clients started experiencing a drop in organic traction, which was later attributed to the low-quality links built. When they failed to receive quality links and improve the margin, the partnership severed.

The Partnership

As an Indo-American SEO agency with over a decade’s experience in providing link building services to clients across the globe, ____was happy to associate with Stan Ventures. The partnership reached newer heights as we delivered quality links at half the cost, allowing our clients to increase their margin by 4x.

Soon, the agency started focusing on growing their business as we took on the responsibility of being their trusted partner for execution. The partnership has completed two successful years, and we are pleased to announce that _____ leveraged its profit margin by 70%.

The Secret Sauce

There is no secret sauce that we settle on. All that we do is genuine blogger outreach that has a response rate higher than what “SEO Gurus” preach online. We have perfected the skill of manual blogger outreach through the rock-solid experience of doing it day-in, day-out for the last 10 years.

Stan Ventures Stan Ventures

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