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Copywriting Specialist

The popularity of your website greatly depends on each word that’s there for people to read. This is why you need our copywriting specialists, who are an incredibly creative species. These are the people who have a flair for writing and coming up with most unique ideas. With so many competitors already, what can make your business count is the uniqueness of the content on it.

Competent Skills

  • Unique writing skills
  • Keen researching skills
  • Exceptional at grammar
  • Creativity in expression
  • Natural flow
  • Sense of curiosity
  • Ability to create something new
  • Understanding of user experience
  • Writing with empathy

Technical knowledge

  • Good knowledge about language
  • A basic knowledge of SEO
  • MS-office/Sheets handling Skills
  • Fast writing skills
  • Keyword tools usage
  • Picking right keywords to express
  • Learn before start writing
  • Regularly updates her knowledge

His Values

  • Having a social perspective
  • Being motivated
  • Come up with different ideas
  • Determination
  • Good at expressing his ideas in words.
  • Understands your expectations
  • Works as per your mental wavelength

Plans & Pricing

  • Choose Content Type
  • Refined Writing Skills
  • Native Copywriting
  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Downloadable Google Doc
  • Support Facility
  • Request Revisions
  • Initial Content Investment

Content Based

(Starts at $20/Article)

  • Email/Chat
  • 3
  • Pay after delivery

Dedicated for you

(Starts at $15/hr)

  • Exclusive Creative Copywriter
  • Email/Chat
  • Unlimited
  • 160 Hrs - Dedicated Copywriter

Shared Working

(Starts at $9/hr)

  • Email/Chat
  • 3
  • 30 Hrs - Delivers Fastly

Client Testimonials

Why You Should Work With Us

Quality Obssession

Quality is our first priority. We are proud of our dedicated team that works towards yielding quality service.

Customer Centric

We take actions in a way that provides a positive customer experience before and after the sale in order to drive repeat business, customer loyalty and profits.

Mature Processes

Our experience makes us stronger each year. With what we already know and the more knowledge we gain, we come up with best of processes.

100% Transparency

We make sure our policies and services
are as clear to you as
they are to us.

One Stop Shop

What's good for your online business? Name it, and we are ready to help you with whatever it is.

Honest Advice

We give the most accurate and honest advice so that it helps your business roll up.

Relationship oriented

We don't just intend to make a profit. Our aim is to satisfy our clients and build the long-term relationship with them.


What's good for your online business? Name it, and we are ready to help you with whatever it is.


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