Brief History

UNDONE is a popular watch brand with a huge following in the US and Asia. However, most of their sales happened through e-commerce platforms that took hefty commissions for each order placed. As a result, UNDONE decided to sell its watches through their website. Nonetheless, the top positions of Google SERP for the brand keywords were inundated by the top players like Amazon, and the UNDONE team wanted to break free from the clutches of these e-commerce giants.

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About the Client

UNDONE offers high-quality personalized watches for both men and women. The website also provides customization options for customers who want to craft unique watches for themselves.

UNDONE describes itself as a premium alternative to the costly luxury watches in the market. According to its founder, Michael Young, luxury brands mass-produce the watches and sell them for a large sum. Often, these watches are not of very high-quality, but they get sold anyway because of the brand name attached to it.

UNDONE is on a mission to provide luxuriously built custom watches tailored for its customers. They achieved this by mastering a combination of components that results in impeccable quality.

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Challenges we faced

UNDONE had a relatively new website with the same products listed on Amazon. The product description and features were identical with the ones listed on Amazon. Ironically, even for UNDONE’s own brand keywords, it was Amazon that topped the SERP. The UNDONE website had very few referring domains, and the organic traffic was less than 500 users per month.

Bespoke Solutions Based on Goals

UNDONE wanted to rank for top buyer intent and brand keywords, which Amazon hijacked. These are all noble goals because the original manufacturer should be acknowledged for their handiwork. It became a top mission to outrank Amazon to prove to one and all that their brand is reputable. The challenge now is to find ways and means to topple a giant like this conglomerate.


Even though UNDONE used Shopify as their platform, the audit found a slew of technical SEO issues that had to be fixed immediately. The images were both not properly optimized and lazy-loaded, which affected the overall page load speed. The schema implementation had significant errors resulting in no display of its review SERP feature on Google.

Meta Title and Description

Even though UNDONE had close to 30 products listed at the time they came to Stan, the Meta Title and Description of the pages were not optimized. Some pages had duplicate meta titles and descriptions, which called for an immediate fix.

Unique Content

Since the product descriptions and features were identical to that of Amazon, we came up with a content strategy that included information and details that the target audience was looking for. Our native writers came up with highly influential and unique content that enticed the users to buy the watches.

Guest Post Outreach

Meanwhile, outreach specialists at Stan Ventures had already reached out to top fashion and technology websites to feature guest blogs based on the uniqueness of the UNDONE watches. Since personalization is not something that all brands provide, bloggers and the industry’s leading accessory websites were eager to publish the content we provided.

The Impact

In one month, the website was able to beat Amazon for the brand keywords. The organic traffic increased from less than 500 to 5000 within the first 15 days. Interestingly, the target audience purchased 2x more products from the UNDONE website than Amazon. The former gave them the option to make customization changes to their purchases. Our effective guest posting resulted in the UNDONE website now ranking for 3k keywords on Google, out of which 500+ keywords are ranking on the top 10 positions.

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