What’s a development office without technological gizmos? High-speed Internet, ravishing workstations, ultra-light notebooks, handy iPads or monstrous server systems, name it, and we’ll get the best for your office. Every office is deployed with a dedicated IT engineer who will take up the responsibility of getting the utilities in place.


The Stan Ventures technology geeks will suggest some gizmos for your office setup, from the employee biometric tracker to the server systems. We can walk through each and every department and work on the hardware list, based on your budget and needs.

As a mandatory part of every office setup, Stan Ventures provides you with a dedicated office monitoring setup that broadcasts live video streaming. You can see what’s going on at the office with just a click, anywhere, anytime.


Every organization has its own unique reception area. We give you complete freedom to reconstruct or redecorate the reception however you’d like. We have interior decorators who can bring your idea to reality.

The one place every employee holds dear in an office is the cafeteria and the recreation area. We try to replicate the culture that exists over at your parent company, and your ideas to make it more exciting are always welcome.


The house IT Engineer is the schedule keeper for utilities maintenance as well. She makes sure that every system is tagged and on her radar. If there are any technical issues, the engineer will jump in to troubleshoot. A dedicated downtime register is maintained apart from the asset management register to record and track any difficulties that happen each month.