White Label Insourcing

At Stan Ventures, we provide our customers with a full-service, white-label digital marketing and link building opportunities, readymade to be sold to agencies, along with managing and completing their SEO needs, content marketing, PPC and social media.

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We are your fallback digital marketing department; so you can come to us with all your needs. Our team of excellent professionals will help you solve your problems, and leave you with more time to focus on your strengths.

Instant use of sales materials

We work with product introduction sheets, pre-built propositions, excellently devised and developed campaigns along with service agreements prepared for our clients to brand and start utilizing. We really are a turnkey arrangement.

Working with Custom campaigns

We understand that all businesses and clients are not the same. And so for that reason, we also strive to provide our clients with custom campaigns that will be suitable for their business and help them build a new campaign from ground up for all that extra attention.

More than 50 pre-built campaigns

It's often that the simplest of things are harder to achieve.
So we, at Stan Ventures, do just that: provide you with a new set of ideas,
every day of the year, all year.

An account Manager completely at your service

We strive to provide you with an account manager fully dedicated to your needs, so that you can achieve all the more with your campaigns and take your business to greater heights with our assistance.

Branded as your own

We want to create an experience for you where you feel like you're handing over the reins of your business to your own company instead of an outsider. Our link building and content marketing services are such that you can see it as an in-house work rather than outsourced.

Optional Client Communication

We understand that it is an extremely difficult decision for a business to give control of any of their operations to an outsider. Which is why, we have optional client communication so that you always are on track with us, and in the know-how of anything and everything about your business.

Online Reporting and Dashboards

Just for your reference, we have an online dashboard for your reporting needs. So, you are always aware of when your work is taken up and you get to know as soon it gets completed.

Rev Share or Custom Pricing

With the help of custom pricing, we help you get the value for your dime. Therefore, every penny you spend on our services is fully accounted for and is especially custom-made for your benefit.