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We collaborate with marketing agencies to give premium distributer outreach benefits by using our network of premium bloggers and website owners. We are the pioneers in genuine content placement and ethical link building.

We're perfect for:

SEO agencies

In-house marketing teams

Content marketers

Why do you need us?

To speed up your need of content and publisher outreach

It probably must take long for your writers to take an article from ideation to consummation, and finish the full outreach process including research, messaging publishers and following up. With our help, you can bring it down from about 8-12 hours to less. That too, at a cost lesser than the $140 – $200 per post you might be currently undergoing, as per our research.

Foreseeable and substantial results at your disposal

Being predictable might be a boring trait, but having sure-shot results is a rush in itself. With our SEO-management skills, we deliver predictable and powerful results which will do full justice to the phrase "you get what you pay for". Our link building services will leave you wanting for more, given our methodology at getting things done is impeccable.

Maintaining quality standards becomes easy with us

Most people have an issue with maintaining quality standards with their content and link building, especially when it's outsourced. With us, that is never an issue, because we believe in retaining our clients with the help of legitimate link building strategies applied by us.

Increase your satisfaction infinitely

We utilize automation in order to permit more versatility in our outreach process. This enables us to complete things faster, without writing off our content quality or our reputation with our bloggers. This implies less expensive rates for you and enables us to go up against any limit. We work with customers that submit 5 orders to a few hundred every month.

Help limit your liabilities

It's stressful when you get huge clients, and extremely sad when you lose them. Which is why, investing in quality employees is a must. We at Stan Ventures ensure that your link building efforts not only save you time, but also help make you the moolah you want; all the while creating a buffer when your clients come and leave.

We're what you want, because


A huge network of publishers in every industry possible

We have the biggest authentic pool of publishers in the business. These are distributors that let us return consistently since we furnish them with remarkable content, pictures and other supporting media for their readers. While a few enterprises are harder to satisfy, we have numerous publishers in mainstream ventures like business, family, environment, entertainment, and so forth. Furthermore, we are continually finding new publishers that desire to join our family.


Our Content = Quality + Uniqueness

Our content is premium and unique, which is why we have a good rapport with our publishers. Created by our in-house employees, our content is proof-read at least three times before getting published. Moreover, our informed usage of supporting links, images, and requested links along with other relevant media ensures that we deliver quality content to our clients; something that they admire and find immensely search engine friendly.


A 30 day Turnaround time limit

In order to give you the quality content you deserve, we request for a full 30 days' time in order to complete all the posts in any typical order. A lot of publishers schedule their posts for a later date, or can be temporarily unavailable which is quite a common thing. After all, we too are at the mercy of our publishers, but we try to fulfill our commitments as soon as we can.


Meaningful Performance Metrics

We have set designs and quality metrics that we adhere to, when we decide to work with any publisher. These metrics include whether they want to associate themselves with a blog network, does the domain have an agreeable standing, and if there is a set level of editorial review present. Only when all our standards are met do we get them onboard, so that they can help our clients.


Round the clock updates and dashboard reporting

We make it a point to include your orders, a status update on all your posts, along with the link and live date upon their completion. We also add link data so that you can see the metrics from a publisher's domain. What's more, we're always a call away if there's anything you want from us at any given time.


Your expectations are our deliverances

Getting your expectations fulfilled is what drives us, and we understand your need for quality results when required. At Stan Ventures, we promise you legitimate content, extremely resourceful publishers within a 30-day time period, unless of course, something is out of our bounds. We sense your trust on our quality and services, which is why we do not believe in mincing words with our clients. Our aim is to always be upfront with our clients and let them know about all circumstances, so they are the ones making the ultimate call.


The prime focus of the content is to examine a specific topic in a keen manner, utilizing sources from around the web. This topic will identify with the area you wish for us to link to, without making it a PR piece. Our publishers don't like content that is publicizing or pitching a specific item or company. We use the businesses you provide the order for, within an agreeable quote so as to get the desired backlinks.

By us obviously! Typically what potential customers are worried about is whether we source it abroad or from places where English isn't the native dialect. We don't. We utilize in-house and some premium freelancers to ensure your post content is up to expectations.

We usually shy away from any topic that can essentially turn out to be PR for anything illegal, like gambling, illegitimate pills, or anything that can be perceived as "shady". Our publishers don't allow for it, and neither do we want the risk of fulfilling such orders. If you think your order can be about something illegal, ask us.

Well, that's the benefit of having about 5000 publishers at our beck and call! We specialize in any and every industry, so we do not feel the need to specialize.

All customers will be important in the setting that they are given. We, as a whole, value pertinence and need to speak to an audience that makes sense, yet that doesn't mean a CPA must be specified on a Finance site to have it work. A CPA can easily be specified in a blog entry for business, family and education publishers, given the correct subject and article point. We have never observed an authoritative contrast in results while utilizing this procedure.

A significant number of our publishers effectively attempt to advance your posts on their online networking accounts. Along these lines, most of our work gets a several dozen social shares and remarks.

Stan Ventures doesn't really do anything after the publishing to get social shares or comments; however it's good to see that our publishers are currently endeavoring to get that going.

This highly depends on the kind of metrics you want. We are extremely flexible with custom arrangements, but that is something we like to discuss beforehand to avoid discrepancies later.

We do not work on a premium or contract basis. Since there are no such obligations, we do not currently entertain the idea of a trial run because it's unnecessary!

It's certainly rare, but if it happens, we redo the order to make sure it gets retained by the publisher.




    $ 25 - $ 49

    per post


    • Our baseline quality metrics
    • Minimum Moz DA20
    • Average Moz DA35 for multiple orders
    • Minimum 400-word, Level 1 article
    • Imagery in every post
    • Up to 2 client links per post

    $ 60 - $ 99

    per post


    Everything in Standard, plus:

    • Minimum Moz DA40
    • Average Moz DA55 for multiple orders
    • Multiple premium images



    • A la carte pricing
    • Full control over where your content is published
    • DA40-90 publishers
    • Level 2 content standard
    • Pricing ranges from $200-$3,000 per post



    LEVEL 1

    Most our clients go for the Level 1, which has a 400- word article. The content is delivered by our ninja in-house writers who intelligently put together a remarkable piece. However, the writing is usually subjective in this level. For a more detailed write-up, we suggest our clients to go for Level 2.

    LEVEL 2

    Our Level 2 content is slightly more well-written than Level-1, apart from being more interesting and engaging, leaving you with more professional and seasoned writers for your content.


    LEVEL 1

    All content orders arrive at a Level 1, 400 word article. To increase the length of a Level 1 article is $10 extra for every 200-word.

    LEVEL 2

    An upgrade to Level 2 is an extra $40 for a 400-word article, then $30 for every 200-word increase.

What are you waiting for? Submit your order form!

  • We have a simple-to-use and organic ordering structure for our Standard and Premium outreach items that needs to be filled before we can begin.
  • Our ordering form enables you to include most of your customer information, pick amongst Standard and Premium, select what content quality and to what extent you need the copy.
  • For our Hand Picked publishers, we utilize a different ordering form.
  • To get the ordering form, we might want to comprehend your organization and customers. It would be ideal if you set up a meeting time at the bottom of the page.

How do we start?

We indulge in extensive research for your content, in order to learn about your client's products or services, their targeted demographic and the geographical locations of these demography.

When we have a decent idea of the business, we begin conceptualizing content themes, article titles and what publishers to choose. If there's anything your client is not comfortable discussing, it's imperative to indicate in the notes section of your order form.

When we have the article's idea set up, we schedule them to be penned down by our writing staff. All of our content is grammatically right, spell checked and proof-read by three professionals before it reaches the publisher. If you wish to audit your content, please consult a sales executive. We usually don't have client approvals; however we aim to cater to all your needs.

Our publishers follow a specialized quality standard. When we have the content ready to run with pictures and links, we deliver it to the publisher it was initially constructed for. It's normal for a publisher to reject our content. If it's something that doesn't fit their interest areas, we will endeavor to utilize the content elsewhere.

Now and again the content we make is only somewhat different from what the publishers are searching for. We often need to make edits to the content, include new areas, change pictures and do what they need so as to get the post live.

Once the content gets published, we proof-read the articles once more, ensure pictures and links are incorporated well; before marking them in your reporting section.


All our clients are provided with a reporting dashboard specifically for their company. Multiple orders conveniently come as a new tab on the dashboard. This way, we keep our operations transparent so that your clients can build on their trust and faith in us.


We typically work on a monthly basis with all our clients. We believe that the best of results come when the flow of quality content gets completed on a monthly basis.