Privacy Policy


Stan Ventures is committed to safeguarding your personal data and this document will inform you how we protect your information. The privacy policy governs your use of Stan products and services including the use of our website From now on all these single entities will collectively called Stan Ventures. The privacy policy of Stan Ventures should be read along with the Terms and Conditions. All the upper cap letters in this document will be synonymous the ones mentioned in the Terms and Conditions. This privacy policy is subjected to changes without prior notice. Users are advised to check this page regularly for updates. If you have differences with the Privacy Policy of Stan Ventures, you should refrain from using any products, services or features made available by Stan Ventures. If use Stan Ventures despite not agreeing to the Privacy Policy or without knowing the policy updates, you will be automatically considered as agreeing to the Privacy Policy that is current.

Data Collected

Stan Ventures collects personal identifiable information and non-personal identifiable information, which now onwards will be called “PII” and “non-PII”. PII will be considered as any information within Stan Ventures that can identify us in person. Non-PII information are those that require additional data to identify you.

PII Details collected by Stan Ventures

We don’t collect any PII information for visiting our website unless and until you are in need to use a feature, resource or services offered by Stan Ventures. In such cases we collect you PII with details including your name, email id, address, date of birth, phone number, website details and business information. If you wish to buy any of our services that are paid, we may have to collect your payment details including your debit/credit card details. All you payment details shall be stored and processed by our third party payment gateway.


Upon visiting the Stan Ventures website, you may be asked for Non-PII information including your IP address, gender, browsing history, search history, registration history, interactions with the Platform, usage information, location, referring URL, browser, operating system, data usage, data transferred, and Internet service provider. In addition to these, we may also make public the emails, messages and any form of online conversation that you send to us and the information provided by our sources about your conversation, interactions and other activities.


A percentage of your data may be visible to different clients of the Platform to encourage correspondence between clients. We will never offer your data without your authorization; nevertheless, you agree that we

May utilize your data in the following ways:

  • To give any services offered and operate Stan Ventures Platform.
  • To to get in touch with you by means of email or other electronic communication means that you have opted for.
  • To give you of updates on Stan Ventures services and updates.
  • To share with our third parties, who have received request from you asking for extra data.
  • To process your payment.
  • To share your data with partners of Stan Venture or to third parties with due respect to the Privacy Policy of Stan Ventures. We ensure that third party uses your information only with our prior consent.

Incognito Data

Stan Ventures may collect your data and use it for our research and quality building purposes. We make sure that such data is faceless and no user can identify you.

Viewing, Editing and Deleting your user data

If you choose too get signed up with Stan Ventures, we will provide you access to your account dashboard that contains your details. You can view it, edit it or remove it. If you have any questions on this you can contact us at [email protected]. If you delete you account, Stan Ventures will still use your data, both non-PII and PII as per the data retention policy.

Complete Removal of PII and non-PII data

If you want to delete complete or partial PII or Non-PII data from Stan Ventures, send us a detail mail with subject “Data Removal Request” to [email protected].

Cookies and Tracking

We use cookies per the ways mentioned in our Cookie Policy. Some of the functions in Stan Ventures might require you enabling cookies for complete utilization. We recommend enabling cookies. In addition to this, we are using tracking platforms to analyse your engagement with our website and other related services.  test

Third Party Access to Your Information

Though you are entering into an Agreement with Stan Ventures to reveal your data to us, we do use third party individuals and organizations to support us, including contractors, web hosts, and others to allow you to access the Platform.


As part of our newsletter service, Stan Ventures collects PPI user details. If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter service at any point of time, drop us a mail at [email protected] with your request or click on the unsubscribe option on the footer of the newsletter.