Refund Policy


We follow diverse cancellation policies for its Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click
management, and other services. For more information, refer to the relevant service agreements for
necessary details on the cancellation policy.

All cancellation requests are usually handled within 8-10 days and should be submitted to our accounts
and billing department. Cancellation requests via email, fax, or direct mail, or over the phone are
acceptable.Your request is not deemed valid unless you receive an email confirmation from the billing department.
This email or number serves as proof of cancellation.

Refund Policy

Each of our services follows a different policy that’s aligned to that particular service. Refer to the
individual service agreement for more information about the refund policy.

We don’t guarantee refunds for service cancellations. The company will only consider the agreement signed
by the client. We don’t offer refunds on transaction charges, funds used up on search engines, services
delivered, or non-recoverable miscellaneous charges.


We reserves the right to reformat its terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.