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Adam Reaney

Content Gap Analysis

Listen to this insightful podcast between Senthil Kumar, VP Marketing at Stan Ventures, and Adam Reaney, Account Director at The SEO Works as they discuss content-gap analysis.

Edward Ritter

Structured Data

Listen to this insightful podcast between Senthil Kumar, VP Marketing at Stan Ventures, and Edward Ritter, Founder of WP Suites, as they discuss structured data.

Bryan Shetsky


Listen to this insightful podcast between Senthil Kumar, VP Marketing at Stan Ventures, and Bryan Shetsky, CEO of Lamark Media, as they discuss SEO & SEM

Brandon Doyle

Evergreen Content Strategy

Listen to this insightful podcast between Senthil Kumar, VP Marketing at Stan Ventures, and Brandon Doyle, Founder of Wallaroo Media as they discuss evergreen content strategy.

Michael Johnson

Proven Strategies for Effective Link Building

Listen to this insightful podcast between Senthil Kumar, VP Marketing at Stan Ventures, and Michael Johnson, Sales Manager at Page One Power, as they discuss proven strategies for link building.

Lance Bachmann

Conversion Rate Optimization and its Significance for SEO Campaigns

Listen to this insightful podcast between Senthil Kumar, VP Marketing at Stan Ventures, and Lance Bachmann, Founder of 1SEO.com Digital Agency, as they discuss conversion rate optimization.

Joe Robledo

Featured Snippets and Increasing No-click Results

Listen to this insightful podcast between Senthil Kumar, VP Marketing at Stan Ventures, and Joe Robledo, VP of SEO at 97th Floor, as they discuss featured snippets and rise of no-click results.

Steve Pockross

How to do SaaS Content Marketing?

There are three main strategies that SaaS companies should focus on. One is amplifying your existing content through a content refresh, the second one is customizing programs, and the third one is converting your existing through leadership through webinars and podcasts.

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July 16, 2020

John Krochune

How SEO Fits Into a Larger Digital Media Engagement?

To improve your CTR, you can test out some modifications to your title tag using the target keywords in the beginning and add a CTA towards the end. It’s one of those things where you have to examine the search results page rather than working in your spreadsheets..

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July 17, 2020

Seth Price

SEO for Lawyers

Listen to this insightful podcast between Senthil Kumar, VP Marketing at Stan Ventures, and Seth Price, Founding and Managing Partner of Price Benowitz LLP, as they discuss SEO for lawyers..

Ross Briggs

E-commerce SEO: Essential Tips for Brands to Leverage Conversions

Once you build authority through product pages, you may then have an opportunity for more competitive and higher-volume keywords through your category pages.

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July 15, 2020

Tye Odom

White hat SEO: Proven Ways to Rank Consistently With Stability

You always need to pay attention to the number of links on your homepage because the PageRank flows from your homepage to other pages on your site.

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July 15, 2020

Ewan Watt

SEO During COVID Crisis

For the travel industry, it will take a long time for it to come back, but if you can accept the fact and create a six month or twelve-month strategy, I think you can come back much better.

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July 16, 2020

Mellissah Smith

Aligning Content Strategy with Business Goals

The audience today need to be entertained and engaged online. To do that, marketers should utilize AR and other new technologies to improve user engagement through interactive content.

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July 10, 2020

John Morabito

A Deep Dive Into Nitty-Gritties of Technical SEO

Most search engines still use pagination. Although Google doesn’t use them for ranking signals, however, they use pagination for crawlability.

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July 13, 2020

Alex Melen

SEO Goals Agencies Must Try to Achieve

Setting a goal such as 10X traffic in six months is not the right goal. Instead, the goal should be to reach 10X traffic gradually month over month.

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July 13, 2020

Stuart Pollington

Why Agencies Must Focus on Bespoke SEO Strategy

SEO is continuously evolving, so sometimes, you shouldn’t listen to everything you hear and trust your instincts instead.

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July 07, 2020

Garrett Mehrguth

Strategizing SEO for Different Stages of the Marketing Funnel

As an e-commerce shop, your advantage lies in what you can do that no one else can. You can compete at the product level if not at the category level.

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July 09, 2020

Shounak Gupte

How SEO Agencies Delight Their Clients During Crisis

The key to success during a crisis is making sure you are the right business model in the future and have the right marketing strategy as well.

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July 10, 2020

Garry Grant

Importance of Page Speed and User Experience in SEO

Page Speed will be at the top of the list in technical SEO for the coming years.

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July 03, 2020

Francois Goub

Lesson One in SEO-Ensuring Crawlability and Indexability

When you’re looking at the top pages of your sites, analyze the common characteristics of those pages and their content. Then build a content strategy based on the analysis.

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July 03, 2020

Loren Gray

Digital Marketing for Hospitality Industry During COVID-19 Crisis

SEO, by itself, is not the greatest solution as it can be. If you amplify it with social, organic, and paid in general, those are the components that work well together

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July 03, 2020

Piotr & Matt

How Different is SEO & PPC Keyword Research?

SEO and PPC have to work together very closely to fill in the gaps in the early stages of a few keywords.

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July 01, 2020

Ilan Shabad

Handy SEO Tools for Better Optimization

If you are running a slower website, you can use Google Optimizely, because it is a free tool and good for those who are just starting

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July 02, 2020

James Norquay

Changing SEO Trends to Diversify Affiliate Income

If you are an affiliate, you should go for direct deals with companies. That way you can earn more money.

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July 03, 2020

Chris Gregory

Website Development for SEO

Look into your 301 redirect list and see that the redirected content are relevant to each other. Redirect mapping is an important element when it comes to website migration

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June 30, 2020

Tim Brown

Link Magnets: A Paradigm Shift In Link Acquisition Strategy

A lot of people don’t put visuals in their content, such as graphs. The use of such original visuals can attract natural inbound links

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June 30, 2020

Barry Schwartz

SEO Trends to Watch Out For In 2020 and Beyond

Making websites search-engine friendly was the target of technical SEO a few years back, but now, you get search-engine CMS by default, such as WordPress.

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July 01, 2020

Ted Sellers

A Cool Way to Rank Local Business on Search

One thing that I feel like is being underutilized for some reason is, YouTube video ads. There are multiple things that you can do with YouTube video ads. You can utilize it to basically go out to people who may be typing your competitor’s name or click on their website.

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June 08, 2020

Kristaps and Kaspers

Tips to Rank Your E-Store for Higher Conversion

I have cases when a customer is just like, “Well, it’s a description, what’s wrong with it?” I try to explain like, “Look, you just copied it from a different website and this is not how it works.”

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June 10, 2020

Nickey Pickorita

Three-Step Process to Rank Content on Google

Content Calendar is the first thing you should create. It will help you build a strategy and know what keywords to target and also make it easier to beat your competitors.

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June 29, 2020

Bruce Clay

Expanding the Ambits of SEO Beyond Rankings and Traffic

What makes anything cool? It’s when something is unique, leading-edge, but not way out of bounds. It is also not to a level of taking somebody off, but also not to the level of being like everybody else. That gives you a coolness factor that makes a person think, “Oh, I gotta link to this.”

Rand Fishkin

Signaling Change in Call Signs for Digital Marketing

You can see that SparkToro is a very focused tool. So it does not have hundreds of features. But it does have a dozen and they’re very focused on solving the problem and getting the data.

Nathan Gotch

How to Create an Effective SEO Content Strategy for E-Commerce Sites

Before we even start going through and optimizing pages, what we want to do is make sure that the site is on a strong foundation and so that’s actually doing a lot of technical SEO.

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June 03, 2020

Michael Cottam

Negative SEO: How to Safeguard Your Website From Jealous Competitors?

A competitor, rather than doing good marketing to make their own site rank better and get legitimate links, turns around and hire a negative SEO company to go and build all sorts of toxic links to get their competitors penalized and bubble up themselves to the top of page one.

Cody Jensen

In-Vogue SEO Tips to Rank on Google Smartly

In order to publish long-form content, you must start with a content wireframe or some sort of content framework where you have your bullet points, your targets, your keyword research, and then you go into describing each of those in depth.

Burlingtina Vines

Content Marketing for Enterprises like Adobe

When it comes to content marketing, when you work with B2B, the main thing that you have to look at is that you’re creating content that your prospective clients will find useful and interesting, and you want something that’ll motivate them to want to work with you.

Jesus Tellez

Technical SEO Tips For Startups

Easily crawlable and indexable sites are those that are optimized for speed and performance. Page speed is an important aspect of technical SEO.

Neil Patel

Building the perfect Backlink in 2020 and Beyond

When you are trying to build links is that if you see a page that’s already popular on your competitor’s site, you turn their content into an infographic.It doesn’t work with all content pieces, but it does really work with the data-rich ones.

Andy Crestodina

Creating Killer Content that Google Loves Ranking Higher

The audience will be the best source of your topics in general. Talking to people will give you lots of inspiration. I believe in it much more than the keyword-first approach in content.

Marko Sipila

Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

While the page speed itself might not be a direct ranking factor, it affects the click-through rate and bounce rate that determines the ranking of your site. So, it is crucial to test your website performance.

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April 29, 2020

Andrew Shotland

How to Do Local SEO At Scale For Multi-Location Businesses?

If you are working with an SEO company that is building links for you, make sure that they are not building links from companies that appear to be link farms.

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April 30, 2020

Mattan Danino

Full-Funnel Marketing Hacks for e-Commerce & B2B Business Growth

Marketing and sales point at each other and blame each other for failing to convert sales. But, it is necessary for both the teams to work together.

Roman Prokopchuk

SEO Hacks For Small Businesses to Stay Atop of Big Boys

link building has become more of a relationship building. By building relationships, you are also growing your authority. Combining tactics such as corporate podcasting, PR marketing, and branding can also help you in link building.

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April 20, 2020

Alan Bush

Google Knowledge Graph Hacks For Small Businesses

The four pillars of SEO, i.e., the site architecture, quality of backlinks, the content on the website, and code optimization, make up the most of website optimization, which can help you appear on the knowledge graph.

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April 27, 2020

Jake Fox

SEO Jargon Busters 2020

I’d like to focus on mobile-first indexing because if a website is mobile-friendly, you can expect huge traffic, and another aspect is site speed, which determines good user experience.

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April 28, 2020

Andy Capaloff

Guest Bloggers Must Stand Out From the Crowd

Avoid using flowery words and write short and precise sentences. Just be real, blog as close as you talk and don’t try to prove people that you are smarter than them.

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March 11, 2020

Brandon Smithwick

Role SEO Plays in Revitalizing Travel & Hospitality Industry

At the end of the day, when you have a website, it appears to as a piece of authority. So, when I’m looking for more information, I’m going to trust those sites than the third parties.

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April 13, 2020

Peg McDermott

Is Local SEO a Game Changer in 2020?

Reviews are really important in any SEO strategy because people want that third-party credibility. So it’s essential to make sure that you publish to your clients your Google review link.

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April 16, 2020