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Boost your website's authority with our guest blog posting services. Buy guest post backlinks from our extensive inventory of over 25,000 guest blogging websites, featuring high Domain Authority blogs in the USA, UK, AU, and Canada, all offered at competitive prices. Experience the convenience of quick turnaround times and the assurance of pre-approving each domain and content for maximum relevance. Plus, with our commitment to excellence, if the link quality doesn't meet your expectations, we offer a money-back guarantee.

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Our Guest Post Outreach Service Packages & Pricing

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DA 10+

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Flat 50

Verified Moz DA 10+ Sites

  • 100% Manual Outreach
  • Permanent Authority Backlink
  • 500+ Words Quality Content
  • TAT – 3 to 4 weeks
  • 1 Anchor Text / Target URL
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Track Within Dashboard
  • Account Manager
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DA 20+

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Flat 50

Verified Moz DA 20+ Sites

  • 100% Manual Outreach
  • Permanent Authority Backlink
  • 500+ Words Quality Content
  • TAT – 3 to 4 weeks
  • 1 Anchor Text / Target URL
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Track Within Dashboard
  • Account Manager
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DA 30+

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Flat 50

Verified Moz DA 30+ Sites

  • 100% Manual Outreach
  • Permanent Authority Backlink
  • 500+ Words Quality Content
  • TAT – 3 to 4 weeks
  • 1 Anchor Text / Target URL
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Track Within Dashboard
  • Account Manager
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DA 50+

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Flat 50

Verified Moz DA 50+ Sites

Min. SEMRush Traffic 1000+

Min AHREFs DR 30+

  • 100% Manual Outreach
  • Permanent Authority Backlink
  • 1000+ Words Quality Content
  • TAT – 3 to 4 weeks
  • 1 Anchor Text / Target URL
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Track Within Dashboard
  • Account Manager
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How We Select Guest Posting Sites for You

Our detailed process that guarantees safety, reliability, and supreme quality in each chosen guest blogs.

Domain Verification

Check the DNS and A Records to identify the physical IP address.

Shortlist websites with HTTPS to secure data transfer

Hosting Country where the website's data is stored

Domains with too many hyphens are ignored

Domains with non-English TLDs are ignored

Sites with adult content are avoided

Link Worthiness

A minimum of 100 pages indexed on Google

Sites without 1,000 visitors per month are ignored

At least 100 credible referring domains

Websites with junk keywords are ignored

Steady organic traffic without downward trend

Majority organic traffic share should be from the US.

Recent Trends

Sites that are never penalized or expired

Steady link flow without downward trend

Natural link profile with dofollow and nofollow link attributes

Reputed referring domains as part of link profile

History of consistent content publication

Increasing Domain Authority trend

What People Say After Buying Our Guest Post Services

Dive into the compelling reasons behind standout effectiveness and authority-boosting capabilities of our guest blog posting service.

Icon that Represents Guest Post Links with High Relevancy to Your Niche

Links with Relevancy & Domain Authority

Your website needs high-quality, niche-relevant backlinks to rank on search engines. While others pay for links, we as a blogger outreach agency earn it for you through 100% manual outreach. Reap the benefits of getting authority links from niche-relevant influential bloggers.

Icon that represents 100% Manual Outreach process used for guest posting and link building services

100% Manual Outreach

Our manual blogger outreach strategy is unique; we don’t spam the inboxes of influencers. We send personalized outreach emails that establish a deeper connection between your brand and the influencer websites. The subject line, message, and the link request differ for each outreach email that we send. Basically, we don’t follow a template or script.

Icon That Represents Quality Content used for guest post and link building

Native Content

Your content is written by niche-specific native writers who are well-versed in your industry. They study your brand ideologies before crafting engaging content. This ensures your links are naturally and contextually placed inside the articles.

Icon that Represents Metric-Driven Shortlisting of Guest Post Sites

Metric-Driven Shortlisting

Unlike other agencies that offer guest blogging services, we shortlist websites for you based on 25+ link metrics. This is in addition to the important signal - genuine organic traffic. Websites that pass our litmus test can provide backlinks that stand the test of time and future algorithm updates.

Icon that Represents White Labeled Guest Post/Link Building Solution

White Labeled Solution

We offer agency-friendly blogger outreach services to get bulk orders delivered for your clients without compromising on quality and deadlines. While we do all the heavy lifting, you also get a white labeled report to share with your clients, which means you own the links we build.

Icon that represents Affordable Pricing of the SEO Services Offered by Stan Ventures

Affordable Pricing

Our Indo-American SEO expertise makes it possible for us to deliver superior quality SEO services at the most affordable prices.

Guest Blogging Services Trusted By 65+ SEO Companies & 2500+ Businesses Globally

Get Quality Guest Post Backlinks to Skyrocket Your Domain Authority

Are you a business owner looking to rank your website? Don’t worry; we can take up the challenge and rank it above your competitors by building high-quality guest post backlinks. But, on the other hand, if you are an agency owner struggling to keep the margins high, we also got you covered. The size or requirement of the order doesn’t matter, as we can manage your guest post orders effectively with you getting up to 50% margin.

Now, scale up your business while we fulfill your bulk guest post orders within 15 days and send you white labeled reports. In-house talent crunch shouldn’t deter you from taking up more link building orders. We can help you meet deadlines fast and easy!

With the Indo-American specialty of Stan Ventures, you get contextual backlinks via quality guest post articles written by proven writers. Don't hesitate to up the level of your website with backlinks that are highly revered for relevancy and authority.

Still in two minds about buying guest post links? Speak to an SEO expert to know how we build guest post backlinks that put your website on top of search results.

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Benefits of Choosing Our Guest Posting Services

You get affordable SEO services powered by the Indo-American USP of Stan Ventures.Quality beyond pricing is always guaranteed!

Icon That Represents Highly Affordable Link Building Service

Highly Affordable

Get the most affordable guest post outreach service powered by our Indo-American expertise to save more and grow big in your business.

Icon That Represents Premium Quality Backlinks

Premium Quality Links

You don't have to worry about our guest posting strategy since we use Moz's domain authority as the metric to find your link building opportunities.

Icon that Represents Seamless SEO and Link Building Process of Stan Ventures

Seamless Process

Our process is time-tested, which means you get the same winning guest posting strategy that powers 5000+ websites.

Icon that Represents On-Time Delivery of SEO orders

On-Time Delivery

Leave your bulk SEO orders to us as our in-house resources are excellent in delivering projects on time.

Icon that Represents SEO Services that's Trusted by 5000+ Businesses

Trusted by 5000+

Our clientele stands testament to the quality of manual blogger outreach we provide. Join our list of successful clients today.

Icon that Represents Money-Back Guarantee SEO Service

Money-Back Guarantee

We deliver results every time, and we guarantee to stay true to our word. If we don't, you get 100% money back.

Example Of Blogs We Outreach To

Our Process of Delivering Guest Blogging Services

Icon that Represents Backlink Link Order Placed

Link Order Placed

Once you place the order, our dedicated account manager will start processing it and you can keep a track of it using the dedicated dashboard.

Icon that Represents Site Shortlisting for Guest Post

Sites shortlisting

Our outreach team will shortlist the websites based on the niche and other quality factors before sending it for your approval.

Icon That Represents Topic Ideas for Guest Post

Topic ideas

Unique topic ideas are created based on the focus keywords you have provided and then shared with you for approval.

Icon that Represents Prior Content Approval Before building Backlinks

Content Approval

You can review the content quality and ensure the links are placed contextually within positive context.

Icon that represents SEO Order Delivered

Order Delivered

We will update the delivery status of your orders in the dedicated dashboard and send a white labeled report.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

After delivery, we don't just stop there. We provide ongoing support to ensure the sustained impact of our SEO efforts.

Case Studies

Check out stories of clients who reaped success using our Guest Posting Services. We let the results speak for themselves.

Looking For Niche-Specific Guest Post Services for Your Website? Feel Free to Email Us Your Request.

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100% Risk-Free Guest Posting Services

100% Risk Free

Don’t Worry. Your Money is safe with us until we make you happy. Whenever you buy guest post services from Stan Ventures, you are covered under our 100% Money-Back Guarantee policy.

If it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it.

We understand that hard-earned money shouldn’t be wasted on anything that dissatisfies you. As a responsible guest posting agency, we are committed to giving you a 100% money-back if we fail to deliver as promised. No Questions Asked!


Prady – CEO, Stan Ventures

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Guest Posting Service?

Guest post outreach services involve writing and publishing articles on other websites that accept external content contributions. It is considered one of the safest ways to build backlinks, provided the links are not from poor-quality websites. However, with a guest post agency like Stan Ventures, you don't have to worry, as we ensure your guest post placement is on relevant websites with contextual links weaved naturally into high-quality articles.

At Stan Ventures, our SEO team takes a hands-on approach. We manually curate link opportunities that perfectly fit your criteria. After ordering, you have the power to approve domains before placement, ensuring transparency and alignment with your brand.

Our comprehensive guest posting package includes:

1) Prospecting and vetting by an experienced SEO team.
2) Content creation of approximately 500 words by our skilled writers.
3) Outreach and placement to secure your spot on relevant sites.
4) Regular progress updates through a dedicated dashboard.
5) White label reporting, especially useful for agencies.

How Does Guest Post Outreach Service Improve SEO?

Guest post links are crucial for diversifying your backlink profile and strengthening your website's search engine authority without exposing you to Google penalties. At Stan Ventures, we take on the challenging task of link building, transforming it into a seamless experience for you.

Here's how our expertise simplifies the process:

1) Targeted Link Prospecting: We delve deep into the web, identifying high-authority and niche-relevant sites that align with your SEO strategy, ensuring every link adds value to your profile.
2) Rigorous Quality Control: Every potential link is scrutinized for domain authority, relevance, and organic traffic potential, ensuring only the highest quality backlinks for your site.
3) SEO-Optimized Content Creation: Our team of seasoned content creators specializes in crafting articles that are not only engaging and informative but also optimized for search engines, enhancing the value of every backlink.
4) Strategic Placement: We handle the outreach, negotiating placements on sites that offer the most significant SEO benefits, ensuring your content is seen by the right audience.
5) Transparent Reporting: Stay informed with our comprehensive reports that track link placement, domain metrics, and the overall impact on your SEO campaign.

By entrusting Stan Ventures with your guest posting and link-building efforts, you leverage our expertise to fortify your online presence, ensuring robust and risk-free growth in the digital landscape.

Is Guest Posting Different From Article Marketing?

Traditionally, article marketing involved distributing content, often of varied quality, across various platforms. This method, once popular for boosting SEO, has lost its effectiveness due to changes in search engine algorithms. Modern search engines, like Google, now prioritize high-quality, relevant content and penalize sites that engage in practices like publishing low-quality, spun content.

The Rise of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging, a refined form of content marketing, steps in where article marketing steps back. It involves creating high-quality, relevant blog posts tailored to the audience of reputable blogs within your industry. Unlike traditional article marketing, guest blogging requires a strategic approach:

1) Quality Over Quantity: The content must offer value, be well-researched, and engaging, aligning with the host blog's standards.
2) Relevance and Context: Links included in guest posts must be relevant and add context, not just serve as a means for backlinking.
3) Editorial Scrutiny: The host blogs have discerning editors who ensure that the content is of high standard and beneficial to their readership.
4 )Search Engine Trust: The blogs we collaborate with are trusted by search engines, receiving significant organic traffic, which in turn benefits your brand.

Our Approach

At Stan Ventures, we understand the nuances of these strategies. We focus on guest blogging with a commitment to quality and relevance. We ensure that the blogs we work with are not just any platforms, but ones that are respected, well-ranked, and trusted by search engines. This approach not only safeguards your brand's reputation but also enhances your SEO efforts, making sure you are seen as an authority in your field.

How Much Should I Pay for a Guest Post?

When you buy guest posting services, the cost depends on the guest blogging site's authority, the post's word count, number of links inside the post, backlink profile of the site, organic traffic etc... However, pricing here at Stan Ventures can range from $50 to $500, depending on the domain authority of the guest post sites.

Does the Guest Posting Service Still Work?

Guest posting continues to be an effective way to build quality backlinks when done using the manual outreach strategy. Ultimately, it depends on the guest post service provider and their relationship with bloggers who manage high-quality websites that accept quality guest blog posts. At Stan Ventures, we have a growing database of 25,000 bloggers who cater to many industries and niches.

Is it Safe to Buy a Guest Posting Service?

If you are careful about the sources you choose for guest blogging, it can be a safe and effective link building service and improve your website's visibility. It would be best if you chose an authentic guest blogging service provider like Stan Ventures.

Can We Approve Content & Sites Before You Publish the Posts?

Yes, we can send you the guest blogs for approval.

How Do You Find Niche Websites to Publish My Guest Post Links?

We find sites based on the content relevance and by analysing if the site already has articles relevant to your niche.

Can I Provide URL and Anchor Text for My Guest Blog?

Yes, if you need help from us to identify the keywords to be used as the anchor text within the guest blog, our in-house SEO experts can help you with recommendations free of charge.

Who Writes the Content for My Guest Blog Post?

We will write guest blogs. Since we provide 360-degree SEO service, We have writers who will create unique guest blogs based on the URL and anchor provided.

What Will the Guest Blog Content Be About?

Generally, the articles are written for the blogger's audience, and at the same time, they will be topically relevant to your niche.

What Countries do You Secure Link Placements In?

Most bloggers are based out of the US, and we also get you placements from AU and UK.

Are All Guest Post Links Going to Be Do-follow?

Yes, the guest post link will be permanent and do-follow. However, if you find any quality link inactive, we will replace them.

Can You Do Guest Blogging for Adults, Gambling or Pharmaceuticals?

We can help you with SEO services for all the other niches except for adults.

Will I Get Sites with Organic Traffic?

Guest Post Service doesn't use website traffic as a metric for placing your links. However, we have a dedicated link building service called Powerful Link Building where you can get sites that get real organic traffic.

Will Your Guest Post Link Help Me Increase Organic Traffic to My Website?

The guest blog we publish for you using contextual links placed within the content can help increase the keyword rankings thereby improving the overall organic traffic to your website.

How Can My SEO Agency Benefit from Your Guest Post Outreach Services?

We can help you with white label guest post outreach services for your client projects. On completion, we will share a white label report of the sites we published the guest posts, which can be easily customized and shared with the clients.

What Would Be The Turnaround Time for My Guest Post Orders?

The turnaround time can range anywhere in between 1-2 week depending on the number of links you have ordered. However, if you are placing a bulk order for high domain authority sites it might take up to 20 days to complete the content creation and link placement. However, if you want to provide us with the post content, we can expedite the placement process.

How Soon Should I Place a Link Replacement Request if I'm Not Satisfied?

If you aren't satisfied with the article or sites used for link placement you can request a replacement within 7 days after the completion of the process. We will do everything required to secure a guest post replacement for you on a relevant High DA blog with better quality content.

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