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We Follow Strategies Seconded by Industry Leaders

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Why Choose Stan Guest Posts?

Indo-American White Label Guest Post Service

Why compromise on your all-important margins when you get superior quality guest post links at 50% less cost through our cost-effective guest posts service.

With the Indo-American specialty of Stan Ventures, you get contextual backlinks via quality guest posts. While our native writers craft your outreach content, the blogger outreach specialists in India do the heavy lifting to find high-relevancy bloggers for your clients.

You can take full ownership of the links that we create as we share with you 100% Private Label SEO reports

Tried and Tested Result Oriented Approach for Maximum ROI

The organic boost that you receive from the guest posting service is the result of our tried and tested manual blogger outreach strategy.

Your guest post link placement is powered by Stan’s consistent relationship building with genuine bloggers.

You also get the benefit of our massive inventory of 20,000+ generating blogs accumulated over a period of 10 years. This makes sure that your guest post links go live on niche-relevant blogs with high authority and real traffic.

Tried and Tested Result Oriented Approach for Maximum ROI

The organic boost that you receive from the guest posting service is the result of our tried and tested manual blogger outreach strategy.

Your guest post link placement is powered by Stan’s consistent relationship building with genuine bloggers.

You also get the benefit of our massive inventory of 20,000+ generating blogs accumulated over a period of 10 years. This makes sure that your guest post links go live on niche-relevant blogs with high authority and real traffic.

Native Content

Our native writers take the baton and come up with top quality content with your backlinks weaved naturally into the material. Once written, it passes through two-steps of quality check.

White Labeled Solution

If you are an agency, you will get a white-labelled report that includes the URL of the article used for link placements and the domain metrics will be sent within 15 days. Though we build the links, they remain your property.

White Labeled Solution

If you are an agency, you will get a white-labelled report that includes the URL of the article used for link placements and the domain metrics will be sent within 15 days. Though we build the links, they remain your property.

Most Scalable Link Building Strategy

The size or requirement of the order doesn’t matter as we can manage your blogger outreach orders effectively with quick and sustainable SEO benefits.

  • Are you a business owner looking to rank your website. Don’t worry, we can take up the challenge.
  • Don’t worry about the margins any more, we have you covered with our while label solutions for agencies.
  • Guest posts pass high trust flow for increased affiliate conversions.


Benefits of Choosing Stan Ventures

Affordable Pricing

Our Indo-American expertise makes it possible to deliver result-oriented guest post services at an affordable price.

Superior Quality

The quality of links and content you get is unmatched. This way, your website will always rank on top of search engines.

Seamless Process

The process we have is time tested. You can now experience the same process that brought success to thousands of businesses.

On-Time Delivery

Got bulk SEO orders that require a helping hand from experts? Our in-house SEO team makes sure your orders are delivered on-time.

Trusted by 5000+

Our clientele stands testament to the quality of guest post service we provide. Join our list of successful clients.

Money-Back Guarantee

We want to deliver complete satisfaction for every penny you spend. Our 100% money-back policy fulfills this guarantee.

Affordable Pricing

Our Indo-American expertise makes it possible to deliver result-oriented SEO services at an affordable price.

Seamless Process

The process we have is time tested. You can now experience the same process that brought success to thousands of businesses.

Trusted by 5000+

Our clientele stands testament to the quality of SEO services that we provide. Join our list of successful clients.

Superior Quality

The quality of links and content you get is unmatched. This way, your website will always rank on top of search engines.

On-Time Delivery

Got bulk SEO orders that require a helping hand from experts? Our in-house SEO team makes sure your orders are delivered on-time.

Money-Back Guarantee

We want to deliver complete satisfaction for every penny you spend. Our 100% money-back policy fulfills this guarantee.

100% Risk-Free SEO Service

Don’t Worry. Your Money is safe with us until we make you happy.

Whenever you buy an SEO service from Stan Ventures, you are covered under our 100% Money-Back Guarantee policy.

If it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it.

We understand that hard-earned money shouldn’t be wasted on anything that dissatisfies you. As a responsible organization, we are committed to giving you a 100% money-back if we fail to deliver as promised. No Questions Asked!

Pradeep Kumaar,
CEO, Stan Ventures

100% Risk-Free SEO Service

Don’t Worry. Your Money Stays With You Until We Make You Happy
Whenever you buy an SEO service from Stan Ventures, you are covered under our 100% Money-Back Guarantee policy.

If it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it.

We understand that hard-earned money shouldn’t be wasted on anything that dissatisfies you. As a responsible organization, we are committed to giving you a 100% Money-Back if we fail to deliver as promised. No Questions Asked!

Pradeep Kumaar,
CEO, Stan Ventures

Case Studies

Our Results speak for themselves

Let’s Discuss How to Grow Your Business

“Stan Ventures was bullseye while aligning itself to the kind of SEO strategies that our target audience and Google cared for. They gave us concrete and positive changes that we only dreamed of in the past. It was just a matter of time; the results were mind-blowing!”

Yan Desjardins

Manager, Captain Cash

“We were experiencing high cart abandonment rate and drop in organic traffic. Stan Ventures reduced the load-speed of our e-commerce site, and the recovery was almost instant. As a result, we were able to attract more visitors to the site and our sales went on overdrive.”

Dr. Devin Ryerson

Founder, Pure Prescriptions

“Many said SEO is dead and there is no point investing in it. However, Stan Ventures proved them all wrong by helping us rank on Google’s first page. We are thrilled to bits because this resulted in more traffic, better leads, and more sales.”

Raymond Hung

CTO, Raymond Hung

Even You Can Benefit

Our blogger outreach services can help you with the perfect solution.

Agency Owners

Scale your business while we fulfill your link building orders and send you white labeled reports.

Website Owners

Ranking on Google is easier with our guest post services that deliver better rankings and ROI.


Boost the authority and improve the positions of traffic driving keywords with our guest post service.

Affiliate Marketers

Get quick evergreen organic traction through result-based guest post service that can boost your revenue exponentially.

Freelance SEO Consultants

Why struggle with link building orders when we can help you execute it with our white label guest post services.

SEO Managers

In-house talent crunch shouldn’t deter you from taking up more link building orders. We can help you meet deadlines fast and easy!

Agency Owners

Scale your business while we fulfill your link building orders and send you white labeled reports.


Boost the authority and improve the positions of traffic driving keywords with our guest post service.

Freelance SEO Consultants

Why struggle with link building orders when we can help you execute it with our white label guest post services.

Website Owners

Ranking on Google is easier with our guest post services that deliver better rankings and ROI.

Affiliate Marketers

Get quick evergreen organic traction through result-based guest post service that can boost your revenue exponentially.

SEO Managers

In-house talent crunch shouldn’t deter you from taking up more link building orders. We can help you meet deadlines fast and easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of keywords can I use as my anchor texts?
When choosing the keywords, it is best to identify the ones that are already ranking for your website. If you find target keywords ranking on the second and third page of Google SERP, these are the ideal keywords that you must focus on as the anchor text. In addition to this, if you want to rank a money page, use buyer intended keywords rather than informational. The best scenario to use informational keywords is when you try to rank a blog post.
Do you do guest posts for all niches?
We don’t do guest posts for adult websites. Other than that, we can publish guest posts related to almost any niche on content relevant websites with proven online authority.
What if my new backlinks go down?
The guest post links built using manual outreach strategy are permanent and remain intact even after the termination of your contract. If you find backlinks removed, which has the rarest of the rare chance, we guarantee 100% Money-Back or link replacement.
Can I see the guest post article before publishing?
Yes! You can always have a look at any article before it’s published. We can also make any minor revisions if you need it before publishing. Since we are engaged in manual outreach, the quality of the articles remain high, and the request for revisions are always minimal.
Can I get some samples before placing my order?
We’re more than happy to provide you with sample domains where your links will be placed. It would be better if you made use of this link.
Can I get a free consultation before placing my order?
Sure! All you need to do is use this link to book your preferred time and date for the call and we’ll get right back to you. We love making new connections!
What is your typical turnaround time?
It depends on the size of your order. Since our strategy is supported by blogger outreach, we can fulfill your orders within 3 weeks. Thanks to our 20,000+ inventory of real bloggers, the quantity doesn’t delay the delivery. You can check the progress of the task in the dashboard that we provide you.
Will I get editorial backlinks on relevant blogs?
Yes! High-quality articles written by our native writers are scalable and will naturally attract the attention of sought-after publishers. The DA+Traffic packages offer editorial quality backlinks through real blogger outreach campaigns. These are sites where your target audience spends a lot of time, which means there is a high chance of you increasing your brand reputation. Additionally, you get referral traffic and boost organic rankings for the target keywords.
How many Links do I need to rank?
This depends on the niche industry that you want to rank. If you have a business with high competition, the number of links required may increase. But in general, if you can get ten high domain authority links, let’s say above DA 80+, it’s equal to thousand DA 20+ links. Stan’s Guest Posting Service can offer links ranging from DA 20+ to DA 80+.
Are the Link Placements Permanent?
Yes. Unlike some SEO agencies that buy links, we try to earn them through quality guest posts. This strategy will ensure that your links stay live forever.

Q. What is the Standard Cost for Buying a Guest Post Backlink?

Before you read more about the different metrics to check while buying links, here is what a normal SEO agency may charge on an average for Guest Post links.

DA/DR Publishing Fee (Per Link)
20+ $120
30+ $180
40+ $320
50+ $450
60+ $550

This is what the usual SEO agency in the US may charge you for purchasing links. However, there is a better option that we can offer you wherein you can get the same high-quality backlinks by spending just 30% of what other SEO agencies have offered you

What I’m going to introduce is a novel concept called Indo-American, which we have been successfully following in Stan Ventures for the last decade.

What is Indo-American?

A majority of US-based SEO agencies are highly dependent on in-house SEO resources to fulfill demanding SEO projects. Currently, they accomplish this by hiring local SEO talents who charge exorbitantly, putting an additional cost burden on the clients.

Agencies try to match the operational cost by increasing the cost of the links that you buy. But why should your pockets get burned for something that adds no value for you?

By using the Indo-American concept, the same link building tasks can be done at an affordable cost without compromising on quality.

Q. How to Reduce the Cost of Guest Posting Services by Half?

Stan Ventures is a White Label SEO service provider, delivering guest posting services at 50% less price compared to other guest posting agencies in the US. We do this by sharing the workload with our SEO experts based in the US and India.

As you know, India is the most reliable destination when it comes to doing in-depth SEO research. That’s why we have a team of talented SEO specialists in India who do the research and outreach to some of the top US bloggers catering to different niche industries.

We manually contact bloggers, build a trusted relationship, and once we get the approval to publish the guest post on your behalf, we ensure that the content gets written by our native writers to match the quality that you seek.

The links are placed contextually and blog posts are published through the drip-feed strategy. The result – a higher ranking boost at 50% reduced cost, which also means a bigger ROI.

DA/DR Publishing Fee (Per Link)
20+ $54
30+ $71
40+ $95
50+ $106
60+ $150

Q. Why Focus on Guest Posting and Not Other Link Building Strategies?

Don’t think that Guest posts are the only way to get backlinks to your website. There are tons of other ways to get quality backlinks to a website.

However, most of these take a lot of effort, time and especially money. Sometimes, these strategies do not yield results due to the lack of response rate and the cost involved.

Here is the list of some of the popular link building strategies other than guest posts and the reasons why they are not feasible for you.

  • Broken Link BuildingBroken link building requires auditing many niche related websites and reaching out to the owners asking for replacing the existing link with that of yours. Most of the time, the blogger will be happy that you gave them a hint, but will not budge to insert your link.
  • Unlinked MentionsThere may be several websites that may have your brand name mentioned. However, you cannot guarantee that these are very high-quality websites. Also, the anchors for these links are usually branded, and this makes it less valuable.
  • Link ReclamationHigh-Quality websites usually don’t remove the links once they are placed. However, there are cases when the links are bought using Black hat SEO practices; the websites might remove them over time. Trying to reclaim these links are useless tasks as the owner of the site may demand more money. Just don’t get scammed.
  • Paid PromotionsThere are big high-authority websites that allow paid promotions. You may have already come across quite a few of them, including Forbes and The Entrepreneur, etc. For small and medium businesses, their packages are way too high to afford. The basic kit usually comes without any links, which means you may have to be content with the brand mention, but again, is it worth the dollars you spent?
  • Creating Linkable AssetsMost of the companies that have an in-house SEO team believes this is the best way to attract quality links. Sure, it is, but if you’re running out of resources, you might end up paying $1000 of dollars creating linkable assets like templates, e-books, and info graphs, which hopefully, will one day get you backlinks.
  • Doing PROrganic PR activity requires you to do something extraordinary that the press decides to cover. This happens quite commonly with big corporations like Microsoft and Tesla. However, doing PR for small and medium businesses requires quite an investment.

Under these circumstances, the most reliable and cost-effective way to build links to your website is through guest posts powered by manual blogger outreach.

Q. Things to Consider While Buying Quality Links

From whatever we discussed in the above section, you now know that Guest Posts are the easiest and most cost-effective way to buy backlinks to your website.

I’m pretty sure that most of the SEO agencies that you have shortlisted also propose guest posting as their preferred backlink building strategy.

The one thing that may have confused you would be the mismatch between the cost of guest post links that each of the SEO agencies provides.

Yes. It’s true that very high authority websites charge exorbitantly for publishing content with a contextual backlink.

They have their own reasons for this, starting from running the business to giving real estate to someone who is a total stranger.

However, the cost of guest posting is proportional to the authority and trust the website has earned over the years.

The more trust and authority the website has, the more link juice it passes down to the sites linking to. Who doesn’t want the highest authority link, but it’s not always that they can buy one. The reason being, as the trust and authority score climbs, the cost of the backlinks rockets.

So if you’re looking to buy guest posts, there are some metrics that you should consider before cashing out.

DA and DR are the two key metrics that are usually considered before buying a link. Don’t think that these are metrics provided by Google.

There was a time before 2014 when SEOs used a Google-owned metric called PR (PageRank) to calculate the authority of a website. But a big announcement was made by Matt Cutts in 2014 saying that this metric will no longer be updated.



Q. How Does Guest Posting Improve SEO?

The advantage Google enjoys above other search engines is the result of the quality search results it provides. The way Google Algorithms understand the quality of a website is through the content and links.

Earlier, webmasters, who wanted to make it to the first page of Google, implemented a series of spammy link building practices. To flush out such websites from the top of the SERP, Google implemented a series of Algorithm Updates. The most significant update that redefined link building practice was the Penguin Update of 2012.

Most of the backlink building practices such as link farming, PBN links and blog commenting became spammy practices overnight. This took a heavy toll on websites that indulged in such link building practices. Most of them lost their ranking positions and some even got de-indexed.

However, Google has been particular about the role links play in ranking a page on top of the SERP. According to Google, links from high authority websites are signals that suggest the authenticity of a webpage.

The search engine giant believes that each link pointing to your website from another domain is a recommendation of trust. This gave birth to the whole concept of trust flow.

With almost all link building practices now labeled as spammy, guest posts turned out as the most effective way to build authority. Google has been clear in its guidelines that natural and earned backlinks are the way to go forward, and that’s what guest posts do.

Websites out there on the web are on a forever mission to engage their target audience. Sites that accept guest posts are able to keep their target audience engaged through the content delivered to them by subject-matter experts.

Agencies that provide guest posting as a service have already built connections with such high authority websites that allow guest blogs. They also have a slew of subject-matter experts to write articles for niche-specific websites.

So, when you approach a guest posting service provider, they use these writers to create a compelling article on your behalf and publish it on a highly relevant website with contextually relevant backlinks.

When your links are published on websites with high domain authority and real traffic, it increases the trust flow. As more authentic sites start linking back to your website through guest posts, the more trust you will earn.

>As your website increases the trust, Google will start reciprocating this by increasing your rankings for related search terms. This increases the organic visitors coming to your website, thereby increasing the chance of getting leads and conversions.

Google also has specific guidelines when it comes to doing guest blogging. The guideline says that guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links can be considered as a tactic to manipulate PageRank.

Experienced SEO agencies like Stan Ventures, fulfill your guest post requirements by ensuring that the best practices are followed without fail.

Q. How can I trust an outside agency?

Since Guest Blogging is one of the most cost-effective off-page SEO practices, there are many agencies out there offering the same. Even though most of them have named their service as Guest Post, a few still packages PBN links as Guest Posts.

Google has categorically said no to PBN links. However, some agencies have built PBN links for their clients, resulting in many businesses losing trust. But such incidents have to be considered as one-off as 95% of all agencies, including Stan Ventures, are providing genuine guest post services.

If you want to ensure the quality of the links, ask the SEO agency for a sample of websites that will be publishing your guest post. We at Stan Ventures also provide an option for clients to review the sites before publishing your guest post.

This way, you can ensure that each link that you earn through guest posts are from sites that are contextually related to your industry.

When you want to do manual blogger outreach, you can also ask the agency to share the emails sent to respective website/blog owners.

It’s also important to check the experience of the agency. Guest posting requires the agency to build personal connections with real bloggers. It takes years to build a trusted relationship with bloggers

Since agencies get guest post requirements from clients who cater to multiple niches, they must have a large inventory. Without a large inventory, it’s impossible to place links on contextually relevant websites.

Stan Ventures have been providing guest post services for more than ten years, and over these years, we have built an inventory of over 20,000 real bloggers. We have an exceptional team who keep a personal connection with these bloggers.

When agencies provide bloggers with high quality and engaging content, the relationship flourishes, this has been the secret sauce for the success of Stan Ventures. After our inventory became large, we now have outreach specialists to manage bloggers in each niche.

Q. What Does DA Mean?

You may have come across the term DA on almost all SEO agencies you have stumbled upon. DA is a metric the SEO agencies use to assess the quality of guest post links that you buy. DA stands for Domain Authority.

Let me tell this upfront; the Domain Authority is not a Google-owned metric. It’s a metric developed by an SEO tools provider Moz. Moz DA predominantly takes into consideration the quality of links pointing to a website.

The higher the link quality, the more Domain Authority a website will earn. Domain Authority is measured on a scale of 0-100. However, the metrics are based on the logarithmic principle, which means as the DA score increases, it becomes harder to improve the domain authority.

Since Google has stopped providing the PageRank score, the Moz Domain Authority has now become a standard among agencies to understand the quality of a website and the possible trust flow (link juice) that is passed on.

Another metric commonly used by SEO Agencies is DR or Domain Rating. This is a metric developed by AHREFs, another popular SEO tool provider.

Both these metrics give a reassurance that the guest post links that you buy meet the quality requirements that you have set.

A misconception among businesses is that low DA is bad. However, you have to consider DA as a relative metric. If you see your best competitor has just 30 DA, this doesn’t mean the site is bad.

Since DA Score is a global average, some niche industries may not require a 90 DA or even 50 DA to rank better on Google. Moreover, Google is the least concerned with the Domain Authority score. If you’re able to build a Domain Authority higher than your competitor, you have more chances of appearing on top positions of the SERP for queries related to your niche.

Q. What is Domain Rating (DR)?

Ahrefs is one of the popular SEO tools that help in analyzing third party websites and their important metrics. Domain Rating (DR) is a metric that Ahrefs uses to gauge the ranking strength of a website. Like DA, Domain Rating also uses a “logarithmic scale” ranging from 0-100 for ranking websites

The same calculations that apply to DA also apply to DR. The higher the “logarithmic scale,” the more difficult it will be to increase the score. Also, the higher the DA, the more you have to shell out to get the links.

Q. How do I know my links are genuine and not impact my SEO?

We have come across many websites that fail to rank on Google and other search engines due to the spammy link building practice of a previous agency. Before even attempting to build quality links, we make sure that these spammy links are removed through the process of disavowing.

When we request clients to remove the spammy backlinks, they are taken aback as they never know that they are paying for links that will demote their site. However, this shouldn’t be your case.

There are ways to identify if the links that are built to your website are genuine. Some agencies give you the prime links when you place the first order and later on reduce the quality of the sites where your links are placed.

If you try to follow the steps listed here, you can ensure that each penny you spend on guest post links get you the ROI you expect.

Step 1: Check for the Domain Authority

The Moz Domain Authority is currently a standard that is used to evaluate the quality of the links. If you get an SEO report from your agency with the list of domains that have published the guest post, ensure that they are of high domain authority.

The higher the Domain Authority, the more trust flow will the link pass to your website. It has to be noted that the Domain Authority is not a metric that Google uses to rank sites.

However, Moz uses many signals to evaluate the Domain Authority score. Usually, a website with a high Domain Authority has better search engine rankings. You can check the Domain Authority of a website using the free MozBar extension available for Chrome browsers.

If you have ordered DA 30+ links, check each link built to your website using this tool and ensure that you’re not cheated.

Step 2: Real Traffic Check

Even though some websites maintain a high Domain Authority, the traffic coming to the site could be negligible. An ideal high-quality website will have high domain authority and real traffic.

However, there are limitations to check the exact number of traffic received by a site. Some of the best SEO tools in the industry can give you an overview of the traffic. I personally recommend using SEMRush and AHREFs.

Agencies that offer guest posting services usually try to get the content published on sites that can give you referral traffic. Real traffic should be a benchmark for you to ensure the links are genuine.

Step 3: Check for High Spam Score

There are a few sites with presentable Domain Authority and organic traffic, but the spam score of these sites may be high. This is an indication that the site has many harmful backlinks pointing to it.

Also, the sites with a high spam score are more likely to be affected by Google Updates. It’s ideal to avoid sites with more than 30% spam score.

Again, the spam score is a metric used by Moz. The same MozBar extension used to check the Domain Authority will give you an overview of the spam score of a website.

Step 4: Check the Type of Link

The type of link that passes the link juice is still a debatable question. Since you’re paying for guest post-placement, make sure that you have a do-follow link. Some guest post websites insist on giving no-follow links.

Till now, Google has been ignoring the no-follow links to rank websites. However, starting in March 2020, no-follow links will be considered as a signal for ranking and indexing purposes.

If you want to get the maximum exposure to the link, ensure that it is dofollow.

Q. Do Agencies Run the Necessary Checks to Ensure Guest Posts are not published on penalized websites?

There are a number of agencies out there that are providing guest posting services. Since the competition is so high, agencies ensure that the links they provide don’t harm the clients.

SEO is not a one-time investment. The clients require a long term SEO strategy to stay relevant and on top of Google SERP. Due to this, experienced SEO agencies strive for recurring businesses rather than quick money.

Any agency that tries building harmful backlinks to the websites will have to do some firefighting later on as it will eventually harm the growth of the website. If they fail to recover the traffic, the chances are that the client may choose a different agency, thus putting an end to the monthly recurring business.

This can hamper the reputation of the agency and cause loss. Since these are things that any SEO agency would want to avoid, they ensure that the links built are authentic and high-quality.

We at Stan Ventures ensure the quality of the links by doing strict quality checks on websites that are already part of our inventory.

If we find the quality of a site depleting, we inform the bloggers about the same and put their site on three month’s quarantine.

During this period, we provide them with an ultimatum to do the necessary steps to improve quality. If they fail to do this, the site is permanently removed from our inventory.

However, due to strict quality checks that we do before on-boarding the websites to our guest post inventory, such scenarios seldom arise.

Q. Who writes my Guest Post Content?

Your content is the voice of your business, and you don’t want to compromise on its quality. The best way to identify agencies that sell spammy links is by checking the quality of the content they publish as guest posts.

Real bloggers care about their audience, and they refrain from publishing low-quality content. If you notice any site posting low quality spun content, this may indicate a PBN site.

The reputation of your business depends on the content that appears on the websites that publish your guest posts. That’s why most SEO agencies, including Stan Ventures, ensure that your content is written by experienced native writers.

The target audience of your business may be located in the US, the UK or Australia. We understand that each of these locations has different styles of writing. That’s why we give the writing task to the native writers.

Additionally, the bloggers who publish your guest posts have set a certain benchmark for the content quality. If the content fails to achieve the quality standards, it will get rejected. To avoid such circumstances, we ensure that an experienced writer writes your content.

We have an army of native writers who are experts in niche industries. This makes sure that the content is authentic and information-rich.

We ensure that each link is created through unique content, and the links are placed contextually within the content.

Q. Can I approve Guest Post content or sites before you place the posts?

You have the right to know the quality of content published on your behalf.

Some agencies have a few preset lists of websites for publishing guest posts. Content published on these sites may not be contextually related to your niche. Backlinks created using such blog posts may not help improve the rankings.

That’s why it’s ideal for getting the content approved first. There are chances that the content may not reflect your business ideology or make references to your competitors. It’s recommended to screen the guest post content before it’s published to avoid such instances.

A few SEO agencies take full control of the content and backlinks without getting approval from the clients. The clients come to know about the quality only after the final report is sent. By then, the bloggers may have already published the content and link. You may have to spend unnecessary time troubleshooting.

At Stan Ventures, we provide adequate time for all our clients to go through the content written by the native writers and ask for changes if required.

Stan Ventures uses a manual blogger outreach strategy for getting your links placed on relevant blogs. We provide the list of high-authority sites with you through our dedicated account managers for review.

If you object to the websites that we have selected for publishing your guest posts, you can get back to us. We will find an alternative site with better quality so that you are 100% satisfied. We want you to have full control over the links that are pointing to your site.

Q. How much time will it take to increase my website traffic?

Most SEO practices that are prevalent today are based on strategies that work for different websites. Guest posting is the most effective strategy for successfully helping websites increase their organic traffic.

As I mentioned in the beginning, SEO is not a one-time investment. It’s an ongoing process. So is link building.

You can see visible improvements in the keyword rankings once you start building links to your website through authentic guest posts. The keyword rankings of the pages you have linked through the guest post will start improving as soon as Google indexes the guest posts you have published.

However, the ranking improvement is also dependent on the on-page SEO strength of your website. If you’re trying to rank a website with a lot of on-page and technical errors, chances are it may not happen. This is why you should consider optimizing your website first before starting the link building activities.

Additionally, the keyword difficulty of the terms that you want to rank also plays an important role in deciding how much traffic you will get.

The lion-share of organic traffic is shared by pages that are on the first page of Google SERP. If you’re focusing on ranking high search volume keywords with high keyword difficulty, you may require an ongoing link building activity to make it to the first page of the SERP.

If you’re trying to rank for multiple long-tail keywords, the changes in SERP ranking will be quick, and visible improvement in organic traffic can be expected within a few weeks.

At Stan Ventures, we provide recurring clients with in-depth SEO reports after the completion of each task. The report includes the month-on-month growth achieved by the website in terms of keyword rankings and organic traffic. This way, you can assess the impact of our SEO campaigns on improving your organic growth.

Q. Are PBN Links Risky?

Private Network Blogs (PBNs) were a trend in the pre-Penguin era. The SEOs were buying bulk expired domains and building tons of backlinks for their clients until April 2012. Google decided to put an end to this honeymoon by launching the Penguin Update.

With the launch of Penguin Update, the PBN lovers (SEOs) had a haunted feeling. Thousands of websites that languished on the top positions of Google SERP with the help of PBN backlinks nosedived and hit hard on the surface.

Google’s Penguin Update was the last nail in the coffin of PBN.

So, if you ask me if PBN links are risky, my answer would be a definite YES. This is exactly why we at Stan Ventures hate PBNs.

There may be agencies that still build PBN backlinks. However, they live in constant fear as PBNs are ticking time bombs ready to explode at any time.

Packaging PBN links as guest posts is not what best SEO agencies in the industry do. For this simple reason, the links we provide are 100% genuine.

Q. Will the Guest Post Links be Permanent?

Some clients come to us complaining that they have built hundreds of backlinks through the previous agency, and these links disappeared as soon as they terminated the contract. Such scenarios are common among clients who fall prey to agencies that package their PBNs as Guest Posts.

Any agency that does genuine guest posting service like what we do here at Stan Ventures has minimal control over the publishers. This is a boon for the clients as the content and the link placed will remain permanent.

The hallmark of a genuine guest post service is that the links that you build will be intact even after you terminate the contract. Bloggers who care about their audience and the organic traffic to their website will never budge to requests asking for a takedown of links.

This is exactly what we mean by saying that our guest posting services build a personal connection with the bloggers and your brand. Once the connection is made, it’s permanent.

Q. What are the benefits of getting links from high DA websites?

High Domain Authority is a signal that the website has qualities of ranking on top of Google SERP for relevant search queries. A high DA is the result of quality backlinks, content, and technical soundness of a website.

Getting links from a high Domain Authority website increases your chance of ranking above the competitors for the target keywords. As mentioned earlier, Domain Authority Score is a relative number that is valid only when you compare it with that of your top competitors.

When you acquire Domain Authority that is higher than your immediate competitors, you can drive more targeted traffic and leads through improved SERP positions.

In addition to this, as you build links from high DA websites, you are bound to get a lot of referral traffic. Since the high Domain Authority sites receive quality organic traffic, the users who read your guest post may visit your website.

Apart from this, your business will receive a branding boost as the referral traffic you receive is from highly relevant users who may be interested in trying out your products or services.

The best way to increase Domain Authority of your website is by publishing guest posts on websites that have a higher Domain Authority than yours. Higher the Domain Authority of the sites linking to you, the less time it will take you to improve the DA of your website.

Having said that, relevancy is a big factor. Assume that you are reaching out to a site with 50+ DA. The DA and organic positions will only increase if the site is relevant to your niche. If Moz and Google find poor relevancy, the link that you have built will pass very less trust flow (link juice.)

Q. How many links do I need to rank?

There is much debate happening about the number of links required for a site to rank high on Google SERP. The number of links needed to rank is highly dependent on different SEO factors.

The competition within the industry, the current position of the pages on Google SERP and the type of keywords that you want to rank for decides the number of links required. Here too, the number is not a significant factor, but the quality of the link is what determines the success of the link building strategy.

If you order forty 20+ DA backlinks, you will see improvements in the position of the keywords that were targeted for the campaign. However, the same success can be achieved with just 10 DA 60+ backlinks.

Google doesn’t take into account the number of backlinks but instead looks at the quality of the links.

If you build 100 Web 2.0 backlinks, they may not see any change in the SERP position because Google doesn’t pass much trust through web 2.0 backlinks.

But just one backlink from Wikipedia, which has a Domain Authority of 90, can push your website up to the first page depending on the keyword difficulty. However, such links are earned through high-quality content and are hard to be bought unless there is a content strategy in place.

Stan Ventures have been successful in placing editorial quality links on websites with 80+ DA with the right guest post content strategy. In such cases, results were fast, and the exposure received for the brand is everlasting.

So, there is no way that you can pinpoint the exact number of backlinks required for ranking a page since a lot of factors are involved in it. However, the best way to ensure you make it to the top of Google SERP is by targeting those keywords that are already in the striking distance.

Striking distance keywords are the ones that are already ranking in the second and third pages of Google SERP. Google has already found the page relevant and it’s only waiting for a few quality signals to rank you higher.

Instead of tweaking the meta title and content, build some high-quality links through guest posts. You can see positive results in a few weeks. A content refresh using the keywords that are already ranking for the page will ensure that it ranks better on the first page of Google SERP.

Q. How much does guest post links cost?

By now, you may be baffled with the discrepancies in the pricing of the same service offered by different agencies. However, each agency has its own reason to substantiate the cost involved in placing your guest post link.

Agencies incur the cost of finding the right outreach specialist, writer, and website to publish your guest post. When the native workforce fulfills all these processes, the price may seem too high for you.

However, the Indo-American specialty of Stan Ventures gives you remarkable savings on the guest post links you buy. We have a presence in the US and India, and we also have more than 400 people to help you get the quality links required for the organic boost. We have a specific strategy to do guest posts. The outreach activity involves contacting the bloggers manually, checking their guidelines and publishing the content. All these activities are taken care of by our talents in India.

When it comes to the writing part, we have a slew of native writers who ensure that content keeps the standards expected by the native audience that you target. This may save close to 50% of the money, which you might otherwise spend with other agencies.

This specialty of ours is also one of the reasons why some of the top US-based SEO agencies have joined hands with us as their white-labeled fulfillment partner.

Q. Is there any relationship between high cost and the quality of links?

This is one of the most widespread misconceptions within the industry. Services that charge exorbitant prices do not guarantee high-quality links.

The process that most SEO agencies follow is manual blogger outreach and the sites that accept guest posts are open to all. The increase in the price is just due to the operational cost and there is no base in the argument made by some agencies who try to boast the link quality based on the price tag.

If you are reaching out to an agency that does real blogger outreach to secure your link placement, the process is what makes up the lion’s share of the money that you spent for the link. This is why we at Stan Ventures made the process cost-effective by getting it done by our Indian talents. As a result of this, you save 50% of what you might otherwise spend with a native agency.

Q. What is a White Label link Building Service?

If you’re an agency owner, White Label Link Building service providers like Stan Ventures are your best option to increase the margin.

Consider that you are currently hiring in-house resources to fulfill the SEO requirements of your clients. You may have a tough time getting the margin from the package that your client has signed up for. One of the reasons for this is the operational cost of paying the specialists monthly to get the work done.

The cost of hiring an expert in the US, Australia or the UK may eat up 80% of your margin, and unfortunately, you are not happy with the ROI. This is when agencies like Stan Ventures can help you. We have in-house experts who can get the work done for you at half the cost, which inevitably results in higher margins.

When it comes to link building, you may not have a rich inventory of real bloggers to build bulk backlinks for your clients. This does not mean that you have to apologize to the client. Choose a white label SEO service provider like Stan Ventures; we have built relationships with over 20,000+ real bloggers who maintain real traffic websites.

Using our rich database, we can help you connect with these bloggers and get the guest posts published for your clients. Since we have been in the SEO Business for the last one decade, the bulk orders that you give will not affect our bandwidth. This ensures that you get a white-labelled report to present to the client before the promised deadline.

Q. Is there any relation between maintaining top ranks and consistently building links for a website?

Search Engine Ranking is highly volatile as new websites are popping up every day. If you think that SEO and link building is a one-time investment, you may be disappointed with the organic ranking drop that you may experience in the coming months.

Almost all businesses with websites vouch for the first position on Google SERP. Since they constantly make improvements with regards to the links and content, over time, you may outrank you.

The only way to prevent such a scenario is by consistently earning quality backlinks and by providing the users with updated content. If both of these are not taken care of, over time, you may lose the rankings and organic traffic that you are currently receiving.

Adding to this, if you can rank for a high search volume keyword on the first position of Google SERP, you may start receiving natural backlinks. However, if your position is anywhere below the first three spots, this chance diminishes.

If you decide to stop the link building for your website, you must make sure that it’s generating enough natural backlinks so that the competitors cannot outrank your web pages.

Q. Guest Post Vs. Blogger Outreach: Is There a Difference?

Guest posts and blogger outreach are the two trending link building strategies. However, with a lot of restrictions made by Google and other search engines to consider a guest post genuine, the lines that distinct guest posts with blogger outreach are slowly fading.

Earlier, guest posts were considered as yet another spammy link building practice wherein a webmaster allowed sponsored content to be published on the website without any contextual relevance.

Soon, Google was in to crack such webmasters who, in the name of Guest Post, tried to spam the search engine bots to rank web pages. This was when Matt Cutts came up with an interesting blog post, “The decay and fall of Guest Posts.”

Being the Head of Google Spam Detection, Cutts was annoyed with the way some webmasters sold low-quality links as guest posts.

He wrote, “I just want to highlight that a bunch of low-quality or spam sites have latched on to “guest blogging” as their link-building strategy, and we see a lot more spammy attempts to do guest blogging. Because of that, I’d recommend skepticism (or at least caution) when someone reaches out and offers you a guest blog article.”

So here is the thing- the quality of guest posts is greatly dependent on the real intent with which to reach out to websites.

Think of someone who is new to SEO, just a beginner, who is reaching out to a high authority site like SEJ. Will SEJ accept publishing the person’s article? No. Because the reputation of SEJ can be hurt if the content fails to achieve quality benchmarks.

That’s why we at Stan Ventures have a team of expert outreach specialists who have proved their subject matter expertise. This way, we do real blogger outreach as part of our guest posting service. The real intent here is not only to get a backlink to your website, but also to help your site get the brand visibility, exposure, and increased visibility through referral traffic.

Think of a scenario where a subject matter expert reaches out to another expert within the same niche interested in knowledge sharing with the target audience. This is blogger outreach in its purest form, and this is what you get by signing up with Stan Ventures.

We have a dedicated team of blogger outreach specialists who work on niche industries. They have already made efforts to publish articles on some of the top quality niche-based websites, and have already garnered the tag of an expert in the field.

This makes the outreach task easy for them as the emails echo the worthiness of an expert. The bloggers are more than happy to publish their content.

The conversation usually happens around how to provide users with more information and value rather than just a backlink. Additionally, the focus is more on how to build your brand visibility, which is why we have shortlisted only those sites that generate genuine traffic.

Once top bloggers in your industry get articles from experts, the link placement becomes a natural process, which is the byproduct of genuine outreach activity. This is why we don’t use the term link in any of our outreach emails. Links to your website are the accreditation of the quality content that we offer the bloggers.

This is why Stan Ventures has an outreach strategy that is different from other agencies, and we can blur the margins that separate guest posts from blogger outreach.

Q. How do you Find Websites For Guest Posting?

The most common way used by agencies to find guest blogging opportunities is to search Google by adding the niche + the keyword guest post. This is a working strategy and this works great for beginners.

However, we at Stan Ventures follow a much-advanced strategy to find the ideal websites and bloggers to publish your guest posts. We make use of tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, and BuzzSumo to identify the links earned by your top competitors.

We extract the details of the domains linking back to them and filter the top 100-200 websites that have high credibility and organic traffic. We also find top influencers in your niche using BuzzSumo and reach out to them manually requesting a review or a blog on your product or service.

By using these strategies, we get the cream of best blogs and influencers to get your brand message across.

Q. How do you pitch to bloggers?

For a successful blogger outreach campaign, it’s essential to manually reach out to bloggers who are read by your target audience. These bloggers, some of whom are micro-influencers, have built credibility over so many years and don’t accept mediocre guest posts.

Stan Ventures has been providing guest post services for the last decade, and we understand the psyche of the bloggers like no one. That is why we have experts to take care of the manual blogger outreach strategy.

Emails are the primary outreach strategy used. However, it is not limited to emails alone. Our experts are active on social media and on forums where experts in your niche are active. Our experts engage in knowledge-sharing discussion on these forums and social media, which will help them latch a personal connection with the influential bloggers.

As I mentioned in the previous question, we don’t reach out to the bloggers with a greedy eye. We always present the value-added part of the guest post that we provide them. These bloggers have already worked with us, and the blogs that we have published drive tons of organic traffic and keep their audience engaged.

This doesn’t mean that we bombard bloggers with follow up emails. There is a predefined strategy that follows a funneled strategy when doing the outreach. This helps us to list down niche-specific bloggers and influencers to publish your guest posts.

Q. What are guest post farms and do you use it?

Guest post farms are websites that typically function with the sole aim of selling as many guest posts to those who pay for them.

Guest Post farms are very similar to link farms. Link farms existed for the sole purpose of publishing links. This practice is considered blackhat, and Google Algorithms can easily detect the sites that involve in such spammy practices.

However, Guest Post farm is a relatively new term in SEO, and this also tries to achieve the same result – trick Google’s PageRank algorithm and gain more rankings. While the link farms don’t require content to get the backlinks, Guest Post farms are usually built around low-quality content.

Initially, the guest post farms may not harm your website; however, over time, Google and other search engines may detect it and push your rankings down. Usually, the content built around a guest post farm is either plagiarized or spun using tools.

This is not a reliable link building strategy, and this is why we do not promote guest post farms at Stan Ventures. We aim to help clients grow to the next level, so we only focus on quality blogger outreach.

Q. What are contextual links?

By now, you have come across the term contextual links many times within this content. If you are confused with the term, let me give you an example and explain its importance in a little detail.

So here you go. Think of yourself as the owner of a health and wellness website. You are currently ranking on the second page of Google for most of the focus keywords. This isn’t bad because even getting into the second page of Google SERP is a task in itself.

You decided to build links to push the rankings of the keywords to the first page and above. However, the websites that are ranking on the first page have a lot of trust flow from high authority domains. Building some links will not help you to rank above your competitors if they are not from websites that cater to your niche; in this case, health and wellness.

Despite the higher Domain Authority, if the link is not contextually relevant to your website, the trust flow is severely hampered. This can do more harm than good, and that is why we emphasize building high-quality contextual links.

At Stan Ventures, we strive to achieve this benchmark ever time a customer signs up for our guest post service. We know what the best type of links that will boost your rankings. In addition to ensuring the contextually relevant website, we also ensure that the backlinks are built around contextually relevant content.

Moreover, we have come across clients who complain that their former agencies built links around content that negatively portrayed the business. Such practices can give negative SEO signals to Google. A few others had raised their concerns when the agency they worked with mentioned the top competitors within the guest post, giving them undue brand visibility.

The outreach experts in Stan Ventures ensure that these common guest post mistakes don’t creep in. With over a decade’s experience, we have learned what can go wrong and have bespoke solutions. We have a checklist of best practices that are followed during each guest post link placement.

Q. Will my content be written with a US market perspective?

Your content is the easiest way to find a place in the minds of your target audience. However, the content is a double-sided sword. If it’s written to perfection, it wins clients, and if flaws creep in, it can lose you clients.

This is one of the prime reasons why you want the content to be written by an expert who has the gift of words. You are not alone in the lookout for the best writers, almost all clients that we deal with put forward this as their primary requirement.

At Stan Ventures, we have been dealing with clients across all continents, delivering content that are tailor-made to address their target audience. The perspective of a writer is greatly dependent on the culture that he/she is fostered in.

The culture of the society, along with pop culture, has profound implications in the writing of an individual. We understand this, and that’s why we have writers from all across the world to get the right content that you seek.

Even an award-winning writer based in India or the UK will not be able to understand the psyche of your target audience who are located in the US. This puts your content in the backburner. You may rank for the content on the first page of Google but the user may leave the page without taking the desired action.

When it comes to Guest Posting service, all the content is written by the native resources. Since we are using the manual blogger outreach strategy, this one of the prerequisites of the bloggers. The bloggers are particular about the quality of the content that goes into their site, and they don’t compromise on the style.

Most of the websites that we reach out, give us a pre-defined stylebook to follow. This is shared with the native writers so that the content keeps up with the standards set by the website owner.

This gives a huge benefit for our clients as they get the placement of the link on the best site with the best content.

Q. What is the process that you follow for guest posting?

Our Guest Post Process is a tried and tested one that has been successfully helping websites across the globe for the last decade. We were one of the first SEO agencies to understand the importance of converging Guest Posting and Blogger Outreach. This way, we are able to identify top bloggers in niche industries and help them connect with our clients.

This is how our guest post service works

Step 1: Place the Order

As soon as you place the order for guest posts, we share the details of your website and the target keywords with the outreach team. If required, our team will get in touch with you to define the end goals and get the best strategy in place. Once we meet eye to eye with regards to goal to achieve, we reach out to the bloggers based on the niche relevancy and authority.

Step 2: Real Blogger Outreach

Stan Ventures has an inventory of over 20,000+ bloggers who cater to different niche industries. We achieve such an enormous database through consistent manual blogger outreach. This makes finding the right bloggers for your niche easy.

Once the blogs are identified, we reach out to them and book your content slot. We provide them with titles that best suit their target audience and ensure that they provide an in-content dofollow link to your website.

Step 3: Blog Writing

Once after choosing the title, the creative writing task is passed on to the native writer. We ensure that the writer who composes your outreach content is an expert in your niche. Additionally, the blogs are made uniquely by including infographics and images. Moreover, the in-content link will be placed naturally, using the keyword that you provided.

Once we receive the completed blog, it passes through three quality checks before being sent to you for the review. You are open to provide the suggestions, and the revisions will be made accordingly.

Step 4: Guest Post Placement

Once we get a go-ahead from you, the blogs are sent to the respective high authority websites to be published. Since it’s not advisable to get all links published in a short span, we follow the drip-feed strategy.

Using the drip-feed strategy, your bulk link building orders are divided into smaller chunks and are published over a period of few weeks.

Step 5: White Label Reports

Stan Ventures is a White Label SEO service provider. It’s a boon for SEO agencies as we will get the guest postings done on their behalf and provide them a white-labelled report to present to the clients. We follow a strict non-disclosure agreement so that your clients never come to know about Stan Ventures.

Q. DA or Real Traffic Sites, which one should you choose?

This again is a pressing question among the customers that we have. Stan Ventures provide multiple packages as part of our Guest Post Service. The first page is totally dependent on the Domain Authority, the second one is purely based on traffic and the third one is a combination of both, traffic and DA.

You might be wondering why we are offering multiple packages. All the packages that you see on Stan Ventures has the potential to improve your SERP positions. But each package has it’s own benefits.

DA Only

The DA only package of Stan Ventures offers links that are secured through 100% genuine outreach. However, the sites that we reach out may not be receiving thousands of traffic at the moment. These sites are in the process of gaining traction through organic search, and their quality scores are an indication of it.

These sites, over time, will generate tons of organic traffic, and their Domain Authority will surge as they keep on doing the good work. If you are buying a DA 30+ link, there is a high chance that the Domain Authority of the site will improve in a few months, helping you further boost the site’s authority.


The second package offered by Stan Ventures helps you to get referral traffic. As I explained at the beginning of this article, the real traffic websites are the ones that have passed the quality check of Google.

Getting links from such sites offer you a high chance of improving the search positions as their organic traffic is the testimony of the trust they have garnered. By publishing a guest post on sites with high organic traffic, you are sure to receive referral traction in addition to better rankings.

Sites that get tons of organic traffic will have higher domain authority, but this package doesn’t consider the DA. There are chances that you may get links with higher DA, but this cannot be guaranteed.

That said, the highlight of this package is the referral traffic. The magazine quality link that you will receive will make a substantial impact in boosting your organic rankings.

DA + Traffic

This is the premium guest post service offered by Stan Ventures, which provides links from sites with high DA and high traffic. The impact of securing such high-quality links will reflect in a quick leap of organic and referral traffic.

Additionally, the websites that publish your guest posts have earned the credibility to give you higher brand visibility and trust. These links that are procured through authentic blogger outreach strategy is what businesses seek for improved search performance.

These guest post links are powerful enough to push your target keywords to the top of SERP, and the benefits received from these links are much more.

Q. Usually, who selects the keywords for the guest posts?

The prerequisite to doing a guest post is to have a list of keywords that you want to rank for specific pages. This is determined by doing in-depth keyword research. Before you place an order for guest blogs, ensure that the keywords and the web pages that you want to rank are shortlisted.

However, when you are selecting the keywords for the blogger outreach campaign, ensure that the keywords are bifurcated based on the intent of the page that you want to rank. If you want to rank both blog and service page, make sure that the informational keywords are used to rank the blogs, and buyer intent keywords are selected for the service page.

If you try to rank a blog page for a buyer intent keyword, the chances are that you may rank on Google for the keyword but with little result. There is very little chance of conversion from a blog, whereas there is a high possibility of conversion when the buyer intent keywords rank for a money page.

Since, backlink building efforts have to be supplemented by on-page optimization, you can choose our On-Page SEO services to find the right keywords to target your guest post. By using this service, you can ensure that your webpage is optimized for the users and search engine bots. Talk to our executives if you want keyword research to be done as an add-on package. We will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right keywords for targeting.

Q. Can I provide articles to be posted as guest posts?

The relationship with websites that we have shortlisted for publishing guest posts are earned through years of collaboration. Each time we send them a content, they are assured of the quality and the organic engagement received. We cannot compromise on this hard-earned trust.

This is the reason why we don’t accept posts from our clients. But don’t worry, the content that goes out as guest posts will be high quality and will be written by the native writers. In addition to this, we can also provide an option for you to review the content and the link placement before making the post live.

Q. Will all my links go live in one go? What is the usual Turnaround time?

If you have chosen a guest post service provider like Stan Ventures, your links will not go live in one go. Don’t think this is not very good because studies are suggesting that Google may penalize sites if bulk backlinks are built over a day’s time. This is why most of the experienced and trusted guest post services follow a strategy called drip-feed.

This is only applicable if you have ordered bulk guest post links. If your order is less than 20, we try to make all links live within two weeks. Anything above this will be processed through drip-feed.

When we drip feed links, only a certain number of blogs are made live during each week, thereby not calling for unnecessary attention of Google bots and its algorithm. This has worked in huge favor of websites that order for bulk backlinks.

With high-quality links and blogs published regularly, you can see visible changes in the SERP rankings as each series of blogs get published through drip-feed. We will keep you updated with all the activities through the dedicated dashboard.