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What is Domain Authority? Well, it’s the number, which is developed by Moz to indicate your website’s authority in Search Engine like Google. This score affects the traffic and ranking of your website.

Basics of Domain Authority

When the number representing Domain Authority is higher, it means that your website will rank higher. The domain score lies in the range of 0 to 100. For this reason, on the basis of domain authority, you can easily determine the wellness of your website in search engine. This count is calculated by using a number of algorithms, which affects your website’s rankings.

Domain Authority

Basically, domain authority and ranking of your website are two different things because it isn’t easy to change a website’s domain authority. If Google penalizes your website; the complete ranking of it will be lost. But, its domain authority would always be same. There are hundreds of factors, depending on which the ranking of your website is calculated.What is a good domain authority score? The websites having a score above 50 are considered to have good domain authority.

The domain authority of your website is measured considering only 40 factors. If you change the Domain Authority, or say DA, from 10 to 20, it’s easy. But as you go up from 60 to 70, it becomes difficult. You might be wondering why is it important to increase the Domain Authority of your website? Scroll down to learn the reasons.

Some of the factors by which your domain authority is affected are:

  • Social Signals, Social Shares
  • Total Backlink Profile
  • Moz Rank
  • Moz Trust
  • UX (User Experience)
  •  Website Structure
  • Domain Age
  • Linking Root Domains
  • And many other ranking factors

Points to Calculate Domain Authority

Usually, there are 40 factors, based on which you can calculate the DA. Some of these points include:

  • Quality of links coming to your website
  • Website pointing your website
  • Social media popularity of your website
  • Your website’s SEO
  • Quality of content

All you need to do to calculate your website’s DA is to paste your site’s URL or the domain name in the “Moz Open Site Explorer.” Your score would appear on the screen, and it’ll be out of 100.

Now you learn all the factors of ranking, let’s start with the next part of this blog post, which is also the important one.

How to Check the Domain Authority of Website

You can use Moz Open Site Explorer tool to check the DA. Once you’re done with checking it, you can compare the results in future. You can also add the MozRank Chrome Extension. Once you’ll visit any website, the domain authority of that website would appear in Moz Rank Toolbar. Websites like Wikipedia, Facebook, and many other have 100 domain authority. This means that the website is of high quality and ranks in the top on a search engine.

8 Ways to Boost Domain Authority

There are a number of ways available which would help you improve the domain authority of your website. Implementing the ways given effectively to increase DA. Readout by scrolling down!

Domain Authority

1. Earn Links to Your Website

Since, nowadays, link building is one of the outdated techniques that most of the marketers don’t prefer. For this reason, you can use Natural link earning, which is a better method, and a safer one. Most of you might be thinking, “How to earn links naturally?” Well, content marketing is the answer. This is one of the solutions to a number of problems, including improving the DA.

Domain Authority

Yes, when you write a good-quality and a unique piece of content, users will find your article to be interesting. This is why; they’ll link you on their website. So, there’s no need to comment anywhere to ask people for visiting your website. Instead, people will give you links, automatically.

2. Build Quality Links and Remove the Bad Ones

Domain Authority

You need to focus on quality links and try to stay away from the bad ones. Make sure that you delete all the bad links present on your website. This would take down the DA of your site, and it’ll make your website rank higher. If you’ve built only the good links to your website then your website will get higher DA.

3. Implement SEO to Increase Domain Authority

You all are familiar with the term SEO. But, if you’re new to it, you’ve to take a note.

Domain Authority

You’ve to optimize your site for search engines because it helps in improving the DA score. Do proper keyword researches before you begin with writing. You can use Keyword Planner for this to identify top keywords to rank. But, keep in mind that inserting too many keywords is considered as spam by Google these days. To avoid such spamming, try to insert LSI keywords using LSIGraph.

In addition to this, optimize the images on your website by adding ALT text. You can use your focus keyword as the ALT text, which would enable Google bots to learn about your image.

4. Be Consistent with publishing quality contents

If you post one day, and not posting it for next few days and again continue posting another article. People wouldn’t come back to your website.

Domain Authority

Not only the users but also Google wouldn’t like it because your website doesn’t seem to be helping the readers. As a result, your website won’t rank in the search engines. So, if you want to rank on the top positions on Google, you’ve to write and post content on your website consistently.

Keep in mind that the article you post should be unique and linkable too. It’s the best way to increase DA of your website naturally.

5. Your website should be mobile friendly

Make sure that your website is mobile friendly because search engines usually give preference to the websites that are mobile-friendly. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then it would affect your website in a negative way and its DA will be less.

6. Faster Page Loading Speed

If your website takes more time to load, it’ll definitely affect the rankings and the DA. Ultimately, this would increase the bounce rate. No one likes to wait for long to let the site load. For this reason, it’s better to keep the loading time of your website under 2 to 3 seconds.

Domain Authority

If it takes more than this, the user will bounce back from your website. If you’ve got a WordPress website, you can use cache plug-ins such as W3 Total Cache that helps in increasing the performance and the UX as well. The website with faster page loading speed will have more traffic as compared to the one with slower one. Not only this, it’ll have more sales.

7. Be Present in Social Media

It’s important for you to make your website present on social media. If you’ll do this, you’ll receive more likes, views, shares, tweets, which will increase DA.

If you’re looking out for the ways from where to start, and how, you can join several groups which are similar to your niche. You can then share the link to your blog posts, which would help you get connected with readers. Not only this, it would help you build strong relationships with people working in the same industry.

8. Good Things take time

When it comes to boosting the Domain Authority of your website, you need to be calm and patient. There’s no doubt that the older your domain is, the higher will be its DA.

Those people who don’t have patience, usually leave their websites at the beginning. According to them, it’s easy to earn money through websites. But no, they’re wrong. You require a lot of patience to build a website. Google also take some time recognize it. So, be patient to see the results over time.

Wrap Up

Now you’re clear with the concept of Domain Authority, and ways to boost it. If you’ve understood it well, share this article to let others learn about these factors. Remember, your DA won’t boost overnight, so be patient to improve the score. Use moz domain authority checker tools mentioned in the post above to check your website’s DA, and start working out with ways to improve it. If you’ve more factors that you think help in improving the domain authority, share it with us by posting in the comment box.

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