SEO On-Air: Mastering Modern SEO Tactics with Jennelle McGrath

Step into the evolving landscape of marketing with Jennelle McGrath, the dynamic CEO of Market Veep. This episode, hosted by Aaron Basil, promises a deep dive into the transformative journey of marketing over the decades and what has steered its progression.

Jennelle shares insightful stories of marketing practices – their successes and missteps. Uncover the power of pillar pages and topic clusters as they shape the modern SEO and content landscape. Looking for efficient lead generation and sales tactics, especially in the manufacturing sector? This session has you covered.

Learn about the potential of automation, the essence of lead scoring, the art of nurturing a sales pipeline, and the impact of cross-selling and upselling on revenue growth. If you’re in the marketing realm, this episode is a must-listen!

🔗 Highlights:

  1. Marketing Evolution: Unpacking its transformative journey.
  2. Power of Pillar Pages: Boosting visibility and authority with modern SEO strategies.
  3. Lead Generation Mastery: Targeted tactics for robust sales in the manufacturing sector.
  4. Automate to Optimize: Unlocking team performance & streamlined processes.

Meet the speakers

Aaron Basil
Podcast Host
Jennelle McGrath

Guest Bio

Jennelle McGrath

Jennelle McGrath embarked on her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18 while pursuing business and marketing studies at Merrimack College. Graduating with a thriving business and a robust client base, she spent the next 15 years as a serial entrepreneur. Despite her diverse ventures, Jennelle's passion for helping people ultimately led her back to her true love—marketing. Driven by a desire to assist businesses in reaching wider audiences, generating leads, and enhancing sales and marketing alignment, Jennelle founded Market Veep. Over the years, she has successfully aided various businesses, including tech companies, start-ups, franchises, non-profits, service providers, distributors, manufacturers, and law firms, in acquiring new customers. Jennelle's marketing approach is deeply influenced by the human factor, shaping her business philosophy and emphasizing the importance of company culture in achieving success.