SEO On-Air: Navigating Digital Landscapes with Simon Gould

In this riveting episode of SEO On-Air, Aaron Basil sits down with Simon Gould, the esteemed CEO of Sydney Digital Marketing Agency. Together, they embark on a deep dive into the constantly evolving world of digital marketing, unpacking the significance of content marketing, the intricacies of SEM, and the transformative impact of AI.

Key Discussion Points:

📌Gould’s nuanced approach to an SEO strategy that seamlessly blends automation, user experience, and top-notch web design.
📌The paramount importance of content marketing and the crucial role backlinks play in turbocharging an SEO campaign.
📌Clarifying the distinction between SEO and SEM in the current landscape of 2023. When is one preferable over the other?
📌Decoding the essentials of SEM and its symbiotic relationship with overarching digital marketing plans.
📌The evergreen debate: Is a robust website indispensable, or can one solely rely on a dynamic social media presence? And where does SEO factor into this?
📌A spotlight on ad platforms: A comparative analysis of Google Ads, Bing Ads, and YouTube Ads, focusing on targeting specifics, reach, and ad modalities.
📌The transformative potential of AI in digital marketing: Weighing its benefits and drawbacks and shining a light on cutting-edge AI tools reshaping the marketing world.

Engage with this episode to gain unparalleled insights into the digital marketing sphere from one of its stalwarts.


Meet the speakers

Aaron Basil
Podcast Host
Simon Gould

Guest Bio

Simon Gould

Simon, a seasoned entrepreneur and futurist, boasts a 30+ year career at the forefront of digital marketing, contributing to significant tech revolutions. With a passion for maximizing online presence, he guides businesses in navigating the interconnected ecosystem of digital channels to construct strategies that yield leads, sales, and brand awareness. Leveraging key skills in analytics and data, Simon excels in integrating various digital channels, from Google Adwords to marketing automation, and is also a prolific content creator with insights into digital marketing receiving over 50,000 impressions monthly on LinkedIn.