Structured Data

Structured Data: What is it and How to Use it for SEO – Stan Ventures Blog

When it comes to boosting the rankings of your website, it sometimes happens that you think that the marketers and the web developers are communicating in another language. Well, they actually are. There are numerous efforts required for the web development and SEO, and this is mainly true with structured data. Since around 2011, most […]

digital marketing myths

Digital Marketing Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe

The marketing industry, in general, has evolved into a globally encompassing entity. It has become more complex and has provided wider and broader range of options to the businesses to reach their customers and even potential customers on a global scale. This has been possible because of the latest digital marketing techniques that have been […]

Facebook marketing strategies

Facebook Marketing Strategies That Can Boost Your Brand’s Awareness

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that many brands and businesses use for online marketing. With almost more than 1.2 billion active users, it offers the brands and businesses¬†direct access to the potential customers and consumers. Nowadays it’s also seen that many businesses increase their digital marketing budgets for more Facebook […]

website content

Interactive website content for better rankings: Tips

Regardless of whether you’re a news production, a travel blogger, or a digital marketing platform, monitoring what drives or dissuades viewers on your website content is a marketing skill basic to any successful business. While we as a whole can differentiate sites that speak to us from their not really satisfying counterparts, it’s not all […]

featured snippets

Google Featured Snippets: How to optimize your content to get there

Have you seen it’s getting increasingly hard to get referral traffic from Google? Also, it’s not only that the opposition has become harder (which it surely has!). It’s likewise that Google has moved past its ten blue links and its natural indexed lists are never again creating as much traffic they used to.¬† How would […]

digital marketing books

Digital Marketing books every Marketing Professional should read: Top 10

The territory of Digital Marketing is an unstable landscape that changes constantly. However, if done exactly by following trends and utilizing well-suited strategies, then digital marketing guarantees gigantic returns as well. Incorporation of digital marketing is a need among brands and organizations all around the world, and advertisers are conceptualizing wherever to single out, take […]