Focus on Organic Search to Get Found by the Target Audience, Says Study

By:  Dileep Thekkethil

Updated On: August 30, 2022

Are you a website owner or are there plans to start a site for your business? Research Agency BrightEdge has some interesting findings that can help you come up with a definitive success plan for your website.

Google has become the go-to platform for internet users, says the study. Missing out on the opportunity to rank well on the biggest search engine on the planet can hamper the growth of your website. If you still believe in attracting the target audience without featuring in Google, here are a few stats that can clear your doubts.

Focus on Organic Search to Attract the Audience

According to research conducted by BrightEdge, Paid and Organic search are responsible for 68% of all trackable traffic coming to websites. Since Google has the lion’s share of the search market, it’s imperative for you to optimize websites based on the Google guidelines.

Growth of Organic SearchGrowth of Organic Search

Research has found that organic traffic to websites has been increasing over the years. The research says that in 2014, 51% of overall traffic to websites came via organic searches. However, this number increased to 53% in 2019, which clearly indicates how important it is for you to optimize websites.

The agency came up with the data after analyzing thousands of domains and the traffic they receive. Direct traffic coming to websites were ignored from the study for better clarity on how organic and paid search performed over the years.

Is your business focused on B2B? Ignoring organic traffic could mean a hefty loss of targeted traffic to your website, says the study. B2B websites are currently receiving 64.1% of their traffic revenue from organic search. This is the highest when compared to the percentage of organic traffic revenue received by other vertical segments in the study. B2B Companies generate 2X more revenue from Organic Search than any other channel, says the study.Data on revenue from Organic Search

The report presents somber data regarding how social media performed in delivering revenue. If you’re focusing heavily on social media to drive traffic, this report could be a revelation. It says that the traffic and revenue share from social media has stagnated since 2014 at a mere 5%.

The only vertical that gained a little out of Social Media is the Media and Entertainment sector, with 8.2%.

Why is organic traffic important for websites?

Google has constantly been evolving, and the algorithms are so sophisticated that they can understand the intent of your search. The term “intent” holds a lot of value to Google as it’s what we users expect when we see the results.

Google is now displaying results that are much more accurate and relevant than what they used to be five years ago. Thanks to the RankBrain algorithm update, Google’s ability to understand the content and its relatedness to the search query of the users has eliminated low-quality, thin content from appearing on the search results.

Google is more concerned about you as a user than you as a business owner. Since Google’s survival depends on reliability, the search engine giant has been meticulous in making enhancements to improve the user experience.

The effort put in by Google to help users get the best result is one of the major reasons why you should invest in optimizing your website. With more and more people relying on Google for finding products/services, being found on the first page of SERPs means much more business.

The data provided in the report is a clear indication that people trust Google Organic and Paid search more than any other channel. This has resulted in the accelerated growth of organic and paid traffic.


Even though it has been found that Google is pushing its own properties such as Instant Answers, Knowledge Panels, and Google Ads on the SERPs, the clicks to websites have increased. It has to be noted that some of these properties result in a no-click search.
The new data seems to be telling a story that the amount of clicks from organic search has increased. This could be an indication that the number of people using the search has surged and clicks from both desktops and mobiles increased in 2018.


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