How to Write an Ebook: Definitive Guide

By:  Shreoshe Ghosh

August 30, 2022

Ebooks are short for electronic books that could be read on online devices. It is an extensive form of written content that is available online in PDF format so that it can be downloaded easily. Downloadable resources like ebooks can multiply lead generations for any business online. However, many companies struggle to find a competent writer to create ebooks for their company. Even for experienced writers, writing an ebook for the first time can be a real challenge if you have no idea where, to begin with. 

Writing an ebook is not an arduous task; neither is easy-peasy. It is a step-wise process that requires the right approach. The first thing that you need to consider while preparing an ebook is the structure. Fortunately, ebooks don’t follow a predefined structure, it mostly tries to mimic the way most books are written, but there are many exceptions.

How to write an e-Book

 An ebook can be written on any topic of interest. Ebooks are written chapter wise with possible sub-chapters wherever possible. All ebooks contain images, infographics, videos and audio clips along with written words. Ebooks allow you to talk in-depth on a topic that would otherwise become difficult to accommodate in a blog post or an article. Research is a significant part of ebook creation. An ebook writing required thorough research with proper citations and references.

Ebook Formats

An ebook can be saved in different formats, but the most common of all is the PDF version of ebooks. PDF stands for “Portable Document Format”, which means with a PDF ebook, it is easy to access and read on computers. Electronic Publication or EPUB format works great for smaller devices. It is more flexible than PDFs, and the ebooks can be adapted to any screen size ranging from computers to tablets and mobile phones.

The AZW format of ebook is designed for Amazon Kindle, an e-reader device from the house of Amazon. Users can also open this file format on their desktops, mobiles, and tablets. ODF or Open Document Format is a version of ebook meant for OpenOffice, a series of open-source content creation programs like MS Office. 

Are Ebooks Editable?

Ebooks cannot be edited once saved in any of the file formats mentioned above. So, to avoid any mishap, it is best to have an editable version of the ebook like one saved in MS Word, handy. Ebooks are uneditable mostly to prevent the content from getting modified. 

Writing an ebook is not only about the research, although it is undoubtedly the most vital part. A good ebook also boasts a good design that the readers find easy to follow and follows a pattern that links every chapter of the ebook.

Designing your ebook requires proper visualization. We recommend you to try some of the free online ebook makers like Flipsnack for stunning results

In the following section, we will discuss the essential elements of an ebook, i.e. how to write an ebook step-by-step.

How to Write An Ebook?

1. Choose a Topic That Matches Your Business Needs

Begin by choosing a topic that matches your business needs. The ultimate goal of your ebook is to generate leads for your business, so pick topics that readers might want to learn by downloading the ebook from your site. Your ebook topic shouldn’t be misleading and deviate a user from the subject. You can research online and pick a topic that is not covered very much in-depth until now. You can find ebook topics from tools like Blog Topic generator and try to make it more comprehensive and engaging.

2. Outline Each Chapter of Your Ebook

The introduction of your ebook should provide a summary of what the ebook will be about and also generate curiosity in the users to read more. Start by talking about the topic that will be covered in the ebook and end it by asking some significant questions whose answers can be found within the pages of the ebook. 

Although each of your ebook topics and sub-topics will talk about different aspects of the main topic, it shouldn’t be treated as an individual topic, but rather a continuation of the previous topic and preface to the next one. Unless you build the link between chapters, people won’t find it engaging enough to go through all the sections and may skip a few.

Creating a structure of the ebook before you start writing can help you to frame each chapter accordingly. While your ebook should be full of information, keep it at the back of the mind that you are going to use this resource to generate leads.  So make sure to look for link opportunities within the content that will lead users to your website or product/service pages.

3. Format Your Ebook Content

Ebook content is ought to be extensive, but you have to write it in a way that the users don’t find it overwhelming. Break the monotony of long sentences by separating your content into tables, bullet points, and paragraphs. Use bold texts to highlight any heading or subheadings and italics to add quotes. 

Ensure to maintain consistency in writing style and presentation across the ebook. Stick to a font that is clear enough to be read on small devices. Check if there is enough spacing between two paragraphs or two different subheadings to prevent clutter. 

4. Design Your Ebook

Designing your ebook requires proper visualization. Right from the cover of the ebook, to the color schemes, fonts and other essential aspects, everything should look appealing to the users. If you are writing an ebook for your business, it should be able to represent the company in the right way. Adding a brand logo on every page of the ebook or adding an “About Us” section at the beginning of the ebook or choosing a color scheme that is in sync with the brand logo are some ways in which you can successfully incorporate your brand values within the ebook content. 

5. Add Compelling Visuals

Images, infographics, and charts can refine the quality of your ebook and make it more interesting. With ebooks, you can also link videos within your content. Adding compelling and original images can increase the value of your ebook by several folds. Instead of relying on other websites, you can do your own surveys and research work and create charts and graphs based on them. To personalize, you can add your brand logo beside these images as well.

The images and charts that you add in your ebook should fit all types of screen sizes without compromising on the clarity and size. It should also be kept in mind that adding too many visuals can increase the size of your ebook, so avoid adding them unnecessarily. 

6. Add Appropriate CTA

What’s the point of writing an ebook without a purpose? Imagine people downloading a 1000 pages ebook and being clueless about what to do with it once they finish reading it. Should they just switch to reading the next ebook or take some action that could profit your business? Obviously, you’ll opt for the second choice and to make it happen; you need to add a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your ebook. 

Since your ebooks readers are already converted into leads by opting to share their contact details to get access to the complete ebook, you need to find ways to remarket your products and services further and push these leads further down in the marketing funnel. Your CTA can be a link to another ebook or a link to a product or service page or a special coupon that could be used to get discounts on availing your product or services. Depending on what kind of business goals you want to accomplish, your CTA can vary.

7. Specify a Dedicated Landing Page For your Ebook

You’ve spent time and energy on creating an ebook for your business; you might as well give it dedicated space on your website for people to notice. Building a separate landing page for ebook download can prompt users to open the particular webpage, read about the benefits of downloading the ebook and then share their details to get complete access. This will help you in tracking leads and measuring bounce rates or conversions easier.

8. Promote & Track

Promote your ebook on social media and create a buzz among your users. Encourage people to download your ebook and write blog posts related to your ebook topic where you can add a CTA, in the end, prompting users to download the ebook to learn more. You can send emails to your mailing list stating that you’ve launched an ebook. You can also execute marketing tactics to promote your ebook to a broader audience. 

Along with promoting the ebook, you should also track the engagement and conversion using the right tools. This will help you to understand the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and modify them accordingly.


Ebooks are not created in a few days and need months of planning and preparation. These useful resources can leverage the success of any business and bring them quality leads. So take time to create your own ebook and follow all the steps mentioned above for proper execution. 



Shreoshe Ghosh

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