How White Label Link Building Services Benefit SEO Agencies

By:  Shreoshe Ghosh

Updated On: June 1, 2023

Quick Summary:

White Label link building is when an SEO service provider builds backlinks for another SEO agency and sends them an unbranded report, also known as a White Label report. The agency can rebrand the White Label report with its brand and share it with the client.

  • Using White Label link building, you get high-quality content and powerful backlinks that drive increased organic traffic to your client’s site and give a ranking boost.
  • Cut down on the costs you pay full-time in-house link building professionals and get value for the money you spend.
  • Meet deadlines easily without compromising on the quality of backlinks and content.
  • Build a robust portfolio for your SEO agency by offering quality SEO deliverables to your clients.
  • Make sure you outsource from a trusted White Label link building service provider at an affordable cost.
  • Look for other qualities like process transparency, on-time delivery and great customer service in your link building service provider.


Google algorithms consider several factors before ranking a website. Link building is undoubtedly one of the most critical factors of all. Getting high-quality links to your website will boost your organic ranking and provide you with a ton of authority. 

If your SEO agency has a lot of clients, backlink building can be a very demanding service. However, it requires both time and manual effort. At the end of the day, you must also ensure that you keep enough margins.

That’s when you must seek the help of white label link building service. They can deliver quality backlinks for your clients on time, using skilled resources who are experts in building backlinks. Additionally, you get the service at a highly discounted pricing making it a feasible solution. 

White Label Link Building agencies like Stan Ventures can build high-quality links on behalf of your clients while you focus on other SEO aspects.

how white label link building services benefit seo agencies

What Is White Label Link Building?

White Label link building is the process wherein an SEO service provider builds backlinks for another SEO agency. The service provider sends an unbranded report to the agency, which is typically called a White Label report.

The agency can rebrand the White Label report by using its own branding and send it across to the end client. When you avail a White Label link building service like the one offered here at Stan Ventures, you get full ownership of the backlinks we build.

A White Label SEO service provider is the number one choice for small businesses and SEO consultants who want the expertise and assistance of SEO outreach specialists to ensure clients are satisfied with the quality of backlinks built. 

Additionally, White Label SEO service providers offer affordable link building packages to help agencies expand their SEO business

What Are the Benefits of White Label Link Building Services?

White Label link building services come with several benefits, which are nearly unmatchable to the service offered by your in-house or contractual SEO professionals. 

By signing up for link building services provided by a White Label SEO agency, you get:

1. High-Quality backlinks

White Label link building services can help your clients get higher rankings and ultimately more organic traffic. 

Agencies like Stan Ventures adhere to 100% white hat link building techniques, which means you don’t have to worry about unhappy clients who ask for link replacement.

In addition, they use manual blogger outreach as a strategy to get in-content links for clients. 

We at Stan Ventures, do manual email outreach to ensure high-quality links are built through quality blog posts published on authoritative niche-specific sites. 

Though link building is a resource and time-intensive process, it’s imperative to rank higher on Google. That’s why we made it easy for small and medium SEO agency owners to help their clients get higher rankings. We vet the domains using 20+ link metrics, which ultimately helps us identify quality websites to publish your backlinks.

2. High-quality content

Poor quality blog content can hurt your link building efforts. A professional White Label SEO service provider will ensure quality content and we here at Stan Ventures ensure the content is written by proven writers. Moreover, we also have a team to QC the content to minimize any chances of error.

High-quality content can help get bigger and better publishers, earn your clients quality backlinks, and a good amount of referral traffic to their sites.

3. Reduces cost

Using white label link building services will save you a lot of money. You’ll get a whole team of experts working for your clients. In addition to this, the cost is usually lesser than paying a full-time in-house link-building expert. So, it’s better to have a group of experts when you need them the most rather than only an in-house expert.

4. It helps you meet your deadlines

White label SEO agencies have a dedicated team of SEO experts to write great content and build high-quality links through guest blogs. This ensures that the link building tasks are done ahead of the deadline set by your client.

5. White Labels offer high proficiency

You can’t rush a link-building professional to get the job done as soon as a client approaches you. Hiring link-building experts in haste will consume money, effort, and, most importantly, time. Adding to it, finding the right candidate who can do the job is a humongous task.

In such cases, white label link building services will help you get the best SEO results without any hassle. Most of these experts have a diverse portfolio in different niches. They have established trusted relationships with niche-specific website owners and are well-versed in building quality links with ease.

6. Do follow White Label backlinks

No-follow links aren’t bad, but you don’t want to aim for them because Google has confirmed that no-follow links don’t pass link juice. When building backlinks for your clients it’s important that all the backlinks built are do-follow. 

A white label link building agency will ensure the backlinks built for you are all do-follow so that your clients can see the results within the shortest time.

7. You make the clients super-happy

You may have a few happy clients who come back to you every time they have a requirement. What if they suddenly place a bulk link building order and you don’t have the resources to support them? Will you decline the opportunity or make them happy again with good SEO results?

Association with a white label SEO provider will help you sail through this situation at ease and you will never hesitate taking bulk orders from clients. You can promise quality SEO services since you have the backing of White Label Link Building agency.

8. It helps in building your brand

The benefit of white label link building services is that your brand name can be mentioned in every report you get from them. This will help you build brand awareness and also enables you to share the portfolio of satisfied clients as case studies and testimonials.

White label SEO agencies also offer whitepapers, along with other SEO guides if you want to rebrand them for your agency. Such assets help you pitch better sales and take your brand reputation to the next level. 

You can use a robust portfolio to get the attention of prospective clients and bring more business to your SEO agency. Moreover, your clients will never get to know that the links are created by a White Label SEO agency.

9. More focus on long-term services over one-time orders

A few backlinks built just for a month won’t necessarily give your clients the ranking and authority boost they are looking for. Only consistent link building will fetch the results and that cannot be achieved in a few days. . 

Therefore, instead of working with someone who focuses on one-time orders, find a White Label SEO service provider who will focus on long-term improvements for your clients. If you serve a diverse client base, choose a service provider who is flexible enough to accommodate multiple budgets, directives and goals.

10. A wide selection of publishers

The more authoritative a publisher is, the more valuable the backlink from their site will be. If your link-building expert works with a set of the same publishers for all your clients, the results won’t be satisfactory. Whereas a White Label SEO service provider usually works with a wide range of publishers from various niches, which is very helpful to cater to a diverse client base.

11. Clear and consistent communication

Proper communication is a prerequisite for any good business deal. When outsourcing your requirements, you need a White Label link-building service provider who will understand the client’s requirements and tailor a custom strategy to meet their goals and expectations.

A professional White Label service provider will handle all communication professionally, maintain transparency at every step of the process and provide you with timely updates about your project.

12. Value for money

There is a reason why White Label link building services are so in demand. The link-building packages offered by most of these providers are very affordable. So you pay for what you get without any hidden charges. 

However, if you find any service provider offering link-building services at dirt-cheap prices, it is better to check its online reviews before signing up. You must choose a White Label SEO service provider that provides quality services at affordable prices.

How Does White Label Link Building Work?

White Label link building is an extensive six-step process that starts with an agency placing an order with a White Label SEO service provider. In the end, the provider delivers the results and a White Label report to the agency.

Let’s take a look at Stan Ventures’ white label link building process:

1. Connect with us

Place your test order or connect with us via the 24×7 live support. A dedicated account manager will set up a call with you where you can brief about the requirement. Of course, there are attractive offers that we provide for agencies, however, it depends upon the number of links you need to build, and the timeline you need them delivered.

2. Choose a Template

We work with multiple agencies and each agency has their own set of requirements for the backlinks. This might be the case with you as well. Unlike most of the other agencies that follow a stringent template, we are open to integrate your suggestions to come up with a unique template that matches your requirements. 

3. Place Your Test Order

After placing the test order, update the template with the name of the client, the target URL and the keyword. We will start the link building activities for the orders you have placed within the next 12 hours. 

4. Approvals

Based on the keywords that you have provided, we will come up with matching topics. Additionally, we will also add the domains against each keyword. You can check the domain and ask for replacement if you find them less relevant. That said, we have a whole team working to make sure the sites we select are relevant and fall within the criteria that you have set, which might be based on DA, DR, or Organic traffic. 

5. Content Ready for Review

Once the content is ready from our end, we add the link to the respective Google doc file in the template for you to review. Please note that we have an internal quality assurance team that looks into the quality of the content, the contextual placement of the anchor and the link. If you find something that went unnoticed, just add a comment and we will rectify it within 3-4 hours. 

6. The Links Go Live

After you give us a go ahead regarding the domain and the content, we get the post live on the respective domain within 7 days. 

7. 100% White Labeled Report

Once the links are live, we send a weekly or monthly report based on your choice between the two with the details of the domain and the cost involved. This is a 100% White Labeled Report which means you can customize it for individual clients while presenting. 

How Much Does White Label Link Building Cost?

When it comes to White-Label link building, you get what you pay for. There are several steps involved in building genuine and high-quality links. Here are the steps we follow here at Stan Ventures:

  • Research: Outreach specialists research and find out relevant websites for link placement.
  • Outreach: The specialists then contact shortlisted website owners for link placement.
  • Negotiate: After the website owner replies, a specialist negotiates a link placement and discusses the content requirement that needs to be provided. 
  • Content Creation: An experienced writer writes well-researched content of 1000+ words based on the topic agreed. 
  • Submit Content: The content is submitted to the website owner, and feedback is taken regarding any changes in the content. The changes are made accordingly.
  • Quality Control: After the content goes live on the website, an outreach specialist double-checks the link placement to ensure it meets the quality standards.
  • Client Report: Finally, a detailed report is provided to the client, which the client can use to track progress.

As you can see, a significant amount of time and effort that we spent to provide quality links to the client. You can place a test order with us for as low as $55. But if it’s a bulk order you can get up to 50% off depending on the number of links needed and the expected TAT. 

You may find White Label SEO service providers willing to build links for you at a lower price however, the authenticity of such a service is questionable.

Why Choose White Label Link Building by Stan Ventures?

Stan Ventures is the number one Indo-American White Label SEO service provider. We are trusted by 65+ SEO agencies and 2500+ businesses globally. There are several reasons why we’re being chosen repeatedly for link building requirements. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons below:

1. Transparent link building techniques

As an agency, you have the absolute right to know what link-building techniques are used by the White Label SEO providers. Stan Ventures is 100% transparent about its link-building process, making it easier for our clients to trust us easily.

We are strictly against the use of black-hat link-building strategies that bring short-term gains but negatively impact your client’s website in the long run. Ask us as many questions as you’d like until you’re satisfied to hand over your projects.

2. Affordable pricing

Our White Label link building services come in different pricing plans to help you choose the one that fits your agency requirements. 

If an agency claims to offer you White Label link building services at a meager rate, ask them to provide you with a sample of the links they have built. Agencies that are offering cheaper white label services compromise on the quality of the links they deliver. 

The White Label link building pricing here at Stan Ventures is dependent on several metrics such as: 

  • Number of links you want
  • Domain Authority of the site
  • Domain Rating of the sire 
  • Low Spam Score
  • Inbound Outbound Link Ratio 
  • Organic Traffic Volume 

At Stan Ventures, the pricing for link building on DA 10+ sites starts at $44 and can go up to $200 for DA 50+ sites. For high-traffic sites with up to 50K+ traffic, the pricing can go up to $429 per link.

3. High-quality service

Backlink quality plays a critical role in deciding the agency to partner for link building requirements. You don’t want to lose the face in front of your clients when they question the quality of the backlinks built. 

With Stan Ventures, you can rest assured that link quality is never going to cause you a nightmare. We only deal with high-quality niche- specific websites that add value to your client’s website. 

Our outreach specialists manually check every prospective website before shortlisting them for the outreach to avoid getting in touch with spammy sites. We have a strong database of 20,000+ blogger connections which we built over the last one decade.

We put our best efforts into ensuring that the links we build for your clients on your behalf bring positive results and your customers keep returning to you.

4. Unflinching Trust

When you hand over link building projects to Stan Ventures, we know you are entrusting us with your brand reputation. We ensure total secrecy of the projects and will sign an NDA as soon as you sign up with us. We value the trust you have in us more than anything else.

If you are a budding SEO agency, we can work shoulder to shoulder with your team and even attend calls on your behalf without the client ever coming to know we are your agency partner. 

What I mean to say is, we go above and beyond our capabilities to deliver the best results to our clients.

5. Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service is the key to long-term success in any business partnership. We are committed to you as well as your clients because the strength of our partnership depends on how happy your clients are with the backlinks we build. 

With Stan Ventures, you get 24×7 hotline access to your dedicated account manager to get all your queries answered. Additionally, if you think a backlink we built needs replacement, we will do it for you at no extra cost. 

We will send you timely updates through your dedicated dashboard so that you know how the tasks are progressing.

6. On-time delivery

Since Stan Ventures is also an SEO service provider, we know how important a deadline is. That’s why we take utmost care in delivering your backlinks within the promised dates and sometimes even before that!

Timely delivery is one of the reasons why more and more SEO agencies are choosing Stan Venture’s as their preferred White Label link building partner. 

White Label Link Building Services Offered by Stan Ventures

At Stan Ventures, we offer high-quality link-building services that can help build your brand and boost its organic ranking. Below is a list of the White Label link building services we provide to our clients.

1. Blogger Outreach Service

Through our blogger outreach service, we connect your clients to real bloggers in your niche through our 100% manual blogger outreach strategy to earn high-quality backlinks and brand mentions.

Our team of dedicated outreach experts shortlist prospective clients based on your client’s requirement and send them personalized emails instead of bombarding them with spammy email templates. 

The content we publish on influential websites is written by our experienced writers, who are knowledgeable in the field. The outreach content that we produce is informative and engaging and reflects the brand ideology of your clients.

2. Guest Posting Service

With an inventory of 20,000+ websites worldwide, at Stan Ventures, we can get you high-quality guest posts at a 50% or lesser cost. Our team of writers produces well-researched and high-quality content for your guest posts, and our outreach specialists find relevant bloggers for your clients to publish. 

If you are an agency looking for a white-labeled solution for your client’s guest post requirement, contact us. We will do the heavy lifting for you and provide white-labeled report with all the details that you need when rebranding it.

3. Powerful Link Building Service

We bring you high-quality links from the best websites with genuine organic traffic with our powerful link building service. Get 100% contextual links for your client websites with our proven manual outreach strategy. 

When you opt for our powerful link building service, you can rest assured that your clients get backlinks from websites with genuine traffic. 

If you are an agency and want your clients to keep coming back to you for quality link building services this is the one to choose

Our years of expertise coupled with a strong team of native writers and outreach experts is available at your disposal to build links on behalf of your clients and give you 100% credit for the same. No questions asked! Place your test order today. 


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