In this podcast, we are going to give you an insight on how to pitch an article with increased acceptance rate. We are discussing the strategies that power our guest posting service.


Here is the transcript the conversion I had with Aaron Basil. 

I’m Aaron Basil, and I’ve with me Dileep Thekkethil to help me decode the successful formula for it.

Aaron:   Why do guest post get rejected in general?

Dileep: Guest post powered by manual blogger outreach is one of the easiest ways to get authority for a website. That’s why most website owners or outreach experts are doing this. However, most of them face rejections while doing so. This because they reach out to websites with very high authority. 

These high authority websites have set certain quality benchmarks since they have a huge group of audience who follows these sites closely. These sites have a basic expectation that any content that goes on their site should be of high-quality since they want to retain the trust that they have already earned from Google and the audience. 

Most website owners or outreach specialists, when they reach out to these high-authority sites, don’t have a credible author profile. The initial rejection happens due to this. Most website owners have no clue about your past work or knowledge about your authority on the subject you want to write for. 

So, my suggestion to all the website owners and outreach specialists who want to know “how to pitch an article successfully” is to build a genuine and authoritative author profile that can excite these high-quality site owners to accept your guest post request.

Aaron:  Is there any other reason why a guest post request may get rejected? 

Dileep:  Many guest post emails stop at the stage when website owners ask for money to publish your guest post. In fact, 50 out of 100 website owners we reach out to will ask for some kind of payment. You need to understand that they are charging this to offer more value to their audience.

 However, if you have a credible profile, there are ways in which you can convince the high-quality site owners that your content will bring them money in the form of ad revenue or business. One way to do this is to show them an overview of the conversions or monthly traffic of the guest post that you have done before. 

Once you convince them successfully, they will not charge you for guest posting and might even come back to you with future guest posting opportunities. Your guest post is bringing them revenue and at the end of the day, there’s nothing more profitable for a website owner than this. 

Aaron: Are you saying that a credible author has more chances of getting a positive reply?

Dileep: Definitely, you must have heard of EAT factor considered by Google, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Any person who is writing a blog post on niches like medical and finance, the writer needs to have strong authority in those niches. So, anyone who as written more than 15 quality content on a given niche, it should be easier for them to get a positive response from high-authority website owners from the same niche. 

Aaron: How does one get to that level of expertise? 

Dileep: It’s not difficult to built expertise. You can start by writing and publishing your own blogs so that you have something to show to the site owners you are reaching out to. You can also take a screenshot of Analytics to show the kind of traffic you have generated from your content so that you can convince the site owners that you have the potential. This is something we practice at Stan Ventures and we have only 15% rejection rate with that. 

Aaron: Is there any magic pixie dust that you throw with your pitch to convince bloggers?

Dileep: SEO is no magic. It is all about strategy, and we have a solid strategy in place. We are more focused on helping bloggers add more value to their website. At the initial stage, we never ask bloggers to give us a do-follow link or backlink; rather, we try to build a relationship with them.

We say that we are somebody who can offer you quality content to add up to your list of quality content on the site. So probably, at the end, when they approve the content outline and are convinced that our high-quality content will bring them traffic, they are more than happy to give us a do-follow link within the content. This is something we at Stan Ventures aim for as well- to get links placed contextually within the content.

Aaron: Do you have any tips for outreach specialist in increasing the acceptance rate for their guest post? 

Dileep: I’d recommend outreach specialist to focus on a particular niche and avoid bombarding website owners with emails. Since they are getting tons of emails every day, you have to develop a pitch that is aimed to build relationships first and get links later on. The moment the website owners understand that you have sent a sales pitch, they are going to reject the email even before reading them.

Aaron: Can you sum up the things to keep in mind for guest posting? 

Dileep:  Focus on the overall growth of your site as well as the website owner you are reaching to. Once you reach out to a blogger with a topic that will give him traffic and also provide you with an authority boost, then it’s a win-win situation for both of you. This will help in the development of a long-term relationship of mutual benefit. 

Key Takeaways for Guest Post Specialistsguest posting pitching

Did you just receive a negative reply from a website owner whom you pitched for an article

If this is the first time that this is happening to you, the anger and frustration may leave you thinking – this is the end. 

However, you don’t always get a positive reply from every blogger that you’re reaching out to.

At Stan Ventures, the average positive reply we receive for guest posts article pitches ranges from 40-50%. 

However, the industry average is a lot less than this.

We are able to achieve such a high benchmark by following a tried and tested strategy that we have been using for over a decade.

In this latest post, we will be giving you some insights on how to pitch an article with improved acceptance rate. 

Why Do Guest Post Article Pitches Get Rejected?

Usually, outreach specialists target websites that have very high authority. There are many ways you can analyze the authority of a website.

Some use DA and others might use DR as the metric to understand the authority of the website. Ultimately, there is a lot of effort put in by these websites to gain authority. 

These websites have shed a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get into Google’s good books. In addition to this, there are fan-followers of these sites who look forward to reading content that has set a certain quality benchmark. 

So, why would such a website accept a guest post from someone who is a total stranger? 

A majority of the guest post opportunities are denied because of the fear of losing the hard-earned credibility, both with Search Engines like Google and the target audience. 

Is That the Only Reason That Is Deterring Website Owners From Accepting Guest Posts? 

No. Money is a reason for sure. I hope Google doesn’t read this, but yes. Money is indeed a big factor. But things are a little different if you’re reaching out to genuine websites that are there to serve the audience. 

These websites, though they might ask for money initially, may accept a free guest post if you can prove the worth of the content that you’re going to offer. 

These are the sites that want to add a lot of value to the content they provide to the target audience. At Stan Ventures, we are well-versed in making such website owners understand the worthiness of the content that we provide. This is not rocket science- all you need is the credibility and authority that these site owners are looking for. 

For example: We would never reject a guest post by Marie Hayens or Barry Schwartz in Stan Ventures. We know they are experts in SEO and we have no reasons to turn down the offer. 

Does A Credible Author Have More Chances of Getting a Positive Response for the Article Pitch?

Definitely! The credibility of the author is something that all website owners look for before accepting a guest post. 

With Google now using E.A.T (Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness) as one of the major ranking factors, websites are looking more for content written by experts and not somebody who is doing it just for the sake of links. 

How Can Someone Become an Expert or Have a Profile That Can Excite the Website Owners? 

Ideally, the outreach specialist must be someone who is knowledgeable in the niche that she/he is doing outreach services

In Stan Ventures, we have dedicated a team of specialists who do guest post services for niche websites such as – medical, wellness, e-commerce etc. 

We have ensured that at least 10 high-quality niche-blogs are published under the by-line of the outreach specialist so that the credibility of the author doesn’t affect the acceptance rate. 

Is There Some Kind of Magic Dust That Can Be Used to Get a Positive Response From Bloggers? 

SEO is no magic. It’s a pure strategy. We have over ten years of experience doing blogger outreach and have live connections with over 70,000 bloggers. 

Each one of them was manually contacted, and the relationship has been built with a win-win perspective. 

The interesting part is most of them keep asking for blogs as our content drives a lot of organic traffic to these sites.

The first time we contact a blogger, we ensure that the language used while pitching for an article is not salesy. 

To be frank, it spoils the broth. We identify the websites and do an in-depth research on their existing content and the target audience. 

Once we understand this, our outreach specialist drafts a series of emails, which usually talks more about how our content can add more value to their business.

Generally, the dofollow link just comes as the by-product of our relation building, and we usually don’t have to ask for it as it’s naturally placed within the content we provide. 

Do these site owners accept your guest post as soon as they read the pitch?

Ideally, this is what all the outreach specialists want to happen, but in reality, the final YES comes only after following up with the website owner at least twice. This is why you shouldn’t lose hope if you get an initial negative response.

This also doesn’t mean that you pester these site owners with emails. Sense the opportunity lying behind each reply that you receive and carefully craft the followup emails. Yes, this requires some artistry.

Are There Any Tips for Outreach Specialists to Help Increase the Acceptance Rate of Their Guest Posts? 

Focus on the niche. If you have a list of websites to reach out, ensure that the topic and the website to which you are building a link to is highly relevant. One of the most common mistakes that outreach specialists do is bombard websites owners with pitches that are nowhere related to the niche. I’d say a big No to mass outreach emails and a big Yes to emails sent after a thorough analysis of the website and its focus niche.

Free Guest Post Pitch Templates

Here are some examples of email templates that you may utilize to pitch guest posting ideas to your prospects.

Pitch 1:


Subject: Great Content Ideas For Your Blog


Hope you are doing great.

I am XXX, founder of XXXX where we help businesses to make their dream of setting up an online store simple and affordable.

I stumbled upon your blog while looking for some business-related information and noticed that you are open to guest contribution. I was just wondering if you would allow me to do a guest post on your blog?

I will send you the topic ideas for review and approval once you give a thumbs-up.

Please rest assured that the post will be of high quality and something that would match to your blog standard.

Look forward to hearing from you.



Pitch 2


Subject: Surprise, something special for (blog name)


Hope this catches you at your best. This is a request for a guest contribution on your blog

My name is XXX and I’m a freelance writer with a tone of blogging experience. I’ve delivered the quality contents of different niches like health & fitness, Cooking and many more.

I am a big fan of your blog and have been a regular reader. In the same way, I would like to contribute a guest post.

Are you currently accepting guest contributions?

Please rest assured that I’ll provide you with high quality and informative post.

Looking forward to your valuable reply.



Pitch 3


Subject: Review these 5 blog post ideas for  (blog name)

Dear ABC team,

I recently came across your site while researching for web content marketing and related topics. The insights were enriching, and I thought I should share my gratitude with you.

I’m a great web content enthusiast and keeps tab of all the latest happenings in the digital market sphere. I’m also a regular contributor for Stan Ventures. Please find a sample of my articles below.

I’ve noticed that articles on SEO topics are particularly popular among readers. I wish I could write a few guest posts for XXXXblog on the below-mentioned topics:

  1. Topic Choice 1
  2. Topic Choice2
  3. Topic Choice 3
  4. Topic Choice 4
  5. Topic Choice 5

I request you to give me an opportunity to publish a well-crafted, highly researched and optimized article on your website. I always ensure that my articles are readable and scannable. Here are a few techniques that I deploy to increase the readability of my articles.

  • Bulleted Points
  • Figures & Stats
  • List of Action Points for Readers
  • Adaptable content for SEO veterans and beginners

If you need more validation about my skills in SEO and writing, please visit some of my previous articles published in Stan Ventures.

Let me know what you think. I’m excited to hear back from you!

Best wishes,


Now, let us take a look at a few follow-up templates below

Pitch 1


Subject: It takes two to tango!


This is just a follow-up mail to ensure that whether you’ve checked my previous mail regarding contribution or not?

Hope to hear from you soon!



Pitch 2


Subject: Any update for us?


Hope you are doing well.

I understand that you are having a busy week, did you by any chance got to see my last mail? If you have missed one, please see the below thread.

I’m awaiting your response on the same to resume work etc etc.



Pitch 3


Subject: We are all ears!


I hope that you won’t be ignoring my follow up emails but my mails may be getting missed to be checked by you as you may be getting many emails daily in your mailbox.

Please respond to me regarding my contribution request whenever you come across my mail.

I hope that you would respond to me this time.