Are you an SEO agency owner?

Is the limited availability of in-house resources forcing you to “fire the clients?”

You don’t have to strain the relationship due to the low margins that you get from small and medium businesses. All you have to do is to outsource it to the right agency that offers your White Label SEO pricing and services.

What the future has for these smaller firms is beyond our control. That’s why we encourage you to serve all websites that seek SEO services. Who knows, you may be helping a future Amazon or Uber. 

By partnering with White Label SEO agencies like Stan Ventures, you can ensure that your margins are adequate to give you an ROI boost. 

On the flip-side, there are SEO agencies that take up new projects quite rampantly and then fail to deliver quality results. Though they offer services at low pricing, you may end up straining the relationship with your clients, due to substandard work. 

These agencies, with their limited resources, are trying to serve as many clients as possible. This may yield an initial financial gain. But over time, the clients will lose their hope in the SEO services offered and look for better agencies. 

We cannot generalize this scenario as there are some smart SEO agencies that have tied up with White Label SEO service providers to fulfill their client requirements without delays and quality compromises.

If you are going through a similar dilemma, White label SEO is the best solution as you can either outsource the entire gamut of SEO services or a specific part of it, for example, link building,  to a trustworthy SEO specialist.

What is White Label SEO?

White Label SEO services are provided by SEO agencies that undertake SEO projects on behalf of other agencies and provide them with white-label reports.

The agencies that partner with White Label SEO companies can present the SEO services to the client under their brand.

White Label SEO or Private Label SEO service providers have highly skilled SEO experts. Since these agencies offer all-in-one SEO solutions, they have experts within each department.

In Stan Ventures, which again is a Private Label SEO Agency, we have a separate team for On-Page, Link Building, Content, and Local SEO.

A combination of all these departments ensure that the delivery stays within the deadline, and our partners get high-quality SEO services delivered.

One of the biggest USPs of White Label SEO solutions is the dedicated team of SEO experts. You may have different SEO service requirements depending upon the bulk orders that you receive. Since White Label SEO agencies have a dedicated team, your delivery is managed at ease.

Importantly, when it comes to the delivery of links through manual guest posting, it’s almost impossible for an agency with a few resources to fulfill bulk order.

However, a White Label SEO agency has niche-specific outreach experts who have built trust with thousands of bloggers. This makes it easy for a White Label SEO agency to place links contextually on highly relevant websites.

Usually, the public relations skills of SEO service providers are excellent. Their long-term relationship with various editors, writers, and publishers leads to high-quality backlinks to the website on a tremendous scale.

Moreover, at times, when they feel you don’t have content, their expert copywriters usually provide you with high-quality content. Generally, a private label SEO services company offers a standard dashboard to clients, which helps them order content/links and track their progress.

Sometimes, this dashboard is also white-labeled, which allows you to show the progress to your clients.

Simply put, White Label SEO service providers are those who help you provide SEO services to clients without any glitch and without hiring actual SEO experts in the company.

They release the burden of search engine optimization from your head and let you enjoy the profits from the clients. However, as a digital marketer, you know that nothing is as simple as it sounds. So, let’s explore the notions of private label SEO reseller services in detail below.

Why Should You Outsource SEO to a White Label Agency?

There are a plethora of advantages in using the white label SEO reseller program.

Outsourcing SEO Reduces the Cost

According to various surveys, the average hourly rate of an SEO consultant is above $150. If you want to hire a consultant on an on/off basis, it goes up to $200 per hour. Another survey by Moz states that the average hourly rate of SEO experts across the world is above $100 per hour.

Although you can cut down rates by hiring SEO consultants from Freelancers and Upwork for as low as $20-$30 per hour, the efforts put by them to get desired results are not enough. The best option is to outsource SEO, which would cost you around $100/hour, but it gives you the results you’re looking for.

Well, what happens if you get in-house SEO services, thinking that other options are costly?

Evidently, the financial management won’t be feasible here. SEO is the key factor in ranking the business high, and most well-known digital marketers play against each other to achieve the top spot. Hiring an in-house SEO team will put you back by about $76000.

Even if you find the right talent in SEO, every individual SEO expert’s pay demand is quite high. Moreover, hiring SEO specialists for in-house work and training them is not viable all the time.

 Therefore, outsourcing to a white label SEO company is the only option that ensures the best results at lower costs.

SEO is a Decisive Service

The market is saturated with social media strategies to improve business. Still, as a white label SEO specialist, you are aware that the victory of a business depends upon its ability to implement the right SEO tactics. 

A survey on various industry budgets depicted that more than 45 percent of marketers wanted to increase their SEO budget in 2018.

SEO is in huge demand because it benefits every industry in the B2B and B2C sectors.

Ascend2, a marketing research firm, surveyed that SEO is the second leading marketing option in the B2C sector, right below email marketing.

You might be fascinated to know that the budget spent on SEO-related stuff will mount up to 80 billion dollars by 2020.

The bottom line is that the success of a business lies in SEO, also making it a crucial factor. Hence, the investment keeps mounting up, and the urge for SEO services is expected to peak more in the upcoming years.

If you lack an experienced SEO team or need to focus on new clients, outsourcing to white label SEO agencies will help you obtain immaculate results. Additionally, it is a time-saving tactic that enables you to scout new potential clients.

SEO is Complex

As the complexity of Google algorithms grows, the complexity of SEO follows suit as well. Previously, when Google ranked pages by just crawling and searching for backlinks and anchor texts, the only SEO tactics were to buy some backlinks and stuff keywords in the content.

However, the Google algorithm at present has an extremely complex code, comprised of more than 2 billion lines of code that’s still mounting. 

It has combined useful services such as Gmail, G-drive, Google Plus, et cetera, which essentially makes it tougher to understand the algorithm in itself. Additionally, Google algorithm updates, the ever-emerging risk of AI, and rich snippets account for the algorithm’s complexity.

These individual factors add up and make every SEO specialist’s life very difficult.

And now, it is being estimated that the responsibilities of SEO experts will be more than ever. It’s their job to keep a check on every little algorithm update released, find a way to cope with it, build relationships, surf link building opportunities, and create and curate high-quality content regularly.

However, SEO is very complicated in sub-SEO-areas like local searches, because of stiff competition between the local businesses. Surveys by more than 60 percent SEO proved that ranking in local search is very hard.

Bottom line: SEO is crucial and complex, but still, it’s a widely sought-after service and profitable as well. Unless you have experience in SEO, it will be challenging to offer scalable services. This means, the more profits, the happier are your clients.

White Label SEO Pricing Means You Save Time and Your Pocket

For a White label SEO service provider, it is essential to provide a price advantage for SEOs and Digital Marketing agencies.

 If you are working on 20-30 projects at this time, you may find it challenging to meet the deadlines with your limited resources. During such situations, you may require the help of a White Label SEO service provider.

This can help you to retain the client without incurring opportunity costs. Above all, the White Label SEO agency will provide an unbranded report that can be shared with your client. 

SEO Agencies usually opt for White Label SEO to accept new projects, spend time on client communication, scale projects, and increase revenue without the fear of in-house experts and deadlines.

Opportunity Costs of Not Hiring an Affordable SEO Service Provider

For non-SEO companies selling some sort of product or service, the opportunity cost of not outsourcing the SEO requirements may include several elements. These can be-

  1. Salaries
  2. Tools used by the marketing team
  3. Other variable expenses

The opportunity cost for such companies can amount to very high numbers. Depending on the complexity and time, the project is assumed to take, the prices will vary.

For SEO agencies that are trying to save money, opportunity costs would include-

  1. Projects not accepted due to lack of manpower
  2. Outsourcing to SEO executors that charge a lot more
  3. Clients that repurchase SEO plans on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis(this is because new clients will not be added without outsourcing)

Here are Some of the Standard White Label SEO Pricing Packages and Models

SEO pricing can come in so many formats. It solely depends on the company that’s offering the services. These can be –

  1. Monthly SEO Packages
  2. Hour-Based Packages
  3. Per project Packages
  4. Service-tier Package
  5. National and Local SEO packages

Monthly White Label SEO Pricing Plan

Monthly plans are the most popular pricing plans offered by SEO service providers for their clients. The idea is to accrue a month-on-month payment from clients. If you have just signed up with an SEO service provider, it is conducive to go for a monthly plan.

Once you evaluate the SEO strategies implemented by the company, you can choose to either continue with the same agency or look for another. If you do not wish to keep the services, you get the liberty to break up with the agency.

According to a survey done by Ahrefs on SEO providers, 74.71% of total respondents (SEO companies) provide monthly SEO plans. Also, more than 23% of the companies charge between $500-$1000, followed by a $201-$500 price range standing at around 19%. Here at Stan, our Kickstarter plan for fully managed SEO also starts at $499. 

Many SEO companies provide Annual SEO pricing packages with an upfront payment. The annual SEO packages are typically cheaper when calculated on a Month-On-Month basis. You can opt for a yearly plan if you fully trust the SEO company and have used their services before.

When should you go for a Monthly SEO Plan?

  1. If you believe that project requirements might escalate in the future
  2. When you want to set a monthly limit and do not want to be surprised with an inflated bill.
  3. Want to engage your SEO executor with your company more closely for better results.
  4. The monthly retainer puts the liability of results on the SEO executor. Hence, you can be assured of long-term results.  

Monthly and Annual SEO plans are useful if your SEO budget is low. It has been observed that the client exhibits more trust towards an SEO company when he/she opt for monthly SEO pricing plans.

By the way, this is that plan that we have here at Stan Ventures for agencies looking for white labeled SEO solutions.

Hour Based White Label SEO Pricing Plan

Hour based plans SEO Services are billed by the hours spent by the SEO specialist on your project.

After monthly retainer, hour-based SEO Pricing plans come as the second choice among SEO companies (36.7%), as reported by Ahrefs. The report also suggests that 50% of these companies keep their range between $75-$150 while a majority of Indian SEO companies charge below $25.

Many SEO agencies provide an hourly format of billing as it gives them the independence to work flexibly on a given project. Hourly rates also allow companies to put in more resources when needed and, in turn, help clients create a scalable team.  

Why go for hour-based SEO plans?

  1. When you are sure about the complexity of the SEO project and estimate the hours your project might require.
  2. When you want to accomplish something basic or to test the skills of an SEO company.
  3. You are looking for some SEO intervention instead of a long-term SEO strategy.

White Label SEO Pricing Per Project

Pricing per project is also widespread among companies. A lot of companies have hourly or monthly pricing charges for individual projects.

Per-project SEO packages are great when you want to focus on the success of that particular project, no matter what.

How much does per project SEO cost?

More than 43% of SEO companies claim that they offer per project SEO pricing. The most popular cost bracket for project-based costing is $501-$1000, with more than 27% of the companies charging within this range.   

When to go for project-based SEO service pricing?

  1. Project-based SEO pricing is excellent for cases that are unique and demand special attention.
  2. When you do not want to compromise with one-size-fits-all and desire to succeed at your SEO goals at any cost.

Important Insights

White label SEO services are the gateway to attain less overhead with more profits for the agencies. It allows the agencies to concentrate on their core competency and acquire numerous clients from different sectors.

The numbers of private label SEO agencies have risen over the years due to the advent of the digital market. Thus, it can be tricky to discover the perfect private label SEO service provider for you.

If you are looking for the best white label SEO packages of high quality at affordable prices, have a look at the list of services offered by Stan Ventures.

Well, if you’ve got any more fascinating facts on SEO reseller service providers, drop in your comments to have a pleasant discussion.