White Label SEO Reseller Services & Pricing Explained

By:  Dileep Thekkethil

Updated On: June 1, 2023

Think of this. After fixing a few fundamental SEO issues, a website you optimized got a massive boost in organic traffic.

The client is so over the moon that they now want to scale up their spending with you to ensure consistent growth.

But here is the problem, on the one hand, you have a client who is ready to spend 2x or even 10x more, but on the other hand, you know that the current expertise of your agency is not enough to fulfill the requirement.

Let’s say you scramble a few more additional resources and try to make things happen. But you will soon realize that your dream of chasing down bigger revenue dreams is far from being achieved with the current team.

Adding to this, the client who sent you a thank you note has changed his tone and is slowly turning grim because the growth stagnated and, in some months, dropped below the expectations.

Soon, you are back to ground zero and left with the burden of paying the additional SEO resources without getting a significant margin from the existing clients.

So, if this is not your story, that’s great. But a few unfortunate SEO businesses have shared similar stories with us that almost made them think of pulling the shutters down completely.

Thankfully, they met us before that, and Stan Ventures is now their trusted Private Label SEO reseller partner.

So what magic did we do? Is there any pixie dust that changes the fate of SEO businesses?

Yes and No.

As a White Label SEO reseller, we help SEO agencies deliver quality SEO services to their clients.

We have a team of over 500+ SEO executives who are experts in on-page, off-page, and technical SEO to deliver quality results for your clients.

You may be wondering why these agencies decided to resell SEO? That’s because SEO resellers like Stan Ventures can get the work done in a jiffy as we have a specialist team of in-house experts.

What if they choose not to resell SEO? When relatively new SEO agencies hire a team of experts for servicing a few clients, it results in slender margins and over a period incurs a huge loss of revenue.

To mitigate the loss, they may be forced to increase the pricing, but most clients can’t afford this and, as a result, discontinue.

By partnering with a White Label SEO company, these agencies get the benefit of expert service, and in addition to that, they can keep their spending low.

This will enable them to offer quality SEO services through their SEO reseller partner at the most affordable prices.

So, what happens to the reports you share with the clients? Will they ever know that you outsourced it to an SEO reseller?

With White Label SEO Resellers like Stan Ventures, you don’t worry because:

  1. We offer 100% White Label SEO reports 
  2. Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements 
  3. Provide consultation without revealing the identity
  4. Offer free training to our partners who need help in understanding the SEO reports we share.

In the following sections, I’ll tell you how SEO resellers work and how you can make huge profits by partnering with the right White Label SEO reseller agency.

NB: Businesses in other forms of digital marketing such as social media and email marketing also choose SEO reseller services because they want to offer a 360-degree service to the clients. The same is valid with web design agencies.

seo reseller everything seo agencies must know

What is White Label SEO?

White Label SEO services are provided by SEO agencies that undertake SEO projects on behalf of other agencies and provide SEO services at wholesale price and provide white-label reports.

The agencies that partner with White Label SEO companies can present the SEO services to the client under their brand.

White Label SEO or Private Label SEO service providers have highly skilled SEO experts. Since these agencies offer all-in-one SEO solutions, they have experts within each department.

In Stan Ventures, which again is a Private Label SEO Agency, we have a separate team for On-Page, Link Building, Content, and Local SEO.

A combination of all these departments ensures that the delivery stays within the deadline, and our partners get high-quality SEO services delivered.

One of the biggest USPs of White Label SEO solutions is the dedicated team of SEO experts. You may have different SEO service requirements depending upon the bulk orders that you receive. Since White Label SEO agencies have a dedicated team, your delivery is managed at ease.

Importantly, when it comes to the delivery of links through manual guest posting, it’s almost impossible for an agency with a few resources to fulfill bulk orders.

However, a White Label SEO agency has niche-specific outreach experts who have built trust with thousands of bloggers. This makes it easy for a White Label SEO agency to place links contextually on highly relevant websites.

Usually, the public relations skills of SEO service providers are excellent. Their long-term relationship with various editors, writers, and publishers leads to high-quality backlinks to the website on a tremendous scale.

Moreover, at times, when they feel you don’t have content, their expert copywriters usually provide you with high-quality content. Generally, a private label SEO services company offers a standard dashboard to clients, which helps them order content/links and track their progress.

Sometimes, this dashboard is also white-labeled, which allows you to show the progress to your clients.

Simply put, White Label SEO service providers are those who help you provide SEO services to clients without any glitch and without hiring actual SEO experts in the company.

They release the burden of search engine optimization from your head and let you enjoy the profits from the clients. However, as a digital marketer, you know that nothing is as simple as it sounds. So, let’s explore the notions of private label SEO reseller services in detail below.

Who Are White Label SEO Resellers?

When a great SEO agency that has a huge clientele decides to help smaller and growing counterparts with quality SEO services, that means they are transitioning to SEO resellers.

In the process of this transformation, these agencies will use their in-house expertise to help do SEO activities for the clients of other agencies and provide them with a white label SEO report.

Not all agencies can position themselves as SEO resellers because the fulfillment requires a large team of experts who are well-versed in different departments of SEO.

That’s why in the beginning, I stressed the word “Great SEO Agency.”

So, if you are an agency owner, partnering with a Private Label SEO services of the highest caliber means you have an extended team working for you whenever there is a requirement.

The benefit is, you aren’t bound by any monthly contracts, but you can give the tasks as and when they arrive, which means there isn’t a monthly fixed budget you have to commit with these SEO resellers.

(Note: There are white label reseller programs that try to tie you up under a monthly contract. Make sure you abstain from such agencies as it’s too risky)

One added benefit that you get from the partnership is that the Private Label SEO services are provided at a hugely discounted rate because you are placing bulk orders with these resellers.

SEO reseller pricing is usually at least 30-50% less than the pricing at which the SEO services are offered to individual clients.

Adding to this, a few SEO reseller programs like the one offered by Stan Ventures will also offer a dedicated dashboard where SEO agencies can find the progress of each activity planned for their clients.

For example, if you are planning to outsource link building for your clients. We will provide you with a dashboard that will include the list of sites, the link to the content we create for your client, and the metrics of the domain for you to approve.

Any leading White Label SEO services like us will have a foolproof process to ensure the delivery is on time with the quality standards taken into consideration.

In cases where you have bulk orders that require a separate dashboard to keep track of, we can design a white label dashboard for you, and the same can be shared with your clients.

All this means, by partnering with SEO reseller services, you are transferring the SEO transactional activities to a team that’s best capable of delivering them.

You get all these benefits without moving a finger, which means you save a lot of money, which otherwise would have gone into hiring an in-house expert and finding him a few team members.

When and Why You Should Outsource SEO

By now, you know why SEO agencies use White Label SEO resellers. But let me give a bit more perspective to you so that you know why sometimes it’s critical to think of outsourcing SEO.

Want to Keep Bigger Margins? Choose A White Label SEO Company

Looking at the current salary scale of SEO specialists, they are being paid a minimum of $30,000 and an average of $45,000 annually, with the most experienced guys taking home $70,000+.

current salary scale of seo specialist


Think about you asking these high-paid resources to work on clients who shell out less than $1000 monthly.

That’s going to cost you a great deal of money, and what if the requirement is quality link building?

If the whole effort of the team goes into identifying sites, does that match up to the salary you pay?

That’s why smart agencies keep their in-house experts to serve their premium clients and use the SEO reseller partners to serve others.

In fact, top SEO agencies outsource complete link-building activities to White Label SEO services as they can benefit from diverse and high-quality backlinks.

Additionally, these backlinks come at a much more affordable cost than what they would otherwise be spending.

When talking about technical SEO, this is yet another area where most SEO agencies lack expertise.

However, with Google more inclined to rank web pages with good page experience, technical SEO is something that clients eagerly want to do. But talent with technical SEO expertise is slim, and hiring them would require huge investment.

White Label SEO Resellers like Stan Ventures have in-house technical SEO experts who can handle this, and our partners get their service at a fraction of what they would have spent by hiring one.

What all this means is that you are going to keep a lot of margin for each order by partnering with a reputed SEO reseller.

SEO Services are In-Demand, But What If You Have Limited Resources

So, here is the thing. SEO isn’t dead, and we have the proof.

We found that there has been an exponential increase in the number of people looking for SEO services in the last three years after a brief decline back in 2017-2018.

Yes. Of course, that was the time when the rhetoric about the death of SEO was making rounds. The dip is quite understandable.

But what is the situation now? Based on our own experience, we have seen:

  • 3-4x more client service requests post 2018, and it could be the same with your agency.
  • Bigger demand for quality SEO services.
  • People starting to ignoring the mongering about the imminent death of SEO.

In 2021, there was be a steep decrease in the digital marketing budget of companies. According to Gartner, the pandemic-induced decline in digital marketing spending is just above 6% of the overall revenue of the companies.

This is in stark contrast to the spendings of 2019 and 2020, wherein companies shelled out 10.5% and 11% of their total revenue for digital marketing.

2021 marketing budget

What this means is that:

  • Companies are now investing in digital marketing channels that offer them long-term benefits.
  • SEO being the best fit for such a channel, the number of companies opting in for SEO services has seen a whopping increase.

According to Search Engine Journal, only 3.4% of SEO clients decreased their SEO spending drastically during the COVID pandemic, whereas 11% increased their budget a lot more than what they were spending in 2020.

While 23.8% of companies decided to continue with the same SEO budget for 2021, 39% increased their SEO spending at least a little than what they spent in 2020.

Seo Spent

All this points to the endless possibilities that are opening up for agency owners.

All that said, you need to spend time business planning because these needy websites first have to find you.

Think of this, when you are struggling to offer SEO services to your existing customers, how can you think of adding more clients?

That’s when you need the help of a white label SEO services.

With them, you can focus more on increasing your clientele while the SEO reseller program takes care of the implementation and sends the reports you need to share with your clients.

All that our agency partners do is to assign a member within their team to monitor the activities that have been passed on to us. It’s that simple.

All this is pointing out the possibilities of opening a floodgate of new revenue opportunities with the right White Label SEO reseller partnership. And, of course, you achieve this without increasing the headcount of your high-paid employees.

And by the way, if you already know this and if you are planning to go with freelancers, that may turn out to be yet another way to put your money into the drain.

We tell you this because we have burnt a lot of money in the initial days of outsourcing some of the SEO services to freelancers.

Since you have very little control over them and aren’t sure about their skills and expertise, going with freelancers is usually a gamble wherein you have more chances of losing money than gaining.

White Label SEO resellers are themselves agency owners, and their streamlined hiring procedure ensures your clients are taken care of by experts.

7 Benefits of Using White Label SEO Resellers As Your Extended Team

Of course, by now, you already know that choosing a White Label SEO reseller program is going to save a lot of money from leaving your bank account. But beyond that, as an SEO agency owner, the decision to partner with a reseller like Stan Ventures is going to open new cash flow streams.

Here is how:

1. You Get to Do What You Do Best

If you are running a web designing or a content creation agency, SEO may not be your core competence. But clients don’t like too many contact points and want the same agency to do SEO services also.

But think about this, if they come up with a link building requirement, it may not be feasible for you to hire a person dedicatedly to do it.

That said, shying away from taking up such clients can lead to your competitors cashing on them.

Now, you are in a dilemma.

With the right White Label SEO reseller partnership, you can confidently go ahead and sign up your clients for SEO services as well.

This means, as you do what you are really good at, SEO resellers like Stan Ventures will get the SEO activities done for your clients in the background.

In the end, your clients get the best of two worlds, and this will ensure your client retention rate stays high always.

2. Experts Are Always Experts 

Of course, as an agency owner, you can assign some SEO activities to your existing team. It’s possible that they can pull off a few basic activities like changing the meta title and description.

But here is the thing. Such minor changes are no longer going to help. Not many people are aware of it other than the experts like Stan Ventures, who keep a watchful eye on everything and anything that happens in the SEO sphere.

What happens when clients come with a specific set of SEO activities, such as disavowing backlinks.

It’s a task that requires a lot of analysis and is not something that a newbie SEO can carry out. Since it’s not your expertise, an SEO reseller partner can come to your rescue and do it on your behalf.

Since most SEO resellers offer White Label SEO services as we do here at Stan Ventures, there is zero chance of your clients finding any trace of who did what.

3. White Label SEO Reseller Program Is Your One-Stop-Shop

SEO is now stressing a lot on relevancy and quality. Google and other search engines are making it tough for mediocre sites to rank higher. They do this by coming up with new algorithm updates that raise the bar each time.

So, how can an agency provide quality content and relevant backlinks to a multitude of clients that cater to a wide range of niches?

For small SEO agencies and start-ups, this is a big challenge because there is a lot of networking and connection-building to do for building a rich database of website owners and content creators who cater to a specific niche.

But smart agencies obliterate such impediments by partnering with White Label SEO Resellers. The SEO reseller programs like the one offered here at Stan Ventures are known to be efficient in servicing any niche.

Thanks to over 13+ years of experience, we have built trusted relationships with some of the top influential bloggers and writers in a variety of niches. This makes it easy for us to give your clients the best when it comes to content and quality links.

Adding to this, Stan Ventures is the one and only Indo-American SEO agency that takes care of the content creation from the US and the SEO fulfillments from India. This makes our SEO services one of their kind as we blend the best talents from the two biggest democracies to create magical results for our clients.

4. Zero Contract and Place Orders On the Go

When you come across an agency that’s pushing you to sign a contract, better see them off at the earliest. You just don’t want the investment to fall into the wrong hands.

Genuine SEO resellers like Stan Ventures don’t bind any of our agency partners to contracts. We know SEO is a volatile industry, and there may come a time when clients want SEO services that you are good at doing.

Of course, we have subscription plans for individual website owners but for our agency partners, and we never push them to subscription-based models.

And by the way, most of the reseller packages come at a hugely discounted rate. This means you can save anywhere from 50% – 30% of your current SEO spending (at least this is the case with our agency partners.)

5. Save Big Bucks on Tools

Small SEO agency owners almost always go through this. They end up paying thousands of dollars just for the tools.

It doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 100 clients. You need tools to do audits and checkups.

Any startup or solopreneur agency has to shell out thousands of dollars on getting a subscription for the pro version of most of the SEO tools.

That said, there are demo and free versions available, but when creating SEO campaigns, you get a controlled experience and access to the most desired features.

Mostly, such agencies are left with a few SEO extensions and, most of the time, fail to impress the clients.

On the other hand, the small agency owners who use the pro version of these tools are indirectly squandering away their profit.

Wondering how? When they find a reputed SEO reseller like Stan Ventures, they also get access to the free dashboard of all our pro SEO tools.

We offer all our fully managed agency partners access to the complete SEO campaign dashboard, and they can share the same with the clients at absolutely no cost.

6. Additional Revenue from Existing Clients

There are times when you need to give that extra bit of care to your new clients. Mostly this is during the initial days after signing up. So you see a lot of messes that need immediate fixes.

However, once the heavy lifting is done, the site won’t demand much attention. This is usually the time you try to keep the growth consistent. But does that mean you ignore it altogether? No, however, it doesn’t make sense if you make the in-house team keep doing the same SEO activity month over month.

Think of link building in this context. Your team cannot spend hundreds of man-hours just doing outreach for one client, right? Even though this is what most clients expect, doing so may slow down the growth prospects of other clients who can be better served.

So, this is the juncture where you find a white label SEO reseller program to get the monotonous tasks done for you at a good margin while keeping the clients happy throughout.

7. Reduced Risk Entering into a New Market

You just started your SEO agency, and your clients are so eager to see positive movement in organic traction. However, you are in a tricky situation right now. The clients will give you a shoutout, but the result you deliver them will decide whether it will be positive or negative.

That’s when you don’t want to take a chance. There is a possibility that you are still expanding the team, and it may take a while for the new team to join. However, you cannot reveal this to the clients as they will start looking down upon you, which will later cause unnecessary frictions.

Such embarrassments can be easily avoided by finding the perfect SEO reseller programs such as the one offered by Stan Ventures. With the expertise that we have gained over the years, your client may start seeing the needle moving within a few weeks.

That means when you meet them at the next review meeting, there is a solid report by your side that will kick off your long association with them on a positive note.

You can continue outsourcing the SEO activities to your SEO reseller until you find the right team to deliver similar quality results.

SEO Reseller Partnership – When Does It Become A Bane Rather Than a Boon? 

It’s not always a smooth ride for all agency owners who sign up for an SEO reseller partnership. Mostly, agency owners who repent their decision are the ones that took the decision hastily.

When choosing the right SEO Reseller, you must take into account a few important factors. And by the way, they may use compelling words and SEO guarantees that can never be fulfilled.

If you find such agency representatives, cut the line immediately. They are notorious for coaxing you into buying substandard SEO services. You might end up being rebuked rather than praised by the client.

Also, never go for a cheap SEO reseller. The term “cheap” is a double-edged sword as there are always sinister reasons attached to giving SEO services dead cheap. Here are some of those reasons for you:

1. Archaic SEO Strategies and Practices

If there is an industry that time-travelers hate, it’s going to be SEO. It has constantly been changing ever since Bruce Clay coined the term. And if you time travel to 2030, I’m afraid today’s famed strategies may turn out to be called spammy.

But one thing is for sure, SEO may adopt new shapes and forms, but the core concept will never die as ranking higher on search engines will remain a necessity for future businesses as well.

But that said, there are still agencies that use the strategies of the past that are discerned blackhat. When making an emotional decision on your SEO reseller partner, make sure that the strategies they use aren’t blackhat.

So how does it matter? Any agency that partners with such SEO resellers who continue doing blackhat practices are doomed because, over time, they too will be tagged with the reputation of being blackhat.

Building low-quality PBN backlinks is one of the most abused blackhat SEO practices. Unprofessional SEO resellers try to please SEO agencies by building a lot of PBN backlinks.

Since agencies order in bulk, these backlinks go unnoticed. However, the agency owners will have to face the wrath of their clients when these backlinks impact their organic rankings.

Google’s Algorithms are trained very frequently to identify websites that indulge in spammy link-building strategies. What this means is that websites that get away today have higher chances of being penalized by a future algorithm update.

Before you consider partnering with an SEO Reseller, speak to the top management and try to find their SEO ideology. If you find it contrasting to that of your agency, high tail it out of there, and don’t get into the partnership. White-label SEO services don’t resort to dirty tactics to improve websites and businesses.

2. Make Sure An NDA is Signed

With SEO Reseller partnership, you are giving the details of your client to another agency. That’s almost like sitting on a revolving chair at a salon while you’re getting a haircut. One wrong move is all it needs, but you trust the guy.

In the same way, you always have the risk of unprofessional SEO resellers taking away your high-paying clients.

Think of this, what if they contact your client and try to poach them, saying it’s them and not you who are doing the bulk of the heavy lifting.

I know, that’s the worst nightmare because you don’t want somebody to think of your agency as a broker.

To kill such worries beforehand, make sure you make the SEO reseller sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

We here at Stan Ventures make it a practice to sign NDA because we know it’s a win-win partnership, and we, of course, have learned a lot from the story of the man who killed the goose that laid the golden eggs.

3. Lack of Support

With an SEO Reseller partnership, you are trusting an agency with quality deliverables. To be frank, there usually comes a time when a link or two may require a replacement.

This usually happens after you deliver the report to the client, and they think this particular site doesn’t match with their niche. As an SEO reseller we at Stan Ventures replace such links free of charge and that will be done in 3 days time.

But if you are into a wrong partnership, they may disown the links and ask for an extra fee for replacement.

Adding to this, if there are technical or other on-page issues that need to be fixed, you need support from the reseller partner to explain to the clients exactly how it’s going to help them. The reseller you partner with should be available for discussions at any point in the time of your choice.

What Can an SEO Reseller Do for You

When should you use an SEO reseller?

As I told you initially, you just don’t have to pass over all the SEO activities to the reseller partner.

Make sure that the ones you do the best stay with you.

That said, reputed SEO resellers like Stan Ventures can take up almost any SEO task without thinking twice.

After all, we are an agency just like you.

Starting from creating an SEO proposal to doing audits, creating content, and fixing technical SEO bugs, we have done this all for our agency partners.

That said, the bulk of agency partners request link-building order fulfillments as it requires a dedicated team of outreach experts and a vibrant database of quality websites.

With over 200+ outreach experts and an ever-growing database of 20,000+ websites, Stan Ventures get link-building orders of any size like a breeze without hiccups.

By the way, all these SEO services are 100% White Labelled. We, in fact, help agency owners create customized templates using their brand colors.

All this means, your clients are in no way finding out who did the task, what-so-ever.

5 Traits of a Trustable White Label SEO Reseller Services

1. Communication

With you outsourcing a chunk of SEO tasks that matter the most for your clients, even the slightest communication gap can wreak havoc. You definitely don’t want to look sheepish when a client asks specific questions about the ongoing project. That’s why you must insist on an SEO reseller partner for a dedicated agency account manager who will be on the hotline 24×7. The person should give you the best solutions, be it strategies or SEO reseller packages to help save your expense.

2. Data-Driven Reporting

SEO is a data-driven industry. The results that your clients seek can only be represented through data points. As an SEO reseller, we consider reporting an integral part of monthly activity. That’s because when you talk to your clients, it’s essential to show them the activities done during the month and the results achieved.

3. Set Realistic Expectations

Setting the right expectation is critical when dealing with SEO reseller services. The quality and the quantity of the work that has to be done should be made clear each month. This is super important because these are the same numbers you will promise to the client. If something fails to come through within the stipulated time, you are answerable to the client. We, at Stan Ventures, make it a practice to complete all the orders within 15 days. This makes sure that you have enough time to review our work and ask for changes before sending them to the clients.

4. Ongoing Training

Training is quite important both for you and the reseller.

Let’s first talk about why the reseller requires training.

Each agency has its own variables to consider. In fact, that’s what makes them unique from others. As SEO resellers, we follow the same metrics and filters as you want us to use. However, most agencies we partner with find time to give us a few hours of training to follow suit.

When it comes to you, it’s essential to know how to use the dedicated dashboard. Each SEO reseller should have a dedicated dashboard where the updates are recorded. In addition, you must learn how to use the dashboard to quickly and easily retrieve information. We offer our agency partners a few hours of training on using our dashboard.

5. Providing Sales Support

So, you are new to the SEO industry, and there may be a few gray areas within SEO that you may need help explaining to a prospect. As an SEO reseller, we help our agency partners to close deals. We do this without your prospect ever suspecting us not being part of your in-house team.

As we always tell our agency partners, we are their extended team. What that means is, each time you give us a new order, it’s our commitment to delivering the highest-quality SEO service.

But this may not be true with a few other SEO reseller programs, and we have heard stories from our agency partners who had narrow escapes.

So, before you pick your SEO reseller program, make sure they have these 4 characteristics:

  • Don’t Go Buy In Seeing the Reviews

SEO agency owners who tie-up with SEO resellers never give reviews on public platforms. Think why? Because it’s a double-edged sword.

No agency wants its clients to know they outsource SEO tasks, be it even the most frivolous activity. It makes the clients think that the whole project is outsourced for low prices and the agency partner is looting them.

But that isn’t the case because most agencies outsource only a section of their SEO activities, and it does more good than harm for most of the clients.

Let’s keep this reason apart. As I mentioned before, most SEO resellers are themself agencies with clients, and dropping a positive review is like cutting the branch that you are sitting on.

All that said, you cannot expect an agency owner to drop in a genuine review that praises an SEO reseller.

  • Years in Business

There cannot be a far more saturated industry than SEO because it’s a lucrative industry. This makes it difficult for both clients and agencies to find the best SEO service provider.

While individual website owners can try out a fairly new agency, an SEO agency owner cannot take the same risk because the reputation of their business and the churn rate will go for a toss if they choose the wrong fulfillment partner.

One of the reasons why Stan’s Agency partners trust us is because of our 13+ years of experience.

We have seen the worst of Panda and Penguin and a whole lot of other Google algorithm updates that helped hone our skills to perfection.

Adding to this, we have been growing our SEO service network and head out year over year. With close to 500+ full-time employees who work on different SEO departments, including blogger outreach, content, and technical SEO, we have got it all under one umbrella.

This means our agency partners can do the heavy lifting on increasing their clients while we help them fulfill their commitment without missing the deadline.

  • Ask for a Trial Before Showing Your Purse

It’s your money, and you have the liberty to choose where to spend it. So, before zeroing down on specific SEO reseller services, ask for a trial order.

Make sure they give you a deal you can’t refuse. In the trial order, try to include orders within different niche industries. Check their link building capabilities as well as the expertise in delivering on-page and technical SEO orders.

This will test the expertise of the SEO reseller in delivering quality SEO services for all the niche websites you serve.

If everything goes well, grab on to the best deals they offer you. However, make sure to check for hidden clauses within the contract that tie you forever with the reseller.

Also, ask the reseller how their reseller package works.

At Stan Ventures, we offer

  • Monthly Recurring Plans
  • Hourly Plans
  • Per-Project Plans

Based on the requirements of your SEO agency, you can choose one of these, and they come with exclusive agency deals.

4. Quality of Support

After all, you are an agency, and your clients may come up with questions as well. You can’t keep them waiting for the answers because it puts your relationship with the client under strain.

That’s why you need to choose a white label SEO reseller program that offers 24×7 support and the service of a dedicated Agency account manager.

Adding to this, make sure that you choose an agency that has dedicated managers who are knowledgeable and fluent in the language that you speak.

At Stan Ventures, we assign dedicated account managers for all our Agency partners, and the person will be your single point of contact for anything and everything.

Don’t worry about the time frame; each account manager gets a support team that works 24×7 to answer your questions real-time.

White Label SEO Pricing Means You Save Time and Your Pocket

For a White label SEO service provider, it is essential to provide a wholesale price advantage for SEOs and Digital Marketing agencies.

 If you are working on 20-30 projects at this time, you may find it challenging to meet the deadlines with your limited resources. During such situations, you may require the help of a White Label SEO service provider.

This can help you to retain the client without incurring opportunity costs. Above all, the White Label SEO agency will provide an unbranded report that can be shared with your client. 

SEO Agencies usually opt for White Label SEO to accept new projects, spend time on client communication, scale projects, and increase revenue without the fear of in-house experts and deadlines.

Opportunity Costs of Not Hiring an Affordable SEO Service Provider

For non-SEO companies selling some sort of product or service, the opportunity cost of not outsourcing the SEO requirements may include several elements. These can be-

  1. Salaries
  2. Tools used by the marketing team
  3. Other variable expenses

The opportunity cost for such companies can amount to very high numbers. Depending on the complexity and time the project is assumed to take, the prices will vary.

For SEO agencies that are trying to save money, opportunity costs would include-

  1. Projects not accepted due to lack of manpower
  2. Outsourcing to SEO executors that charge a lot more
  3. Clients that repurchase SEO plans on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis(this is because new clients will not be added without outsourcing)

Here are Some of the Standard White Label SEO Pricing Packages and Models

SEO pricing can come in so many formats. It solely depends on the company that’s offering the services. These can be –

  1. Monthly SEO Packages
  2. Hour-Based Packages
  3. Per project Packages

Monthly White Label SEO Pricing Plan

Monthly plans are the most popular pricing plans offered by SEO service providers for their clients. The idea is to accrue a month-on-month payment from clients. If you have just signed up with an SEO service provider, it is conducive to go for a monthly plan.

Once you evaluate the SEO strategies implemented by the company, you can choose to either continue with the same agency or look for another. If you do not wish to keep the services, you get the liberty to break up with the agency.

According to a survey done by Ahrefs on SEO providers, 74.71% of total respondents (SEO companies) provide monthly SEO plans. Also, more than 23% of the companies charge between $500-$1000, followed by a $201-$500 price range standing at around 19%. Here at Stan, our Kickstarter plan for fully managed SEO also starts at $599. 

Many SEO companies provide Annual SEO pricing packages with an upfront payment. The annual SEO packages are typically cheaper when calculated on a Month-on-Month basis. You can opt for a yearly plan if you fully trust the SEO company and have used its services before.

When should you go for a Monthly SEO Plan?

  1. If you believe that project requirements might escalate in the future
  2. When you want to set a monthly limit and do not want to be surprised with an inflated bill.
  3. Want to engage an SEO executor with your company more closely for better results.
  4. The monthly retainer puts the liability of results on the SEO executor. Hence, you can be assured of long-term results.

Monthly and Annual SEO plans are useful if your SEO budget is low. It has been observed that the client exhibits more trust towards an SEO company when he/she opt for monthly SEO pricing plans.

By the way, this is that plan that we have here at Stan Ventures for agencies looking for white-labeled SEO solutions.

Hour Based White Label SEO Pricing Plan

Hour-based plans SEO Services are billed by the hours spent by the SEO specialist on your project.

After monthly retainer, hour-based SEO Pricing plans come as the second choice among SEO companies (36.7%), as reported by Ahrefs. The report also suggests that 50% of these companies keep their range between $75-$150 while a majority of Indian SEO companies charge below $25.

Many SEO agencies provide an hourly format of billing as it gives them the independence to work flexibly on a given project. Hourly rates also allow companies to put in more resources when needed and, in turn, help clients create a scalable team.  

Why go for hour-based SEO plans?

  1. When you are sure about the complexity of the SEO project and estimate the hours your project might require.
  2. When you want to accomplish something basic or to test the skills of an SEO company.
  3. You are looking for some SEO intervention instead of a long-term SEO strategy.

White Label SEO Pricing Per Project

Pricing per project is also widespread among companies. A lot of companies have hourly or monthly pricing charges for individual projects.

Per-project SEO packages are great when you want to focus on the success of that particular project, no matter what.

How much does per project SEO cost?

More than 43% of SEO companies claim that they offer per-project SEO pricing. The most popular cost bracket for project-based costing is $501-$1000, with more than 27% of the companies charging within this range.   

When to go for project-based SEO service pricing?

  1. Project-based SEO pricing is excellent for cases that are unique and demand special attention.
  2. When you do not want to compromise with one-size-fits-all and desire to succeed at your SEO goals at any cost.

Now Choose Wisely

Choosing an SEO reseller program for your agency’s fulfillment requires you to put a lot of thought into understanding your requirements and their capabilities.

Above all, you are choosing a best SEO reseller program not to do things that you do the best. Don’t make the mistake of handing over everything to the SEO company because you may fail to leave your signature behind. The reseller should only support you with stellar quality support services, and of course, it should match your client’s expectations.

Adding to this, you also need to make sure that the margin you get is fair enough because you cannot end up paying more to the reseller than what you earn.


How Can I get SEO Sales if I Partner with for a Reseller Program?

We can help you close the sales by giving you well-researched white labeled SEO proposals that can be shared with your prospective clients.

What is Your Experience in Offering White Label SEO Services?

We are in the SEO industry for more than 12 years and during the first five years we worked only for individual websites as their trusted SEO service provider. Only after we had strong foot in the industry did we enter the white label SEO market.

What are the Benefits that you Give an Agency Partner?

All our agency partners get SEO services at a highly discounted pricing. In fact, agencies get our link building services for up to 65% discount. We will have a dedicated team assigned so that all your clients are happy with the deliverables.

Can You Do Link Building Alone as Part of White Label Services?

Definitely. If you want the link building campaigns alone to be done, we can do it. In fact, we have an ever-growing list of niche-specific domains to build high quality links for your clients. By the way, we using a manual outreach strategy to source all the domains we use for link building.

Is Reselling SEO Services Good or Bad?

Reselling SEO services is beneficial if you think there is too much time and effort wasted in transaction SEO activities like link building. If your SEO company doesn’t have the in-house capabilities to do specific search engine optimization activities, choosing the best SEO reseller will help you deliver quality SEO services to your clients.


Dileep Thekkethil

With over 12 years of expertise, Dileep has carved a name for himself as a trailblazer in the SEO industry. As an acclaimed author and relentless learner, he has transformed countless websites with tailored digital marketing strategies, thanks to his profound insights and innovative approach. Dileep's passion for staying ahead of the curve is evident in his contributions to Stan Ventures and the 100+ publications that feature his groundbreaking articles on SEO and digital marketing. His dedication to knowledge-sharing has earned him widespread recognition as a go-to expert in the field. For cutting-edge SEO solutions or to delve into the mind of a true digital marketing virtuoso, connect with Dileep through the links provided below. @Mail | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook or View all posts by Dileep


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