SEO On-Air: How to Audit and Revamp Content With Travis McKnight

In this episode of SEO On-Air, we speak to Travis McKnight, Content Strategy Architect at Portent as well as an avid player of Dungeons and Dragons. Tune in and watch us talk about content audits, collaborating with the sales teams to create conversion-focused content, how to choose KPIs, and the Dungeons and Dragons of Marketing.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

00:35 – Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

13:53 – How to Choose KPIs

20:33 – Cross-Team Collaborations

30:21 – Auditing Content for Better Performance

42:54 – Content Tools Travis Recommends

46:14 – Approaching Mental Health Challenges

56:54 – 3 Media Travis Recommends

Next week, we will speak to a Local SEO expert about their journey from Journalism to Marketing and the steps to conduct competitor analysis for local SEO

Meet the speakers

Aaron Basil
Content Manager
Travis McKnight
Content Strategy Architect

Guest Bio

Travis McKnight
Content Strategy Architect

Travis McKnight is the Content Strategy Architect at Portent and has spent many years in the world of journalism. His byline includes The Guardian, New York Magazine, Slate Magazine, and more. Travis applies his passion for authentic storytelling to help clients create meaningful content that consistently delivers a refined user experience.