SEO Tips for Running a Successful Online Business

If you are running an online business, everything will work for you once you get the pat of appreciation from Google.

Every business venture will strive to feature on the first page of Google search results, but only a few come out on top.

How did they win the battle for the No.1 spot in Google? They achieve it by optimizing the web page/ website. Google rates your content and SEO techniques positively, which in turn reflects in the better ranking of your website.

For this, certain SEO tips should be on your to-do-list as you deal with your own site. Here’s a list of small business SEO tips that would help your online business rank better.

#SEOTip 1. Check the loading speed of the web page

From the user’s point of view, it is quite understandable that any page that takes too much time to load would be annoying. This is why; loading speed of the web page is a parameter for user-friendliness.

For users, what works best is having access to needed info in a matter of seconds. This makes it evident that Google would give better rankings to the pages that load faster.

You can use tools, like Pingdom speed testing tool and Google PageSpeed Insights to check your page loading speed.

Also, to reduce the page loading speed, you can optimize images and videos, switch hosting providers (switching to different hosts won’t harm the ranking of your existing URLs) and use a content distribution network.

If you are not comfortable with the technical aspects of SEO, it is recommended to reach out to a professional SEO company to fix load speed issues.

#SEOTip 2. Check for mobile friendliness

We all know today, people surf the internet on their mobile phones like never before.

With so many people primarily accessing most of the online info using their mobile phones, being a mobile-friendly website is inevitable. Moreover, Google knows it, and Google ranks mobile-friendly pages better.

Google has its tool to test if your website is mobile friendly or not. You can use it to gauge your website’s mobile friendliness.

#SEOTip 3. Check for broken links and clean them

Chaos and confusions are the worst enemies of your website. If your page structure looks chaotic and has broken links, get ready to wipe them off the page and arrange it better.

Cleaning up broken links would become a more manageable task when you use tools, like Screaming Frog SEO Spider or Google Webmaster tool.

Still, despite all the cleaning, what’s better is to be prepared for what to show if you have a broken link or two.

For your 404 page, customize it such that it sends across a friendly message and keeps the users glued to your website anyway, perhaps by creating some laughter.

#SEOTip 4. Create a strong keyword strategy

Keywords are what help Google relate to what a user needs an array of content. This means you have to use keywords such that Google recalls your content for what people type in.

Besides the crude phrase that people type, with natural language processing, Google also looks for fragments relating to that keyword.

As a wise SEO expert, do enough research to figure out what your target audience is looking for to hit the bull’s eye. With that, proper frame focus and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords.

#SEOTip 5. Content is the king

Content is the soul of your website. Without content, your website would be zilch. To say content is the king is apt only when your content is worth being the king.

Google loves content with a mix of ingredients, like all needed keywords, information, and a zing of uniqueness. Remember what people want to know and answer questions about queries entered in the search box.

A content that is woven systematically, with clear points, headings, etc. wins Google’s heart.

#SEOTip 6. Create links to authority sites

The websites that hold most credibility on Google are the ones that have high-quality links referring to their brand.

That is why getting links from authoritative websites is considered one of the best SEO strategies for small business.

When you have outbound links to and inbound links from authority sites, it builds credibility to your site as well.

It is pretty much like a big website having trust in your website, which makes Google count you as legitimate and trustable.

SEO Tips for Business

7. Bonus SEO Tip

Besides the above-mentioned SEO tips, you can also improve your rankings by posting your blogs and content on various social media platforms. It increases the visibility of your business and gets more people to visit your website.

While these are some basic SEO tips, if you are a layman, you can also hunt for a professional SEO company for SEO consultant services for better knowledge on it.

Experts have a clear insight into how to take care of small business SEO which would take the burden off your head. You can choose an SEO package for small business and get your work done professionally.

Since SEO takes its own sweet time, you have to be a little patient to witness changes and outcomes. With all things falling into place, these tips can help your online business get better rankings.