Pages on a website can become obsolete or invalid for a whole variety of reasons. When users start visiting such pages, it becomes exceptionally important to immediately reroute them to the relevant page that contains the information they are looking for. You do this through the process called redirecting.

An obsolete page not only affects the traffic of your website, but it can also tarnish all of your SEO efforts. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a programming genius to do this properly, thanks to the plugins that take up the role of a troubleshooter.

Redirect WordPress Posts and Pages

If you have a WordPress website with obsolete pages, all you need is a reliable, easy-to-use plugin that will monitor your website for 404 errors. So, which plugin would that be? Keep reading to find out.

WP 301 Redirects

Yes, WP 301 Redirects is the best plugin currently available that will solve all your 404 redirecting issues.

Depending on the number of websites that you want to install the plugin, there are three main pricing tiers for you to choose:

Different Plans of WP 301 Redirects

  • Personal (79$ per year)
  • Team (158$ per year)
  • Agency (299$ per year).

It should be noted that all the packages give you access to ALL the features. The only difference is in the number of websites that can use the plugin.

You can easily get up to 50% off on any of the packages in addition to the discounts that are often offered. On top of that, you can contact the company directly and ask them to create a unique package just for you, which is a pretty neat little feature.

Once you buy the plugin, it would take around a minute or so to set it up and have it running on your website. But how does it actually work and what does it do? Don’t worry, we’re about to cover that, too.

How does WP 301 Redirects Plugin work?

Not only is WP 301 Redirects easy to set up, but it also works in a very simple way. As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to be a master programmer to figure it out as everything is explained in simple terms.

Actually, the process is quite straightforward. What you need to do is identify the pages that produce 404 errors and connect them to the page that you want it to redirect to. You can do this by simply adding a link to the new page or by choosing the new page from a drop-down menu.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! And if you simply change a page’s URL, the plugin will automatically redirect people to the new address. In both of these cases, your visitors will never see that unwelcoming 404 error again!

However, that’s not the only thing WP 301 Redirects Plugin can do for you! It can also improve the quality of traffic that your website receives.

The plugin can distinguish between bots that are detrimental to your website and genuine quality traffic. In other words, bad bots will still see the 404-error page and simply conclude that they can be on their way and move on.

When real visitors and useful bots like Google try to visit, the plugin will redirect them to the real page. This exclusive feature of the WP 301 Redirects Plugin will drive genuinely interested visitors, thereby benefiting your SEO ranking immensely.

At this point, you may be thinking that it all sounds too good to be true, but there are actually no downsides to using this plugin. It will not slow your website down, nor will it pose any kind of security risk for you or the users.
On the contrary, you can always maintain full control over your website because, just as you can set it up without any issue, you can also remove the plugin completely in one click. However, it doesn’t end there. However, it doesn’t end there.

Charts and support

Included in your WP 301 Redirects package is also a set of very useful charts. These charts can help analyze your traffic more conveniently.

For example, you can see which countries get you the most traffic, which devices are the most popular, which browsers work best, and so on. Everything is shown in a clear and simple manner.

All the packages come with these features and nothing is skipped. Every user will, therefore, be able to extract the information they need and adjust their strategy accordingly.

Simple graphical solutions are the main reason why it can be argued that studying your numbers this way is even more advisable than using Google Analytics.

Additionally, even if something does happen (which it won’t) or if you have any questions whatsoever concerning this product, you can always talk to the company behind it and get answers straight from the source.
As mentioned earlier, they are even willing to create a separate package for clients, so you know you can expect excellent support from them at any given time.

WebFactory Ltd has an excellent reputation, so you can be sure that all your queries will be answered quickly and professionally. In addition to that, their reputation was primarily built on the quality of their product, which means you won’t get any bugs or glitches with it.

In the end…

If a potential visitor sees that 404-error on a page, chances are they will leave immediately or, at the very least, their trust in your capabilities will be greatly diminished. That’s why it’s so important to execute redirects properly, not to mention all the other benefits that can come with it.

WP 301 Redirects is the perfect plugin for the job because it’s easy to use, smart, and comes with an excellent set of charts that can help you analyze traffic in great detail without any trouble whatsoever.
Therefore, if you’re changing your URLs often or if you have pages that simply become obsolete, investing in this product can bring results quickly and easily.

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