Is your startup new, and are you looking out to create awareness among people about it? One of best ways to do so is promoting it on social networking sites.

Facebook is the platform that could work wonders for you. So, you should create a Facebook page immediately.

Getting a number of Facebook page likes is one of the strategies to run your business successfully. Social media works differently than regular media. For this reason, it requires a distinct approach to drive people for liking your page.

Ways to Get More Facebook Page Likes

Sometimes, it might happen that your followers on Facebook may not view the posts on your page like the rest of the random videos and memes.

You might be wondering why is this happening, and what is it that you need to do to increase the fan’s count organically?

Ways to Get More Facebook Page Likes

Here are some of the ways that you can implement to increase the likes on your page. Read the entire post to learn all the possible ways.

1. Use Images Regularly

Using sharp, professional, entertaining, and relevant images is one of the ways to attract people to hit the like button.

For example, if you’re a cloth seller, keep in mind to include all the items in the image. In addition to this, try making the images look professional and represent the products in a bewitching way. Hire a model and instruct him/her to pose well so that the product looks appealing.

Once you’re done with this, include all the images to the posts on your businesses’ Facebook Page. That would attract a number of users resulting in increased Facebook page likes.

2. Engage with other Facebook Pages

Search for the pages with a similar niche as yours. For example, if you own a restaurant, start following the other restaurant owners in your city or town on their Facebook pages.

Like the page and comment regularly on their posts using your Facebook page account.

However, you need to make sure that you aren’t leaving any irrelevant comments. You should definitely avoid commenting on links and overflow of hashtags. This could be misread as spam.

3. Add a “Like” at the Bottom

People visiting your website are always great to target for increasing the Facebook Page Likes. This is because people coming to your website have interest in the products and services that you’re offering them.

If you install the plugin for “Like Button” at the bottom of your website, this will enable you to get more Facebook Page Likes.

4. Add Complete Details in the “About Us” Section

Make sure that you put all the detailed information about your business in the “About us” section of your Facebook page.

In addition to this, always add the link to your website, the year the company was founded, and the address. Well, this would work slowly, but it would help you in establishing credibility.

5. Embed Posts on Your Site to Get Facebook page likes

Copy the code of your Facebook page’s post, which is performing well. Then, paste that code in the backend of your website.

This would enable the visitors to your website to see that post, and they can click on it to view it. Ultimately, they’ll be redirected to your Facebook page and would like your page (possibly).


6. Engage Users by incorporating videos

Incorporating videos into your marketing strategy is one of the best ways to increase user engagement. When it comes to creating videos, these should be of high quality and must represent your brand well.

Make them colorful and add some informative text to it to draw viewers in. You all learn that uniqueness is the key, so make the videos unique and interesting. Try to encourage the viewers to like your Facebook page.

7. List the Managed Page on Your Personal Profile

Add the link to your page that you manage, in the “Intro” section of your profile. This would make your friends click on the link and visit it, which would increase the chances to get likes from them.

If your friends would like your page, friends of your friends will also be able to see it and hopefully hit the “Like” button.

8. Drop a Link at the end of Email Structure

Add the link to your Facebook page at the end of your email signature. Many people read the e-mails until the end, and there are chances that they click on the link and visit your Facebook page.


No matter how small or big is your business, having the presence of social media platforms is necessary.

Facebook is considered to be one of the best platforms to get more user engagement, and increasing Facebook page likes. The more likes you’ve on your Facebook page, stronger the social signal will be.

This would ultimately make your brand stronger. Start implementing the above 8 ways to get more Facebook page likes to become a leader in the market.