11 Plumbing Website Design Elements for SEO Lead Generation

By:  Shreoshe Ghosh

Updated On: March 13, 2023

As important as it is to have a fully-functional website for your plumbing business, it is equally crucial to ensure that your website has a professional look and feel, which can come through good website design.

The best way to set your plumbing business apart from the rest is by investing in a professional plumbing website design so that it is easier for people to access your website, learn about your business, the services you provide, and other related information.

A great plumbing website does three crucial things for your business:

  • With a plumbing website of your own, people can discover your business easily. As you get visitors on your site, you’ll also have leads to convert.
  • Your website is a platform that is entirely owned by you. You can use the space to showcase your USPs, such as why people should choose you for their plumbing work, how you are different from other providers, and what benefits they’ll get from your services. 
  • If you have a plumbing website of your own, your leads will find it easier to reach out to you and get your contact information. If you have a busy schedule, your leads can fill up an appointment form or share their contact details to get a callback. That way, you can ensure that none of your clients are left unanswered even when you cannot receive their calls.

The benefits listed above can be achieved only when you hire a qualified web designer for your site. But, what are the elements of a well-designed site? Let’s take a look at the top ten tips to create great plumbing websites below.

11 Best Plumbing Website Design Elements to Consider For Your Site

A user-friendly design

The first and foremost requirement of any professional website design is its user-friendliness. A user-friendly website is easy to navigate, loads fast, and doesn’t hamper the user experience through unnecessary pop-ups or redirects. 

You have to make sure that all the important information on your site should appear at the top of the web page so that users don’t have to scroll down a lot to access them. 

The site navigation shouldn’t be very complicated either, and users should also find the information they need within a few clicks. 

user Website Design for Plumber

Search engine friendly website

A search engine-friendly website will ensure that it is being indexed regularly and adequately so that any new content you update on your website helps you rank for related searches.

To ensure that your site is Google-friendly, you should go for plumber SEO services. By implementing SEO on your site, you can target keywords that have the potential to improve your online visibility, get more traffic, and leads for your business. 

SEO will also help in improving your site’s authority by creating quality backlinks from high DA sites. 

Moreover, a thorough website content audit will help you find the best topics to cover on your website’s blog section. 

A professional logo

You can use a professional logo maker or hire a designer to help you out here.

A professional logo will differentiate your business from other plumbing companies and help your potential customers easily recognize your business. Your logo is a great way to showcase your company’s values, mission, and vision.

It will also create an impression on your target audience’s mind regarding your seriousness towards the business, build trust, and help you with branding activities.

Therefore, invest your time and money into your business logo and come up with a kickass design.

A responsive design

Responsive website design will ensure that the user-experience is always satisfactory and they keep coming back to it. 

There are a few elements that need to be maintained to achieve a responsive web design. 

Firstly, you have to ensure that your website is easily accessible across various devices, namely desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. 

You have to ensure that there isn’t an overwhelming amount of information on a single web page. The information should be available in a proper format with minimum clutter. 

The font style and size should be easy to follow, and the navigation should be very simple and easy to follow.

You also need to check for broken links and fix them, ensure the images you use are non-copyrighted and are of high quality, add user reviews and testimonials, list down all your services, and add clear contact information.

responsive website design for plumbing service

A clear call to action

Now that you’ve brought your target audience to your site and helped them access it with ease, what do you want them to do next?

You’d obviously want your customers to convert because that’s your ultimate goal. To accomplish that, you have to add clear call-to-action at proper places on your website so that people know what you want them to do.

A few ideas to add CTAs on the plumbing website would be to provide a direct email or call button on the contact page or having a booking form attached right where you list your services so that people can book instantly. 

An easy way to request service

Like we said earlier, your website should allow your customers and prospective leads to request services easily. Adding the right CTA buttons on your webpage, especially in the contact section and services section, will ensure that your web visitors don’t have to run around for service requests or booking appointments.

The areas you serve

If you are serving specific areas only, it is important to mention them on your website. This will ensure that people that don’t come within your serviceable areas don’t waste their time contacting you or filling up the callback form.

It will also help you filter out unwanted leads for your business and target only those highly relevant to your service areas. 

List of plumbing services provided

Many services come under the category of plumbing. If you list down the services offered by your plumbing business, it’ll help people know whether availing it could help them. 

So, ensure that you list your services on your website and explain each service so that people who aren’t aware of them could become familiar with them.

List of plumbing services provided

Your competitive difference

Could you think of the features that make your plumbing service better than the rest? If yes, you need to convey the same to your prospective clients and customers to tell them why your service is worth their time and money.

Your Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) have to be highlighted on your website’s “Why Us?” section. You’ll have to do a thorough analysis of your competitors and understand what makes you different from them and market those to the best of your abilities.

Original photos and videos

Adding original photos and videos to your website will strengthen your claim about your services. You can hire a photographer or get someone from your team to click pictures of your team members at work or record a video. 

You can post them with a detailed description in the gallery section of your site so that people can get a glimpse of how you function. This will also build trust in your target audience and help them book your services with confidence. 

Testimonials, accreditations, and awards

Testimonials and reviews are probably the most trustable proof of service. When you serve your clients, remember to follow up with them to get their feedback on the service offered and request a review or testimonial.

If your customers are pleased with your plumbing service, they’ll be more than happy to write a few lines for you. You can then showcase these testimonials and reviews on your site for others to see and understand your service quality.

Don’t limit yourself to getting reviews on your website only. Encourage your customers to review your services on social media, Google My Business, and anywhere on the web where people can find them easily. 

8 Proven Ways to Boost Leads for Plumbing Sites

Besides having a well-designed plumbing site, you also need to implement lead generation strategies You can do so by following these simple steps:

Declutter Site Content

Contrary to popular belief, adding more content to your site can sometimes have quite the opposite effect. If you try to add too much information on a page, you might distract your customers from your conversion goal.

The best way to determine whether your content is not serving towards your goal is to use a click map or heat map and spot the sections on your webpage that aren’t grabbing enough attention.

You can then rework on them and try to declutter the content so that people can take the desired action on your site. 

Improve Your CTAs

Adding simple Call to Action buttons like “Sign Up” or “Subscribe” might not be very enticing for your target audience. Such CTAs are very common and can be found on every other website. 

So, how can you ensure that your site visitors are drawn to take action as per the CTAs? Here are some tips to help you:

  • Try adding unique CTA buttons that are not commonly used
  • Add your CTAs at the bottom of your content. This is because people want to learn everything about a topic before they decide to take action
  • Use attractive colors and shapes for your CTA buttons so that it grabs attention instantly. You can run several A/B testing with your CTAs buttons before finalizing.
  • Don’t add links for your CTAs, instead use buttons. It can increase conversions by 45%. 
  • Add a short copy the support the CTA button text
  • Add an arrow to direct people to your CTA button. It can increase CTR by 26%

CTA for better website conversion

Address Potential Pain Points

Before you learn ways to convert your leads, try figuring out why they aren’t converting in the first place. Is it because of the service charges, or is it a lack of trust about the service quality, or is it because the plumbing service package you offer doesn’t cover some essential services?

Suppose the problem is any of the reasons stated above. In that case, you can easily solve them by offering a money-back guarantee on your services, offering service customization options, and adding enough reviews and testimonials for people to trust your service quality. 

Allow Third-Party Signups

Allowing third-party sign ups through Google or Facebook can increase your leads by 20%. If you enable third-party signups on your plumbing website, you can attract more people to join your mailing list and make it easier for people to stay connected.

Simplify Your Service Forms

Your service form should aim to extract your leads’ basic contact information and not their complete details.

If your service form is one page long and takes anywhere more than 3-4 minutes to fill, people will leave midway through.

Keep your contact form very basic and ask for information like name, phone number, and email ID only. 

Once you get this information, you can schedule a time to call them and discuss other essential things like their location, the services required, etc.

Add a Live Chat Support

It is not possible to address all your customers at a time. Hence, to ensure that your potential customers get answers to all their queries without running around your website, you must offer 24X7 live chat support.

This will ensure that all their queries are addressed immediately, and they don’t leave your site without getting a proper response.

Grow Leads With Lead Magnets 

One of the effective ways for lead generation is to offer them something valuable in return for signing up on your site. You can try offering a guide book of plumbing hacks or a downloadable PDF for must-have plumbing tools for home, etc.

You have to offer a lead magnet that is relevant to your industry and will be helpful to the people. So, instead of showing subscription pop-ups, you can provide these useful resources to those who sign up on your site or fill up your lead form.

Continue A/B Testing

A/B testing is the only way you can figure out if your page elements help boost your leads. You can A/B test your CTA buttons, landing pages, sign up forms, pop-ups, marketing emails, and much more to analyze what works best for your site.


It might take an initial investment for professional plumbing website design, which you could have avoided if you didn’t have a website. But, think of all the benefits that you can enjoy with that tiny investment.

Any business without a website can come across unreliable and shady in today’s world, even though your business might have a good reputation in your area. People are rapidly shifting to online bookings over the internet compared to calling plumbers or other technicians.

Therefore invest in building a plumbing website and get it professionally designed to create a positive impression on your target audience and increase qualified leads for your business.


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