8 Successful Plumbing Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business Online

By:  Shreoshe Ghosh

Updated On: March 13, 2023

Marketing for Plumbers: Where to Start?

The way a plumbing business works has completely changed in the past few years. Earlier, people used to turn to their phone books or local directories to find a local plumbing service, but now people rely on online search results to book a plumber nearby.

So, how do you ensure that you appear on those local search results? Many of you might think hiring plumber SEO services should do the job. But for a wider reach, you need to utilize social media as well. 

Therefore, for a plumbing business to thrive in today’s world, the role of a well-planned digital marketing strategy for plumbers is crucial.

Whether you’re just starting with your plumbing business or have been in this business for years, to get more leads for your business, there’s no better alternative to plumbing marketing strategies.

It can improve your online reach, bring more traffic to your site, convert them into qualified leads, and increase revenue

There are plenty of marketing strategies that a business can implement to improve its online visibility. However, an experienced agency can chalk out an effective plumbing marketing plan for your business after thoroughly analyzing your site and its competitors.

Let’s look at the top 8 plumbing marketing strategies that can help transform your business into a successful venture.

8 Successful Plumber Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Claim Your GMB Listing 

Every business must have an online presence to reach out to the right people. The first step for doing so begins with creating a Google My Business (GMB) listing. It is a part of local SEO and helps people discover your business easily on the web.

GMB is a free service offered by Google that allows you to create a virtual business listing on the web. Here, you can put up all the necessary information related to your business, such as the address, hours of operation, and contact information. 

You can also add images and publish posts related to your business on GMB. Visitors can also write reviews about your business and share images/videos on this platform. 

With an updated GMB profile, there’s a probability of your business showing up for local searches and Google’s 3 -pack results too. 

Create a Professional-Looking Website

The fierce competition for online visibility will always be a challenge if you own a business website. Even if you optimize platforms like GMB to the best of your ability, there’s no guarantee that your business will get the desired attention.

However, with a professional website, you can redirect customers to your services exclusively. When you have a website, you can add a link to it from your GMB profile so that people can explore further.

A professional website helps in creating a positive impression on people’s mind and instills trust in them. On your professional plumbing website, you can share information about your business journey-how it started, what type of people you cater to, which areas do you serve, and much more.

professional plumbing seo website


You might offer plumbing services at a price lower than the current market rate, or you might be someone who offers complimentary follow-up services to your customers. Your website is the perfect platform to highlight these USPs and give people enough reason to choose your service over others. 

You can also showcase customer reviews and testimonials on your site that’ll cement your reputation even further. Moreover, you can write useful content on your website that’ll educate people about plumbing and efficiently take care of small plumbing issues.

Target Market on Social Media

One of the many benefits of using social media is its ability to reach out to a specific target market. If you want to promote your business page on social media and want people to come to you for their plumbing needs, you need to be very specific about whom you are targeting.

Imagine you stay in Boston, and you want to target people staying there for your plumbing services. However, not everyone in the city is dealing with broken taps or leaking pipelines. You need to cater to only those who are actually in need of your service. 

So, if you choose to target people through Facebook ads or Instagram ads, you can specify the exact areas in Boston where you want people to see your online ad. You can also set the age, gender, and interests of these people to narrow your audience further.

Specific targeting ensures that you don’t have to with leads that won’t convert. However, how do you know whom to target? For that, you need someone who specializes in crafting marketing strategies for plumbers.

Gather and Manage Online Reviews

For anyone coming across new service providers, the best way to learn whether they are worth a try is to look at their reviews and testimonials. This is one of the crucial parts of any business. 

You might have a professional-looking plumbing website and a perfect Google My Business profile. Still, if your customers aren’t impressed with what you are offering, your business will not succeed. 

Customer testimonials and reviews are also something that isn’t in your control, which makes them even more critical for anyone planning to avail of your services. 

Customer testimonials and reviews for plumbing services

As a plumbing business owner, you must encourage your customers to rate and review your services on your plumbing website and social profiles.

The more positive reviews and ratings you‘ll manage to receive, the better are your chances of getting more conversions. 

Retarget Your Potential Customers

Not everyone who comes to your site will book your service or contact you for their plumbing needs. They might go to someone else or come back later when they are sure to avail of plumbing services.

But should you just let go of these leads just because they aren’t ready or unsure? Of course not! You must retarget these potential customers by employing smart marketing tactics. 

One of the best ways to retarget such customers is to ensure that they see your service ads on the web even when they are not on your site. This will ensure that the thought of getting plumbing services doesn’t slip their mind and they can contact you as soon as they are ready. 

Create expert plumbing content

Content marketing is an effective way to reach your target customers. It is probably one of the best ways to create a positive impression on your target audience without being too salesy.

When you combine quality content creation with good keyword research, it ensures that your content is read and understood. 

You must have a blog section on your website where you can write quality blog posts related to your niche. If you have handed over the task to an agency, they’ll run competitor analysis to see what your competitors are writing about.

They’ll also analyze the trending topics in your niche and the common queries about plumbing that people seek answers for. This will help them shortlist topics to cover on your blog. 

SEO content expert for plumbing

Your content creation shouldn’t be limited to blogging only; there are endless ways to utilize your plumbing company’s content.

You can create videos, infographics, charts, short films, and much more with the content ideas and promote them through the right channels for better reach. With many content marketing tools at your disposal today, you can easily ensure that your content resonates with the audience.

Submit Your Website to Local Directories

Local directories may not be as useful as they were ten years back, but they are still helpful. If you have a plumbing business, you should register it on local online directories for better reach.

Many people prefer using directories to find services like plumbing, home services, cleaning, and similar tasks. So, if you are not in these directories, you miss out on a lot of your customers. 

Build High Quality Backlinks

Building high-quality backlinks can increase your plumbing site’s authority and give a positive signal to search engines about your site’s quality. By building backlinks on relevant high DA sites, you can improve your ranking better on SERPs.

Link building also helps develop long-term associations with other bloggers and site owners besides getting referral traffic from their websites. High DA link building is necessary if you want to build authority and improve your site’s online reputation.


Plumber digital marketing services are very crucial in today’s world. Plumbing is an essential service, and it needs skilled workers to get the job done. If you have a team of qualified plumbers, you should promote it online to reach out to prospective customers and offer them satisfactory services.


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