Are you focusing more on the On-page optimization?  If yes, then there is no doubt that you are aware of keyword research.

However, have you ever studied about how to use the LSI Keywords to your content?

If you haven’t heard of this word or do not have sufficient knowledge about it, then you’re at the right place to gain knowledge of this amazing SEO strategy.

LSI keywords to rank contents

Adding such phrases or keywords can bring old content on the top by increasing its rankings. LSI Keyword stands for Latent Semantic Indexing.

It’s the method followed by search engines’ including Google for comparing the relationship between different terms. If you add such keywords to your content, the SEO traffic on your post gets improved.

This post is entirely dedicated to providing you the best but less known facts and aspects of Search Engine Optimization such as LSI Keywords.

Scroll down the page to learn how you can improve your rankings on a search engine and ways to drive traffic to your post. Before you jump-in further, let us determine what the LSI Keywords are?

What are LSI Keywords?

You all learn there are some keywords that Google returns when you put any search query.

In these results, the words, as well as, the phrases which are highlighted are the most relevant ones to the actual keywords.

These are an expansion of the original term that you usually search. Such terms can boost the search rankings of your content.

Ways to use LSI Keywords in the description

If your content has a good Meta description, this helps you a lot in increasing the traffic and optimizing your content.

One of the best ways to improve your SEO is to add these keywords in your description in such a way that you get more priority by the search engine.

Stuffing such keywords make your content come in top search results because of Google’s algorithm.

Where else you can add the Keywords

Make sure that you place the relevant keyword in the title, description, as well as content, no matter whether the content is fresh or the old one. This is one of the best techniques that work well in the SEO.

Main as well as Semantic Keywords is important to add

Adding only the keywords is of no use if you aren’t stuffing the main keyword. Semantic Keywords never replaces the main keywords.

They both have their importance. If you omit the primary keyword, you won’t be able to improve your rankings. Main Keywords act as a conjunction, while LSI Keywords act as the helpers.

When it comes to adding the keywords, the thing that you must keep in mind is that don’t over-stuff.

Add only two semantic phrases or keywords, because if you stuff more, Google might mark you as spam and will penalize you. This method yields to optimum search results without adding keywords for a number of times.

Make your Best Latent Semantic Keyword Discoverable!

If you search something using the main keywords, the search engine will easily discover the best LSI Keywords. Whatever keywords or phrases you’ll highlight work as Semantic Keywords that would appear on the search page for you.

Use those keywords. Also, there are so many tools, free as well as paid that can help you in finding the semantic keywords. Some of the tools include Google Ad Words, LSI Keyword Generator, LSI Graph, Uber Suggest, and many others.

Such user-friendly tools help you a lot in finding the latent semantic indexing keyword suggestions. The abundance of search suggestions by Google will be uncovered.

Add LSI Keywords to Supplement the Keyword Phrase

By just adding the latent semantic keywords to your original keyword, you can easily make your dead content, alive. Once you revive the old content, you can again start working on it to rank again.

When you add some new keywords to your old content, Google considers it as fresh content and give a chance to it to improve the rankings.

One thing that you need to keep in your mind is that keep the primary keyword phrase there in the content and supplement it by using one LSI keyword.

Doing this, you will rank it again as this might lead to an increase in the traffic to your website.

Optimize the images

When it comes to optimizing the images, you can easily do it by renaming the old images with the LSI Keywords.

You can use one image again and again for each piece of content you post. This will bring life to such dead images.

Final Words!

It’s true that it could be tough to create content that will help you in improving your site’s ranking. For a fresh content, it’s not that difficult, but when you think of working on your old dead content, this could be more challenging.

If you add keywords, it’s not just adding any variety to your content, but also makes it visible in Google SERPs. Also, you’ll get to see quick results.

This proves that these type of keywords can boost the SEO traffic to your website or content effectively. Not only this, but it also increases the relevancy of your content in the search results.