Google relies on umpteen signals to rank a website. This is why it is a prerequisite for all websites to possess these quality signals to rank on No. 1 on Google.

SEO activities like link-building, keyword research, and content creation cannot show results without effort and patience.

Thankfully, the SEO industry is ripe with amazing SEO tools to make those tasks easier for you and boost your content marketing efforts.

SEO Tools


SEO tools can be categorized into three main parts: best free SEO tools, premium tools, and freemium tools (free+premium).

The SEO softwares that we are featuring here are useful for agencies and site owners as they offer an in-depth analysis of the entire website or parts of it.

There are many useful tools that you can use to keep a tab on the performance websites. However, some of these tools may come with a subscription cost, but there are many free SEO tools available online today that equals efficiency.

Here are the top kickass SEO tools for 2020

Different Categories of SEO Tools

The tools for SEO are not just for the consultants and agencies, but for all the marketers. It’s necessary for all the marketers to be aware of the availability of such things that would help you a lot in growing your business.

Since a number of tools are there, it’s a bit tough to understand which tool would be the best one to choose. For this reason, it’s better to categorize them based on their features and specifications.

If you’re looking forward to renewing the set of SEO tools, check out the categories that you need to consider while choosing the tools.

  • Keyword Analysis
  • The Ideas of Content
  • Link Building
  • Rankings

There are several other categories, but here we’ve covered only the most important categories.

1. Best Keyword Analysis Tools

Undoubtedly, without keywords, SEO is nothing. Keywords are something that guides a user to come to your website.

The popularity of your website is determined through the keywords. The only thing that matters is the way you utilize those keywords.


Top keyword research tools

It’s true that the tools given below are great as you can get the complete data. The thing that matters is the way you interpret the data. Here, the best tools are given that you can use for keyword analysis.

1] Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free tool for searching and analyzing the keywords. Using this tool, you’ll get a variety of suggestions for the keywords along with their search volume that you can use in your content.

2] SEMrush

It’s a freemium tool that offers you the insights and the data. If you want to check the complete insights, you’ve to use the paid version of this software.

You’ll get the complete information about the keywords, which your competitors are using and ranking well on the search engines’. Not only this, but you’ll also get to learn the landing pages of all of those keywords.

3] Google Keyword Planner

It’s one of the best keyword research tools that’ll give you a list of keyword suggestions for your website.

All you need to enter the focus keyword, and it will start searching for the related keywords along with their average monthly searches. Using those keywords in your content would make it rank higher in the Google top search results.

2. Best Ranking Tools

It’s important to learn what exactly is the rank of your website. To check where your website is ranking, a number of great tools are there.

Using such tools, you can easily track your website’s position, as well as the difference your online marketing strategies are making to it.

Tools to boost google ranking

Once you learn which of your strategies are working best, you can focus on putting more efforts to get more traffic to your website, and for maximizing the return on investment from your business. The best tools that you can use to track the ranking are:

1) Google Search Console

In the present times, Google Search Console is one of the must-use tools. Using this tool, you’ll be able to visualize the appearance of your website easily.

Also, it’ll guide you in implementing more elements on your website to make it look better. It also provides you with several things such as HTML improvement suggestions, crawling the errors, etc, which would enable you to produce better results.

2) Google Analytics

seo tools list

Google Analytics was launched on 14 November 2005. It stands as one of the most popular web analytics tools in the world and is available in more than 40 languages! There’s no better tool on Google that offers such an in-depth analysis of the user data.

All that you have to do to use Google Analytics is to create your free Google analytics account and sign in.

Then set your property in the analytics account. On completion of the process, you will be provided with a tracking code. You need to place this tracking code to your website in order to collect data in your analytics property. Once done, you can set up reporting view in the property to funnel data as per your needs.

By considering minute metrics like age, gender, location, duration of time a person spends on a page, type of device they use, etc. this free SEO tool by Google makes it easier for websites to understand their target audience and tweak their marketing campaign with the right optimization techniques.

Google Analytics can show exactly how users are driven to your website. This helps you to measure your marketing efforts and see how much traffic you garnered through organic, referral or paid sources.

Besides, you can also check the bounce rate on your pages and strategize better content plans for your site and understand which pages are to be prioritized based on the traffic flow graph generated by this free Google SEO tool.

Do you know: A single Google Account Login can be used to create up to 125K Google Analytics profile.

3) SEMrush

Since it’s a freemium tool, you’ll get only the limited access to the data. This means that it’ll only allow you to track any particular domain or certain keywords from any location.

From any geographical location, you’ll be able to learn about the competitors, as well as the target audience near you.

4) Authority Labs

It’s a handy tool, because of having the ability to track the best keywords to be stuffed in your website. It usually performs a check on the keywords you bold in your content on a regular basis.

Not only this, but it would also provide you with a weekly report, through which you can easily learn what changes you should make to your website for improving its ranking on the search engine.

5) Netpeak Checker

Netpeak Checker is a multifunctional research tool for mass SEO analysis. The tool has a unique feature named ‘SE Scraper’, using the feature you can get Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex search results. The feature allows checking Position → indicates URL \ website position in corresponding SERP.

netpick rank checker

6) Woorank

premium seo software

Woorank was launched in 2011. Woorank is an SEO analysis and website review tool which is available as a free extension in Google Chrome.  With Woorank, you can get automatic website reviews as well as personalized tips and suggestions for better ranking, sales, and lead generation.

This tool gives you an in-depth analysis of your website to help you boost visibility through the implementation of proper SEO strategies. This tool also allows you to compare your site with your competitors and find out the shortcomings.

The Integrated marketing Checklist feature of this tool helps you to prioritize on tasks systematically without getting overwhelmed. The reports generated by this tool can be easily downloaded as PDFs for future reference as well.

Woorank should be on the list of must-have SEO tools for every marketer because it gives you a virtual report of the performance of your website based on 70 different parameters including the backlink analysis.

It not only a rank tracking tool but also gives you enough insight to plan your SEO and marketing strategies in the right direction.

7) Google Mobile-Friendly Test

major seo tool

Having a mobile-friendly website is very important today as the majority of the traffic is coming through smartphones, overshadowing the traffic received through desktops.

However, some websites are yet to launch their mobile-friendly versions. Well, you can save time by skipping the guesswork and use this free Google SEO tool to know whether a website is mobile-friendly or not.

The Mobile-Friendly test within the Google Search Console is a quick and effective way to determine whether a website supports the mobile format.

Try it on your own by clicking on the tool link and typing the URL you wish to check for mobile-friendliness.

In less than a minute, this free SEO tool will come up with the result showing how a web page appears to Google on a mobile device and even detect mobile usability problems in case it comes across any.

Google considers mobile usability issues as causing negative user experience. As a result, such websites fail in SEO campaigns as Google pulls these websites down in organic search results.

8) HeadMasterSEO

seo tool

The HeadMasterSEO tool is a bulk redirect checker that helps you to explore potential issues on your website by analyzing the entire list of URLs.

This tool checks 301 redirects, status code, response details, and can extract the robot.txt file that is blocking Google from indexing your pages. This tool can also use HEAD requests to fetch server headers without the response body for lower bandwidth consumption and faster speed.

You can download this small SEO tool that checks around 5 million URLs at a time with only 4-8GB RAM.

You can also export all the data from URL checked or filtered into separate CSV reports and export the URLs in the same order as they were imported.

Besides, this small tool also ensures that all your website URLs return proper HSTS headers, validate and check XML sitemaps for errors and audit all links in image and video sitemaps.

9) Microdata Generator

modern seo tool

You must be already aware about the importance of schema markup or structured data. The Microdata Generator tool helps to add their NAP info in a breeze. If you haven’t implemented a schema markup, just visit the Microdata Generator link and get it done right away!

Schema markup allows Google to better understand structured information like the nature of the business, working hours, location, services, etc.  Since Google prefers the JSON-LD format of microdata listing, this tool shows the same version by default.

10) Panguin Tool

best technical seo tools

The Panguin tool is one of the free Google SEO tools that was developed by an agency called Barracuda Digital. If a sudden drop in your website traffic has got you worried about whether your site has been a victim of any major Google penalty, you’ve got it covered with the Panguin tool.

Monitoring the Google penalty is extremely essential for any website to ensure success. A considerable decrease in traffic could mean less leads and sales.

It is always better to be sure what caused the drop in traffic in the first place. If your site has been penalized, it could be because of an algorithmic or manual penalty.

For both these, the site owner has to use different approaches to get that lost traffic back. You can link the Panguin tool to your Google Analytics and easily track whether there has been a dip in organic traffic at the same time when a major algorithm update was released by Google.

11) Google SERP Tool

useful seo tools

The Google SERP tool comes very handy for site owners to construct their meta tags in a way that they appear eye-catching on Google search results.

This is done in order to boost your click-through rate. The SERP snippet optimization tool can be utilized to optimize meta titles and meta descriptions for keywords that have search volume and the potential to rank.

As per Google, the maximum character limit for meta title is 70 characters, and for meta description, it’s 156 characters including spaces. A common misconception about meta tags is that you need to be careful about the character limit, while in reality, Google doesn’t really count characters for meta tags but pixels. With the Google SERP tool, you can check how many pixels your meta tags contain and check the preview of how it will appear on the web. Try it out now!

12) Structured Data Testing Tool

most effective seo software

Structured Data Testing tool is yet another free SEO tool offered by Google that allow site owners to validate structured data code. Creating structured data pages can help you rank in the featured snippets. This testing tool sometimes allow users to generate a sample view of the result from the entered data. For results which generate such sample view, when you click on “Validate” button, on successful validation, you’ll see a “Preview” button to see the sample search display. This tool can also be used to check structured data of existing pages

Some tools like Google Analytics, Woorank, and Answer the Public are equally effective for newbies as well as professional SEO experts to keep track of the performance of their website regularly. If you want your website to rank well, then use these free SEO tools to amp up your SEO game and stay ahead of your competitors.

3. Best Content Effectiveness Tools

These days, it’s quite hard to come up with unique ideas, but it’s necessary to update your site regularly with relevant, compelling and engaging content to attract your target audience.

Not only this, content plays a vital role in optimizing your website, which would help you in improving its rankings. The tools given below would enable you to get more innovative and creative ideas about content optimization.

Best content tools

1) Yoast WordPress Plugin

It’s an amazing SEO tool, preferably a plugin of WordPress that you can install with ease for your website. This plugin ensures that the content you’re going to publish on your website is SEO friendly or not.

You have to add a focus keyword, SEO Title, Meta Description, a slug, content’s featured image, inbound and outbound links to your content for making it satisfy all the things required to rank well on Google. To keep your content in check, this plugin is best to use.

2) Buzzsumo

It’s one of the excellent and simple SEO tools to use to learn whether the content is working well or not. This tool has an interface, which is much easier to use and helps you in identifying the performance of your published content.

3) Outdated Content Finder

If you’re struggling with the ideas of content, this tool helps you in getting the best idea for your next content. You need to decide what you’re going to write.

Once you’re done with the search term for which you want to rank, you need to put in the date parameters, and you’ll have a read of similar content which you posted long years back.

4) Answer the Public

advanced seo tool

Answer The Public is a free SEO tool with limited access that uses Google Suggest to find all the questions people may have related to any niche. It fetches the keyword suggestions from Google and Bing on any given topic and shows it up in the form of questions, prepositions, and alphabetical lists.

All you need to do is to enter a keyword, and the tool will give you a list of all possible searches related to that term. One of the noticeable features of this free SEO tool is when you click on any of the suggested ideas; it opens in a new window with the Google search result of the phrase/keyword. Isn’t this tool an absolute savior during a writer’s block?

Every marketer should make the best use of this tool to discover new content ideas and stay ahead of their competitors.

By generating content ideas using this tool, you are more likely to churn out content that people want to read; this can increase the conversion rate for your site.

This tool is excellent to optimize content for long-tail keywords and help you find question-based topics that can increase your chances to rank on Google’s featured snippets.

5) Siteliner

new seo tool

Siteliner is a free tool that allows you to find the issues on your website that might affect the rankings of your website such as duplicate content and broken links. The tool highlights identical content within your website and links that are no longer working on your website.

You can use this tool to generate a detailed page analysis report to understand the issues with your website. The free Siteliner tool allows you to analyze 250 pages per month. If you want to analyze more, you can buy the Premium service, which can analyze up to 25K pages with no limitations.

Siteliner is developed by the creators of Copyscape, which is another useful tool to detect online plagiarism. It was launched in 2004. If you want your web content to be flawless and decrease the bounce rate, you must use Siteliner to check the contents of your website often.

4. Link Building and Backlink Analyzer Tools

Although, Google says that you shouldn’t do Link Building, but still it’s one of the most significant ranking factors.

There are a number of SEO tools that are available, using which you can easily track the links to your web pages, as well as of your competitors.

Best tools for linkbuilding and backlink analysing

This is considered to be one of the major parts of the strategies you use for the SEO of your website.

Many free, as well as paid tools, are there that would ultimately look at the position and performance of the web pages. Check out the SEO tools for link building by scrolling down.

1] BuzzStream

This tool is a CRM system that mainly builds the links and finds important information including the contact details, tracking of Twitter and Email, and manages the link prospects.

Also, it monitors the anchor text of the backlinks, no follows, banned words, and outbound links. The activities and conversion rate are also tracked by this tool.

It’s a robust tool that detects and suggests the link, as well as relationship management. You get a free trial for this tool, and its monthly cost starts from @29/mo to $249/mo.

2] Majestic SEO

For tracking the information of links for any domain or website, Majestic SEO is one of the best tools to use. Using this SEO tool, you can easily learn all the details of the links for yours as well as your competitor’s website.

All you need to do is to verify the ownership. By doing this, you’ll get detailed information about the links and their respective anchor texts, and If you register for the tool, you can use this tool for free for your website.

However, if you want to check some other website, you need to buy credits. This tool updates its data daily and provides you the information of new inbound links accordingly.

3] Moz SEO Toolbar

You all learn that Moz is one of the biggest brands in the field of Digital Marketing. This tool is an essential tool to check the site.

Moz is one of the tools that show detailed information on SEO about the website. It’s an extension that you can add to chrome which enables you to do the SEO of your website and get the complete insight of your competitor’s website.

4] Ahrefs

This tool has the best and the most accurate database for the live backlinks. If you use this tool, you’ll gain a lot of value.

For Ahrefs, there are different tools that include the Site Explorer, Content Explorer, Positions Explorer, Position Tracker, Crawl Report, and Ahrefs Alerts.

All of these tools help a lot when it comes to the perspective of link building. Not only this, to understand the backlink profile of your website in a better way, this tool would help you the best.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of factors that you need to consider for improving the ranking of your website. Above are just a few SEO tools that work well.

In addition to this, several other tools provide you with similar services. However, these are only a few that are user-friendly.

These tools are easier to use and are powerful. Make sure you pick the best SEO tools for the improvement, and optimization of your website.