How Digital Content Marketing Helps You Increase Revenue

By:  Dinesh

Updated On: March 15, 2023

What is Digital Content Marketing?

Digital content marketing uses any electronic medium to create and share content across the web. Content marketing is carried out to attract and convert the target audience by showing informative and relevant content that aligns with their personal interests.

What is a Digital Content Marketing Strategy?

A digital content marketing strategy is a part of an overall content strategy. It is implemented to increase website conversions through a set of customized content strategies. 

A digital content marketing strategy is necessary for businesses to attract new customers by providing them informative, unique, and interesting content to read. 

Digital content isn’t limited to written articles and blog posts but may include any form of interactive content, such as pictures, videos, infographics, audio files, and podcasts.

There are numerous ways to increase revenue through content marketing. The advent of digital technology has incepted umpteen content marketing tools.

The progress in digital marketing technology has made it obvious to have content marketing for a brand. However, most business marketers wonder how to increase content marketing revenue.

Well, let’s explore what content marketing is and how it can be used to increase revenue.

Content marketing can be defined as “Online content marketing that involves innovative creation using online resources such as videos, images and media posts which promote and intend to highlight the products and services.”

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing can be defined as a marketing program that revolves around creating, publishing, and distributing content for an audience.

In layman’s terms, content marketing is all about creating content for the right audience at the right time to intrigue them and bring them to your website.

It helps in making your brand visible to a broader audience. With so many options to create great content and an effective marketing strategy, content marketing is a perfect fit for almost all businesses, regardless of their niche.

Content Marketing and its Importance

Content Marketing is an effort that helps businesses- both small and big, to drive traffic to your website and rank higher in the Google search results.

It is a practical approach to building a genuine relationship with the target audience. This type of marketing works effectively for both B2B, as well as B2C businesses.

Take a pause here and think!

If you can create a good piece of content that is engaging and provides relevant information to the reader, you’ll surely get massive traffic when the content gets around.

While content is static, what takes it to places on the internet is a content marketing strategy.

Offering engaging and exciting content and marketing it well gives you flexibility and enables your business to generate leads. Moreover, if you can generate leads, your business will generate revenue.

Take a look at the figures here – content marketing is almost 62% cheaper than the other traditional ways of marketing.

Indeed it is less expensive, but it generates thrice the leads and six times higher conversion rates as compared to other methods.

Why should you emphasize Digital Content Marketing?

The advancement in digital content marketing technology has influenced businesses to promote a company through traditional marketing.

They ought to go for online content marketing as well if they assert to be in the queue with other progressing companies.

Content marketing is a significant part to consider in any online marketing strategy. Most businesses have already realized the importance of hiring the best copywriting specialists and content marketers to promote their business.

According to an online survey, it is said that 37 percent of B2C (Business to Customer) marketers and 61 percent of B2B (Business to Business) marketers effectively involve themselves in content marketing.

Content marketing can induce gobsmacking results when executed correctly. Before starting it out, make sure that you have mapped out flawless content marketing strategies.

Content is king

How to Strategize Content Marketing to Increase Revenue?

We are going to share the strategies to be employed to do effective content marketing and increase the revenue for your business.

1. Get to Know Your Crowd

Know your audience for digital content marketing

2. Build a Creative and Reliably Best Content Marketing Strategy

Once you have analyzed your potential target audience, you should create astounding content and figure out strategies to make it reach them.

Anchor your story: The best path to enhance your brand’s reach is by narrating the life story of your business.

You can start connecting with your audience by talking about your inception, how you started, the paths you took to succeed, what you believe in, and the moral values of your company.

Put these features before your campaign to clearly show the audience who you are as a brand or a business firm.

The reason is that depicting personal stories will induce the audience to connect with you personally, and the relationship built seems to be more than just products and services.

content marketing strategy

The terrific content you wrote should be marketized. The best content marketing strategies may include:

  1. Creating infographics and visuals.
  2. Adding relevant videos in the content.
  3. Creating white paper if official content is required.
  4. Discover the target personas to target your reach.
  5. Identify the relevant queries that suit your answers or your business can answer.
  6. Identify the essential media channels to promote.
  7. Create a blog and start writing blogs frequently.

3. Consistently boost your online content

In digital content marketing, simply blogging or publishing your content is half done. To reach a broader audience, you have to keep amplifying the content.

It is necessary to use social media to ensure that it is boosted. You can make use of SEO content marketing strategies too.

The best part of social ads is that you can direct your advertisements to the exact audience you intend to show them. If you have a target audience (which you do as you got buyer personas), you can be sure of content marketing promptly.

From now, your interest should be towards nourishing the audience into leads. You have clutched them – now it’s your duty to connect with them, grow the relationship and eventually sell your product to them. The key to all this is still with you because you have a strong buyer personas database.

4. Survey and Analyze the Performance of Digital Content Marketing

Use metrics to track and analyze the performances of your content in the market like most online content marketing companies do. Some of the essential metrics are the number of views, number of visits, shares, downloads, and leads generated.

With a CRM app, you can also survey the responses to the content as well. To boost the effectiveness of your content, try multivariate testing or A/B testing and determine the performance of the content, and do boost them as mentioned above.

Metrics for measuring content marketing

5. Emphasize on Diversifying Content Marketing Along with Digital Content Marketing

Digital content marketing can furnish you with startling results. In fact, it’s a great way to escalate your business, but it never means that it can make loads of money from digital content marketing strategy alone.

We also suggest you build brand awareness, generate traffic to your sites, get leads and sales through numerous channels Email marketing, PPC marketing, social media marketing.

Display AdSense and SEO are also additional fields you must focus on. This is to make sure that your business keeps running even if sales from a channel dry up.

6. Additional Key Features to Increase Revenue Through Digital Content Marketing

  1.  Add in CTA: Including a Call to Action is very important for your business. Every influential content should possess CTA; otherwise, there will be a loss of potential lead as he doesn’t know what to do next without it.

    CTA button for blogs

  2. Include site messaging and copy facilities: One of the best paths to use content to reach a maximal number of audiences is to audit site copy. This would give you opportunities to reach out to the audience more clearly and effectively. Test and include the best site messaging and copy.

7. Map the Created Content to Your Buyer’s Journey

There are three stages of a buyer’s journey that every business should know about:

  • Awareness
  • Comparison
  • Decision

Each of the three stages mentioned has its unique needs. For instance, the consumers who are in the awareness stage tend to look out for solutions for their problems.

Consumers who are ready to purchase a specific product or opt for a particular service generally lookout for data to decide on which vendor to choose. If you map your content to each stage of your consumer’s journey, you can easily organize assets for sales.

Not only mapping the content helps you in organizing the assets, but it also helps you to find the gaps present in your content coverage.

You can easily identify and fill those gaps, which would help you reach the content marketing goals set for your business. Regardless of what outcomes you get, this process is essential for both sales and marketing.

Now that you know how you can use a digital content marketing strategy to increase your revenue, you might want to know how you can do content marketing in the first place. Well, worry not. Here’s how you can start with content marketing for your business.

How Can Content Marketing Drive Sales?

Here, we will go through some guidelines that you can follow to boost sales through digital content marketing. 

>> Receive as much organic and relevant traffic as you can

>> Convert your users into paying customers

Listed below are the guiding steps that will help you utilize Advanced digital Content Marketing strategies and increase sales:

Step 1- Keyword research:

This step is essential, regardless of whether you’re an SEO expert or not. If you create content that is not interesting to your audience, then don’t count on sustainable traffic. If you have a new site, you can start using keywords with low competition ratings. Ensure that the keywords you choose will be used to find content that leads to your site. You also need to know the search intent and the traffic you will receive if you’re ranked on the first page of Google.

Step 2- Create the Content:

Follow the format used by your competitors, especially if they have ranked well. This process is vital because Google tells you what people want to read when they search for your keywords.

To make your post stand out:

  1. Create a title that isn’t generic.
  2. Focus on covering the points that your competitors might have missed to give your content an edge over others.
  3. Follow a crisp writing style and try writing in the second person so that your content sounds more engaging. 

Avoid writing in long paragraphs or using jargon. Instead, add bullet points wherever possible to make it easier for people to read. 

Make the written content more interesting with images and videos. Add enough internal and external links within your content to keep users engaged. 

After deciding on your content, look for additional keywords that will help you rank better.

Step 3- Promote your content:

When creating SEO blog articles, you have to promote them to generate revenue. If you’ve planned an advanced content marketing strategy, then you should know that the goal is to get your content to as many people as possible. 

You can market directly using relevant keywords and invest in interest-based ads that target the concerned audience. SEO will help your content rank, which will help with organic traffic from consumers who are willing to purchase your services.

Receiving backlinks will help you promote your content, as well. Another effective way to promote your content is through influencer marketing. This strategy will enable you to reach more people by getting one person to share your material.

Step 4- Drive sales by tracking your leads:

Tracking your content progress is essential. If you recognize that you’re not ranking despite all the marketing efforts, then you may want to reassess if your content is meeting the search intent of your audience. 

It would help to review your old content again and update them. If you’re using advertising strategies, go for Google Analytics (ensure that the conversion tracking is set up) and UTM parameters. UTM parameters are crucial because they track the tags you add to your content URL. It’s monitored in Google Analytics. 

Once you follow the progress, you can eliminate components that are slowing you down and enhance the working points. Repeat this process, and you will see your sales statistics increase.

If you have reached this part of the blog, you have certainly understood the web content game. People are writing for search engines, but this post should make your work easy. With little tricks and tweaking your content for relevance, you’re right under the spotlight, garnering the most number of audience views.

Best Channels for Content Marketing

Finding the best channels to promote your content is as crucial as writing great content for your audience. If you don’t analyze the best channels to promote your content, the result won’t be much effective. 

For example, if you want to share a whitepaper, the best platform for that would either be LinkedIn or Twitter, but if you want to share a video on the top ten apps for teenagers, your best platform to do so will be Facebook.   

    best channels for content marketing

There are several content formats that you can follow to spread your business via various channels. These formats include Blog Posts, Infographics, SlideShare Decks, Quizzes, and many others.

Some of the popular content formats are:

Blog posts/Guest blog posts

This article, which you’re reading right now, is a blog post. Keep in mind, your blog post must provide valuable, informative, and relevant content to your audience. Usually, it should have a word count of 1000 to 2000 words in length.


Ebooks are books available in a digital format and can be read on various electronic devices. These are lead tools that generate leads, and your potential customers can download them by submitting their contact information.


A template is a pre-defined content format that helps in lead generation.


With infographics, you can easily organize and visualize the data. This is useful for users in making the content more attractive and compelling.

Website pages

When the audience wants to explore a brand online, they first see the “About Us” section. You ought to be very careful while designing this page.

It should be crafted so that it hooks the audience to your site and gives them an overview of your company, its achievements, beliefs, mission, and vision.


This is an excellent content marketing strategy that evolved in the digital technology space. It allows the audience to watch and hear the content they are interested in instead of reading it. This technique can even be linked to your blogs and similar topics.  


This is one of the engaging formats that can be shared through social media all over the world.


Podcasts are audio recordings of dialogues between two or more people on a given topic.

With the benefits of podcasts offered, brands are slowly integrating this type of content into their overall marketing and branding strategy.

Other than the above-described formats, you can also create your content in formats like lists, guides, quizzes, FAQs, and much more.

Downloadable rubric

Online visitors are always up to grab free resources provided they sound interesting. To make them connect to you and be potential leads, you can permit them to download your content resources for free.

Advertise it on the page that the information can be downloaded freely, the traffic gets better in such cases.

Produce online content marketing tactics as per customer pain points

Create content keeping in mind customers’ pain points, and try to use your content to resolve them. Every content can reach the maximum audience if it goes viral.

So, try creating content on trending topics. will provide information on topics related to your niche that have the potential to go viral. Analyze them and carefully curate your digital content marketing strategy with it. 

If you’re a beginner, blog posts are the best format to form your Content Marketing strategy around. Gradually, you can follow the formats mentioned above to generate more content marketing revenue. 

In addition to this, if you’ll follow proper strategies, it would add more value to your content. However, while writing content, keep in mind that today’s audience gets bored quickly, so you must keep adding some exciting things.

How to Create a Content Strategy

To make your business successful, you need to market it effectively. The primary content strategy works in a proper chain, which is known as the framework plan of content. The framework plan is as follows-

  • Create
  • Optimize
  • Publish
  • Promote
  • Measure
  • Links
  • SEO
  • Social Media

What is the Relationship Between Seo and Content Marketing?

Advanced content marketing refers to the strategic distribution of online content like videos, audios, blogs, and infographics through various channels to generate or satiate the interest and awareness of the audience. SEO and content marketing are interdependent as SEO demands specific requirements that are fulfilled through content marketing.

  • SEO needs content for optimization. Meanwhile, content marketing takes care of the demand by ensuring that the content produced is of high quality, has all the targeted keywords, and is written for the audience.
  • The success of SEO lies in getting continuous quality backlinks. Good content will automatically help you get backlinks from reputed sites.
  • SEO is not only limited to keywords and links, but it also includes proper metadata, meta tags, and having a strategic sitemap. Well, structured content will consist of the right tags in the right places and keyword-rich content that can be crawled easily and accessed by the target audience.
  • Advanced content marketing requires fresh and quality content to be produced regularly, which in turn, helps SEO by indexing these content and ranking high in the SERP. Consistent content marketing ensures that your SEO game is also top-notch.

As you can see from above, your SEO campaign will not be successful until you integrate an advanced content marketing strategy into it. The content that you produce won’t be of any value unless the people search for it and discover it, and to be discovered, you require a successful SEO plan.

Top Insanely Useful Content Marketing Tools and How to Use Them?

Advanced Content Marketing strategies and social media campaigns are a great way to get the ball of online marketing rolling. Still, it can be hard to know how to leverage rich content to increase your traffic. In this segment, we will go through five tools that will help rank your website and increase your traffic organically.

This tool is excellent for analyzing competitor traffic statistics. Firstly, you will have to start by putting in your competitor’s URL; by doing so, you will realize where their search traffic comes in from. Once you gain access to the site, put in your competitor’s URL, go to the sidebar, and click on their organic traffic rates. This shows you the pages that receive the most traffic, along with keywords that are working for their website.

If you want to find the most popular pages of the site, then click on SEO basics and see the page that gets the most views. When you locate the page, you can create similar material for your website. This methodology will help you out because you know that the content has ranked well on your competitor’s site, and there are high chances that it will rank well on your website too. This can be done if your post is better than the competition, and you email all the readers that are linked to them. Ahrefs shows you all the backlinks included in a webpage and the users who have connected them. In the end, this tool will help get you more links and increase your ranking.


While Ahrefs is the ideal choice to increase your Google traffic, BuzzSumo is perfect to increase your social traffic, that is, your social media traffic. For instance, if you type in a keyword like “Social media marketing,” BuzzSumo will display the most popular posts that are based on your keyword. It also shows the social shares that receive traffic from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. You can garner inspiration from the ranking articles and write better ones. Once you have created your piece and shared it through appropriate social media channels, you can go to and click on view shares.

This will show you all the users who have shared your articles on Twitter. If you don’t have a paid account on BuzzSumo, then you can take the URL (from the content you’re referring to) and paste it into the Twitter search feature. This process will show you all the people who have tweeted it out. You can ask these users if they are willing to tweet your articles as well. You can do so by finding their email and trying to convince them to share your article.

Google Search Console

This is an excellent tool because it will show you the errors your site has. This includes the 404 errors, the pages that don’t work, and any broken links too. You must fix these issues; it may take some time, but it will be worth it in the end. When you fix these errors, it translates to more traffic.


Many online marketers prefer this tool because you can find the keywords that are used by your competition. It will also show you the keywords that your competitor is paying for. This is vital information because if you find that they are paying consistent money for a particular keyword, you’ll know that those keywords are driving the most traffic. You can organically go after these keywords, for they bring in high traffic since no one will invest money in a keyword that’ll result in a loss.


To access this tool, you must go to and type in the keyword. This will lead you to a list of relevant keywords that are related to your focus keyword. This step is essential because it gives you an insight into what users are searching for (concerning your focus keyword.) This strategy is done when the tool obtains the data from Google suggest, and it breaks down the list of keywords based on their popularity. This tool will help you narrow your list to keywords that you can include in your SEO content.

How to Create a Basic Digital Content Marketing Strategy?

The points mentioned above are the best ways how you can use digital content marketing to generate revenue for your business. However, to implement and execute these techniques, you need to have a basic content marketing strategy in place.

If you are new to digital content marketing and are unaware of the basics of a content marketing strategy, worry not. Here is how you can create a content marketing strategy.

1. Determine your goal

Before developing a content marketing strategy, you need to define your goals on why you need them. You need to be sure about why you want to create a content marketing strategy.

Know your goals before you delve into developing a digital content marketing strategy for your business. This will help you in determining the best strategy for your needs.

2. Find your target audience

After you determine your goals, you need to clearly define the target audience for the content that you create.

Especially, if you are new to content marketing, this is the most important thing that you need to do. Once you get to know your target audience, you can create content that can be more relevant and valuable content that is focused on the target audience.

3. Creating content

As you have seen, there is a lot of preparation needed before you can create content for your digital content marketing strategy. Once you go through all the points mentioned earlier, you are ready to create content.

However, creating content is not as easy as you might think it is. There are many things that you need to consider before creating any content.

You need extensive research to make sure that the content you create is authentic, reliable, and provides detailed information to the users.

You need to make sure that the content is unique and intriguing for the readers. This is probably the most important part of any digital content marketing strategy.

If you create content that is boring or unappealing for the readers, then all your content marketing strategies will turn out to be unsuccessful.

4. Publish and distribute

The next part of your digital content marketing strategy involves publishing and marketing the content. These are very important because you cannot expect results unless the content you create is appropriately handled.

Once you have written the content, the first thing you need to do is publish it on your website or any other channel you wish.

Then you need to share the content through various channels, like social media. You can also use email marketing to share your content. This not only gets traffic to your content but also helps you in generating leads.

5. Take the help of professionals

While the steps mentioned above are a great way to create an efficient digital content marketing strategy, they are not easy to follow.

To execute the points mentioned above, you need to have a dedicated team, time, and resources. There are chances that you might not have them; this is when you can take professional help.

There are many content marketing services providers that you can find today who can take care of your content marketing needs without you needing to worry about things.

Best Digital Content Marketing Strategy is to Reach More Audience Through Guest Blogging Services/ Guest Posting Services

Businesses use blogger outreach and guest posting as a method to reach a large audience. Apart from creating and posting content on their website, the companies guest post their content on sites.

Usually, companies choose sites that are powerful in their niche to develop thoughts. Also, they can increase the number of new potential customers to scale the business.

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Final thoughts on digital content marketing for revenue enhancement?

Dechay Watts, a veteran in content management, stated three reasons as to why brands/businesses incorporate content marketing.

The first point he states is to “Take advantage of existing consumer behaviors.”

The second point was, “It provokes conversions,” and finally, “it evolves rooted emotional connections.”

Content marketing renders sales guys material to work with, growth prospects, convert them to leads. Moreover, finally to become potential customers.

Branded e-books, campaigns, blog posts, and reports fix your brand in people’s minds. The biggest perk of best content marketing is not only pushing traffic. There is a lot more to it, and you have to realize that to make real progress.

Content marketing also includes magnifying profits in other parts of the business, like customer services, sales, and marketing.

So, if you are wondering how content marketing drives sales, it’s about time that you adopt a content marketing strategy that can boost your content marketing revenue.




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  2. Digital content marketing can certainly help increase revenue and improve the business. However, this is only true if it is done right. Businesses should try to develop the best content marketing plan for their needs.

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