How to Increase Revenue By Efficient Digital Content Marketing

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Do you really think digital content marketing will inflate your revenue?

Yes, of course.

Actually, there are numerous ways to increase revenue by content marketing. In fact, the advent of digital technology has incepted umpteen content marketing tools.

The progress in digital marketing technology has made it obvious to have content marketing for a brand. But, most business marketers wonder if, “Content marketing can increase revenue?”

Well, let’s explore what really is content marketing and how can it be used to increase revenue.

Content marketing can be defined as, “Online content marketing that involves innovative creation using online resources such as videos, images and media posts which obviously promotes and intends to highlight products and services of it

Why should you emphasize on Digital Content Marketing?

The advancement in digital content marketing technology has influenced businesses so much that, it’s hard to promote a company through traditional marketing. They ought to go for online content marketing as well if they assert to be in the queue with other progressing companies.

Content marketing is one major part to be concentrated when considering online marketing strategies. Content marketing can be an influencer in increasing a business’ revenue in numerous ways that people might think of or overlook.

The preferably digital market is on a spree to hire best copywriting specialists and content marketers.

According to an online survey, it is said that 37 percent of B2C (Business to Customer) marketers and 61 percent of B2B (Business to Business) marketers effectively involve themselves in content marketing. Content marketing can induce gobsmacking results when executed properly. Before starting it out, make sure that you have mapped out flawless content marketing strategies.

Content is king

How to Strategize Content Marketing to Increase Revenue?

We are going to share the strategies to be employed to do the effective content marketing and increase the revenue for your business.

1. Get to Know Your Crowd

know your crowd of audienceThe most imperative thing required in increasing the revenue through DIGITAL content marketing is to have the database of leads. Before you hope to collect a coveted list of databases, you need to focus on basic areas of content marketing.

Conducting a  thorough research to know your right audiences is quintessential to prepare a strategy to target them. You are supposed to design buyer personas by scrutinizing data like finding the existing and potential customers, what attracts them, which demographics they belong to, what product of yours might help them and so on. Also examine the facts like what do they search when online, what time they come online and track them on social channels too if you can crack open a trench too.

After knowing your audience, you’ll have a sublime knowledge on the genre of content you need to create to attract, retain and convert them into potential customers (It also depend upon where they lie in the funnel). Keep in mind that there can be various buying personas.

2. Build a Creative and Reliably Best Content Marketing Strategy

Once you have analyzed your potential target audience, you should create an astounding content and figure out strategies to make it reach them.

Anchor your story: The best path to enhance the reach of your brand is by narrating the life story of your business. You can start connecting with your audience by narrating to them, where you started, how you started, paths you took to succeed, what you believe in and moral values of your company.

Put these features before your campaign to clearly show the audience who you are as a brand or a business firm. The reason being, depicting personal stories will induce the audience to connect with you on a personal note and the relationship built seem to be more than just products and services.

content marketing strategy

The terrific content you wrote should be marketized. The best content marketing strategies may include:

  1. Creating infographics and visuals
  2. Adding relevant videos in the content
  3. Creating white paper, if official content required
  4. Discover the target personas to target your reach
  5. Identify the relevant queries that suit your answers or your business can answer
  6. Identify the important media channels to promote
  7. Create a blog and starts writing blogs frequently

Best Channels for Content Marketing

Select channels to showcase creativity in online content marketing: You ought to use effective content for each channel you employ for endorsing.    best channels for content marketing

Blog posts/Guest blog posts

Blogs are one of the best ways to attract audience towards you in content marketing. You can keep sharing your knowledge and growth in your business and can acquire trusts of your audience with your regular blog posts.

Website pages

When audience wants to explore a brand online, the first place they see is “About Us” section. You ought to be very careful while designing this page. It should in such a way that, they should find a content that explains your company traditions, achievements, beliefs and the work environment you deal with.   


 This is great content marketing evolved in digital technology. Its exponential growth as the audience can watch and hear audio of the content they’re interested in instead of reading it. This technique can even be linked your blogs and similar topics.                              


For content marketing companies, the visuals have the capacity to imprint content in viewers memory. Content marketing, through videos, is a great way to reach potential customers to present a company as what’s it about. Videos unveil what you are up to as a company and how you function, it makes the audience to feel like they’re your family. 

Downloadable rubric

Visitors to a website will love to download information from sites. To make them connect to you and be a potential lead, you can permit them to download your information freely. Advertise it on the page that the information can be downloaded freely, the traffic gets better in such cases.

Produce online content marketing tactics as per customer pain points

Create a content keeping in mind, pain points of customers, and the content should try to resolve their pains. Content will reach a maximum audience when it goes viral. So, create content of such genre. will provide pre-viral information, search on the website which is related your business. Analyze them and create a new innovative content that might do innovative content marketing.

3. Consistently boost your online content

Simply blogging or publishing your content is half done, in digital content marketing. In order for it to reach a larger audience, you have to keep amplifying the content. It is necessary to use social media to ensure that it is boosted. You can make use of SEO content marketing strategies too.

The asset of social media is that you can direct your advertisements to exact audience you intend to show it. If you have a target audience (which you do as you got buyer personas), you can be sure of content marketing in a timely manner.

From now, your interest should be towards nourishing audience into leads. You have clutched them – now it’s your duty to connect with them, grow the relationship and eventually sell your product to them. The key to all this is still with you because you have a strong buyer personas database.

4. Survey and Analyze the Performance of Digital Content Marketing

Use metrics to track and analyze performances of your content in the market like most of online content marketing companies do. The metrics like the number of views, number of visits, shares, download and leads generated. You should be specific while surveying it as it matters a lot in enhancing the content marketing strategies. With CRM app, you can survey the responses to the content as well. Use multivariate testing or A/B testing and determine the performance of the content, and do boost them as mentioned above.

digital content marketing

5. Emphasize on Diversifying Content Marketing Along with Digital Content Marketing

Digital content marketing can furnish you with startling results. In fact, it’s a great way to escalate your business, but it never means that it can make loads of money from digital content marketing itself alone. We also suggest you build brand awareness, generate traffic to your sites, get leads and sales through numerous channels Email marketing, PPC marketing, social media marketing. Display AdSense and SEO are also additional fields you must focus on. This is to make sure that, your business keeps running even if sales from a channel dry up.

6. Additional Key Features to Increase Revenue Through Digital Content Marketing

  1.  Add in CTA: Including Call to Action is very important in for your business. Because every influential content should possess CTA, otherwise there will be a loss of potential lead as he doesn’t know what to do next without it.

    CTA button for blogs

  2. Include site messaging and copy facilities: One of the best paths to use content to reach a maximal number of audience is to audit site copy. This would give you opportunities to reach out to the audience more clearly and effectively. Test and include the best site messaging and copy.

Best Digital Content Marketing Strategy is to Reach More Audience Through Guest Blogging Services/ Guest Posting Services

Businesses use blogger outreach and guest posting as a method to reach a large number of audience. Apart from creating and posting content on their website, the companies guest posts their contents on sites. Usually, the companies choose the sites that are powerful in their niche to develop thoughts. Also, they can increase the new potential customers to scale the business.

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Final thoughts on digital content marketing for revenue enhancement?

Dechay Watts, a vet in content management stated three reasons as to why brands/businesses incorporate content marketing.

The first point he states is to  “Take advantage of existing consumer behaviors”.

The second point was, “It provokes conversions” and finally “it evolves rooted emotional connections”.     

Content marketing renders sales guys material to work with, growth prospects, convert them to leads. And finally to become potential customers. Branded ebooks, campaigns, blog posts and reports afix your brand in people’s mind. The major perk of best content marketing is not only pushing traffic. This also includes magnifying profits in other parts of the business like customer services, sales, and marketing.

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