Proven Strategies to Boost Lead Generation for Lawyers

By:  Shreoshe Ghosh

Updated On: March 14, 2023

The rising competition in the legal industry, coupled with the scarcity of qualified leads, has pushed law practitioners and law firms to prioritize deploying quality lead generation strategies above everything else. 

Whether you work in a law firm or practicing as an independent attorney, you need qualified leads to thrive. If you’re one such law practitioner worrying about your online reach, reading this article will be worth your time. 

Is Paid Lead Generation a Good Option for Law Firms?

Many of you must be thinking about whether generating leads is actually that difficult. With more than 2 million lawyer-related monthly keyword searches, there’s plenty of opportunities to grab qualified legal leads from people who search for these queries. 

The quality of your leads depends on the lead-generation strategy you implement. The problem with most digital marketing agencies working for law firms is the tendency to focus on paid lead generation strategies instead of organic lead generation techniques like SEO for lawyers

With paid lead-generation campaigns, the lead flow is reliant on the investment, and as soon as you decide to stop it, the leads just stop coming. 

So, paid campaigns might help small-scale firms with limited numbers of clients. However, for larger firms, this is the least scalable attorney lead generation process. 

Moreover, investing in paid lead generation campaigns doesn’t guarantee 100% success. 

Here’s why:

  • You don’t have any control over the kind of leads generated through these campaigns.
  • The total number of leads generated is unreliable.
  • You don’t know how your service is advertised. Your name or your firm’s name might be associated with some unscrupulous practices.
  • Any unethical information promoted online on behalf of your firm may harm the reputation built over the years.

lawyer lead generation seo campaign

What Are the Best Sources of Leads for Lawyers? 

If you want a steady flow of leads to your law firm or law services, here are the top lead-generation strategies to adapt:

Create a Professional Website

No matter what profession you are in, your website is the most stable and trustable marketing asset. 

A professionally designed website is essential to create a positive impression on your minds of your prospective clients.

Most legal consumers prefer visiting the law firm’s website to get the necessary information before handing over their cases. 

So, if you want to impress your website visitors, here’s what your website should look like:

  • It must be mobile-friendly because most of your website traffic will come from it, including your prospective clients.
  • Your site should load fast.
  • Your website should have good visibility, which is possible by implementing SEO strategies to boost your SERP rankings.
  • Your site design should be appealing and easy to navigate. Live chat and callback facilities are probably some of the essential services that could be included on your website for the ease of contacting. 
  • Your web content should be authentic and authoritative. Since legal sites come under the YMYL category, whatever content you post on your site should be factually correct and precise.
  • Your legal website should be optimized for conversions, which means there should be CTA buttons at appropriate places on your website and easily visible contact information. 
  • Nudge your leads to provide their contact information by incorporating tactics like pop-up questions or offering premium content. 

Utilize SEO to Get More Qualified Leads

Search Engine Optimization can boost your website’s visibility in the search engines and allow more and more people to discover your site easily. Moreover, targeting certain keywords for your legal site can help you in getting more leads month-over-month.

Besides targeting niche keywords, you must focus on improving other elements on your website that’ll further enhance your online visibility, such as image optimization, securing site, adding schema markups, getting quality backlinks, focusing on improving the social signals, etc.

law firm SEO Qualified Leads

Using Referrals and Online Recommendations to Increase Leads

Online reviews and testimonials are one of the best sources of lead generation online. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

Therefore, the more positive reviews your firm will receive, the more it’ll help people to trust your service. You can ask your existing clients to share their testimonials about your service on your site. 

Additionally, you should also list your service on Google My Business and other online service directories for people to easily discover your services and read people’s reviews on the same.

Using PPC Search Advertising for Lead Generation

PPC advertising for lawyers is a tried and tested lead generation method. On the Google search engine results, the top few results are usually Google Ads. Focusing on keywords with high commercial intent will help you to get more clicks.

Use Content Marketing to Generate High-Quality Leads

High-quality content can always help you get qualified leads for your law firm. Utilizing various forms of content like ebooks, infographics, blogs, email marketing, webinars, whitepapers, and guides, you can educate your audience with valuable information that they might find it hard to access anywhere else. 

According to a study, more than 80% of the customers developed a positive outlook towards a company once they read its custom content. A content marketing strategy should not only focus on creating fresh content for their target audience but also cater to answering their common queries.

Use Remarketing

Remarketing is yet another effective lead-generating tactic used by agencies around the world. Retargeting is when you visit a site to check its products or services, and then you keep seeing their ads on other websites. 

A study said that around 70% of your visitors who see retargeted ads are likely to convert. This is probably one of the best tactics for lead generation out there that has the highest probability for conversions. 

remarketing campaign for lead generation

Utilize the Power of Social Media

Every business, to create a positive impression on the minds of their target audience, needs to have an active social media presence. 

Many lawyers or those associated with this professional don’t believe social media could play an important role in promoting their services. This is not true anymore. 

Many people require consultation but hesitate to do so because of certain stereotypical assumptions about the profession.

By getting active on social media, you can break such stereotypes and help people to see lawyers or other people in this profession in a different light. You can demonstrate the human side of your personality and try making it easier for more and more people to approach lawyers. 

Get Legal Leads For Attorneys With the Best Agency

If you are looking for somebody to handle lead generation strategies for your legal firm, get in touch with professional SEO service providers like Stan Ventures.

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With a regular flow of qualified leads, it gets easier for law firms to find clients and serve them. If you don’t want to get into the technicalities of generating leads for your business, get in touch with a reliable and talented agency that can understand your business needs and help you get qualified leads for it.


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