12 Actionable Blogging Tips for Newbies to Be Experts!

Are you thinking of starting your blog or planning to publish guest posts? Then, you are in the right place because, in this post, we shall provide you with badass blogging tips for the beginners.

Blogging Tips

Actionable Blogging Tips

No matter whether you’re doing it for business or just for pleasure, blogging is one of the enjoyable activities to do.

However, being a beginner, you must learn how to start a blog and grow it to your business’ or personal advantage. We are giving you some essential tips and tricks for newbie bloggers. Following these blogging tips, it would become easy for you to write your post in less time.

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1. WordPress Blog Hosting is a must

So, you are all set to start a blog? Well, the first thing that’s required to start a blog is blog hosting. You have to set up a self-hosted WordPress.org blog.

Though such free blogs don’t give you the branding, in the first stage of learning, it’s better, to begin with this to get hands to writing.

2. Write Consistently

At the beginning of your blogging journey, it’s essential for you to be consistent. Consistency is hard but necessary to keep up. If you’ve just started with your writing, you need to write consistently.

Initially, you might not get satisfactory results, but in the later stages, you’ll get a number of followers that you won’t lose. So, make sure you’re consistently putting up all the possible efforts and interest in what you’re blogging about.

3. Patience is a conquering virtue

There’s no doubt that you won’t get better results in the starting stage. Being a consistent writer, you might lose patience and interest.

Instead of expecting huge returns for your efforts, give all your dedication to your blog. If you think that you earn much money through blogging, then you’re wrong. If you want to be a successful blogger, you’ve to learn to keep yourself calm and patient.

Learning is the key to improvement. If you learn to be patient, you’ll learn to improve yourself without focusing on the goals. Once you’re done with this, you’ll achieve your target.

4. Go long with your content

Instead of giving the short and little updates to your readers, go with the more extended content. Write something in detail that provides all the detailed information and solves the reader’s problems.

From the studies that the lengthy content gets more attention as compared to the shorter one. Increase the word count, but only with the useful information that people.

5. Be Specific

Focus on providing relevant information to the readers in a simple way. If you are specific with your post in giving readers what they want to read, it’ll keep them interested in reading it.

Learning your audience’s interest is important because if it’s not according to their interest, they’ll get bored.

So, make sure that you’re giving the readers only the information on a specific topic which won’t take much time to read and understand. This would create your content, quality content.

6. Be Unique

Since there are a number of bloggers and a number of blog posts on a particular subject; it might be tough for you to bring an audience to your content. So, the thing that would work best for you is to be unique.
Unique Content - Blogging Tips

Think out of the box and add useful information of such a type that will attract people to read your post. Some of the things that you can add to your blog post in this year can be quizzes, a competition, interactive games, videos, and many other things.

No matter what you’re offering, the thing that matters is the way you are suggesting this. Doing such uncommon things, a number of people will come to your post.

7. Research more

Reading and researching more blogs would help you in improving your writing skills and grow as a blogger. Check carefully and learn what the more prominent bloggers are doing.

Reading and researching more blogs

Make a note of things and try doing the same blogging tips in your blog. Try experimenting with different strategies that you think work for you and bring the expected results.

8. Simplicity is the best

You all have heard that simplicity is the best. Yes, in writing too, ensure that you follow a simple design and a format to attract readers.

The way you represent your ideas to your readers is imperative. If you are adding something that is not easy to read and understand, your content is of no use.

9. Add Visuals

Finding relevant images and adding them to your post make your blog looks attractive and eye-catchy.

When it comes to adding photos and images, make sure that you only pick them from the quality stock websites that allows you to use the images without any copyright issue.

Alternatively, the best thing that you can do is to create your images with the help of a professional graphics designer. The content having visual add-ons appears to be speeding up these days.

This is because social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest favors images than the content.

The reader can easily get an idea about your content by just seeing the pictures. So, if you weren’t following it yet, it’s time to start.

10. Connect with your target audience

Connecting with your audience is one of the important tasks to do. Make your content ‘you-centric’ so that your readers would feel like you’re talking to them directly.

Developing A Relationship With Target Audience - Blogging Tips

If you do not have any connection with your readers, you won’t get to learn about their likes and dislikes. So, write in the way of developing a relationship with your target audience and make changes in your other posts accordingly with these given blogging tips.

11. Maintain a list of Emails

When you begin with your journey in the world of blogging, in the first days, maintain a list of emails.

Keeping such track record, it would become easy for you to share your content with your audience. Not only this, but the traffic to your blog post will also get increased since it works as a constant traffic source these days.

12. Make your post shareable

In this world, now everyone is fully connected through social media. If you’re writing something, create it in such a way that it is easy to share over the internet.

Add ‘Social share buttons’ to your content, so that your readers share it to let others learn about you. This would make you reach a number of people all over the world without any struggle.


Since now every second person thinks of starting their blogs, it isn’t that easy to compete in this arena of blogging.

There are so many readers all around the world for whom the subject of the blog post doesn’t matter. The thing that matters for them is the voice of the person.

Picking up a good topic is of no use if you’re not delivering it to your readers in your way. In blogging, ‘how’ is more important than ‘what’! If you follow these strategies and blogging tips, you’ll be able to increase the readership and the user engagement to your blog post.

Read the tips carefully, and use them effectively in your work to make your blog successful!

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