Doing SEO as a service has never been easier before!

You may be wondering how I’m able to make such an affirmative statement when SEO agencies across the globe are breaking their heads to find strategies to find new clients. 

If you’re confident with the quality of the SEO services provided by your agency, trust me, success is just a few miles away. Giving up now could mean leaving high-value treasures behind for your competitors to pick up.

seo onboarding

Was your agency built around the ideology to serve businesses with quality traffic, leads, and sales. Let me give you some awe-inspiring tips that will change your business forever. 

If you’re struggling to find clients, in the next three months, we guarantee you will be flooded with requests from top businesses seeking SEO service. Ready to take the challenge? 

Steps to Get First 30 Genuine SEO Clients in 30 Days

Day 1 – 5: Select the Target Audience

As an agency owner, you should know that the industry is abuzz with companies that promise improved traffic and sales. Not all companies do what they say, and websites like to get bespoke solutions that work specific to their industry.

There is a growing demand for SEO agencies that cater to a specific niche industry — for example, seo for dentists, real estate seo, etc. 

seo for dentist

seo for real estate

There is a growing demand for niche-specific SEO services, and this trend has been growing amongst industries that fall under the YMYL categories, such as Insurance, Medical, and Banking. 

If you have prior experience bringing success to a particular niche, ensure that your website has a separate service page for this niche. 

Day 6 – 8: Google’s Second Page is Your Goldmine

how to get clients for seo business

Businesses, be it of any niche, want themselves to be found on the first page of Google’s search results page. Achieving this requires a lot of SEO attention, but not all agencies are capable of achieving this feat. 

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It would be beneficial if you understood the target audience and their business goals better and what it takes to rank a website in the niche that you’re focusing on. Simply conduct a Google search for buyer intent keywords specific to your industry and see the second and third pages of Google Search Results Page. 

These are the low hanging websites that can top the rankings if you optimize them. Additionally, each one of them is a prospect for you. 

Day 8 – 18: Get the Assets Ready

seo client checklist

Before you do the final step, which is reaching out to the prospects, ensure that you have a list of assets ready to be delivered for free. 

Business owners are inundated with emails and calls from other agencies. However, your agency is special and you want the target audience to understand the value that you provide. 

This is only possible by providing them ample result-oriented data and reports of how your agency helped other websites reach the top of the Google rankings. 

Assets Required

Blogs: One of the easiest ways to get niche-specific SEO clients is by doing the most effective content marketing strategy- blogging. Website owners, despite their incapacity to conduct SEO practices, like to read a lot about how it works and how it can benefit their business. 

If your agency is focusing on niche-specific clients, ensure that you have blogs that answer the frequently asked questions of the target audience. 

There are SEO agencies that hesitate to reveal the SEO optimization process they follow. One of the prime reasons for this is the fear of the prospective clients implementing it without signing up.

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We have strong reasons to conclude that clients who read such blogs tend to signup 50% more than clients who land on service pages. The simple reason being their lack of SEO knowledge and resources. 

Case Studies: Business owners are looking for a lot of inspiration online! Decision-makers, who have spent on SEO, are inclined to learn how their investment churns revenue. Since this goes with all niche industries, having a case study to refer to will increase the probability of clients signing up for your services. 

A case study must have appropriate data and stats that show how the client website was performing before and after you did the optimization.

seo onboarding

The increase in organic traffic, lead generation, and sales must be given more focus as niche businesses are interested in knowing more about the conversion part rather than the amount of organic traffic. 

If you can include the name of the client (of course, with prior consent), your case study can stand strong and the trustworthiness will skyrocket.

Free Templates: Providing free templates to clients is yet another controversial topic in SEO. However, templates have proved useful for us as clients usually find it hard to fill the on-page, off-page, and technical audit templates by themselves. 

With that said, the prospects get good vibes about the process you follow for each SEO strategy and will come back to you for fixes. So, consider the free templates as an asset with immense capability to attract clients. 

Video Testimonials: If your SEO agency is still building its reputation, consider testimonials as an important asset that you cannot live without. Website owners are usually confused when it comes to trusting SEO agencies, especially if they are yet to grow as a brand, which, of course, will take time. 

The strategic way to wriggle out of this is by including genuine testimonials. I, once again, need to stress on the word ‘genuine’ because fake testimonials are a big no-no if you want to succeed in the SEO industry. Detecting fake testimonials is as easy as doing a simple image search on Google.

onboarding new clients

A more rewarding approach would be to have video testimonials of clients as it adds more trust than the traditional text-based testimonials. 

Day 19-25: Reach Out

seo proposal email for client

Once you’re ready with the list of 100 sites and with the minimum number of assets mentioned above, the next step is to reach out to the website owners. 

Over email: It’s imperative to identify the decision-makers who are running the websites that you’re reaching out to. 

Most websites provide an email address that is usually handled by people below the hierarchy. However, what you need is the email address of decision-makers who are always on top of the hierarchy. That is why you may want to use a tool like, which can provide you up to 150 genuine and verified email account for free. 

Draft the email with a focus on the missed opportunities and how you can help them beat the competitors and rank on top of the Google search results. 

Now, strategically place the assets within the body and try to provide a free audit report generated using any of the tools that you’re comfortable using.

The assets, though given for free, must be sent only after the user provides the information you require to convert him into a warm lead.  

Also, send the email through a mailing system like MailChimp to keep track of the open rate and the bounce rate. 

Over Call: 

It is not easy to convince clients, especially when you are pitching for SEO services via a call. The decision-makers that you are going to deal with possess very little knowledge about SEO. As the saying goes, a little knowledge is dangerous!

The usual questions that we hear from prospective clients range from “Can you rank me on the #1 Position in a Month?”, “I didn’t get results from my previous marketing agency; how can I trust your service.” Another most common question that is popping up nowadays is “I heard SEO is dead, why should I invest if it doesn’t work anymore?” 

Even though these are double-edged questions, a well thought out answer can seal the deal. Educating the client is a task that your digital marketing team has has to do daily, especially if they are connected via a call. 

Never promise things that cannot be done. The best answering formula to poke interest in your service is by first accepting their claims, if any, and then contradicting it with reasons. 

The search engine algorithms are so much trained that ranking on #1 in a week or a month is now a thing of the past. Even if this is achieved, maintaining the #1 position requires a lot of systematic SEO marketing campaign efforts. 

A majority of the clients business that you reach out may have already invested in SEO, but without the desired outcome. In such cases, it’s crucial to present them with an SEO audit of the website, explaining the missed opportunities. 

Day 26-30:  Follow Up

seo client prospecting

You are now seeing positive responses from the majority of the sites that you reached out to. However, there are chances that some may not respond. Ensure that you follow up with each email based on the data provided by the mailing system. 

Wrapping it Up

SEO is a systematic process and likewise is onboarding new clients. There are challenges that you may face in the on-boarding process, however, these impediments can be dealt strategically by showcasing the impeccable strength of your SEO agency. 

The more clients you want to on-board the more you have to educate them about SEO with evidence. The evidence in this case are the assets and reports that you create. This will speed up the new client onboarding processes with realistic expectations.