Google Site Kit: Google’s official WordPress plugin for Webmasters

By:  Dileep Thekkethil

Updated On: March 14, 2023

Is your WordPress website running slow due to multiple plugin installations used to track Analytics, AdSense, SearchConsole, and PageSpeed Insights? The search engine giant has come up with a one-stop-solution to track all these properties under one dashboard. 

Welcome, Google Site Kit, Google’s official WordPress plugin that aims at eliminating the hassle of WordPress website owners who, until now, used multiple plugins to enable tracking of their Google properties.

Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin

With the new Google WordPress Plugin, the search engine giant aims to provide webmasters a single dashboard where they can monitor how people interact with the site and better monetize it based on their interaction. 

The Site Kit dashboard enables webmasters to add different Google products such as Search Console, Google Analytics, AdSense, Tag Manager, Google Optimize and PageSpeed Insights with a quick installation option. 

The admin panel of Google Site Kit helps webmasters to: 

  1. Measures traffic and performance
  2. Analyze how users are engaging with the pages 
  3. Identify speed improvements required to serve pages to the target audience better
  4. Manage other tags without having edit the codes
  5.  Find more opportunities to earn from the site

Gathering insights from the reports become a hard task for webmasters when managing multiple plugins for tracking different Google properties. With the official Google Plugin for WordPress, exporting stats and understanding metrics will become much easier. 

google site kit dashboard

Thanks to the cross-product insights, all the data from Google services such as Search Console, Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, Tag Manager, Optimize and AdSense are combined into a single, intuitive dashboard to help webmasters make informed decisions. Adding to this, the Google Site Kit will also provide official insights and recommendations gathered from multiple Google site tools.

Apart from this, Webmasters complain frequently about breaking their sites while trying to insert Google codes manually in the source code. Since most of these codes are added to the header.php, a tiny error may cause the whole site to go offline. 

However, with the Google Site Kit for WordPress site, such nervous scenarios can be warded off. The quick setup feature enabled in Google Site Kit can allow all Google site tools without having to edit the source code of your site.

One of the add-on benefits of installing the Google Site Kit plugin is that you get Google Optimize as additional Google tools. Optimize can help webmasters understand the flaws in their UI/UX and make changes for improving both mobile and desktop usability. Optimize also allows Webmasters to do A/B test of the different versions of their webpage without editing a single code.

Webmasters can assign special roles and permissions to the users through the Site Kit Plugin to limit access to the data.

The current version of Google Site Kit is the first stable iteration from Google. The search engine giant has been testing the plugin for the past few months and it had released a developer preview version of Site Kit at WordCamp EU in Berlin in June 2019. Google has confirmed that it will make relevant changes to the plugin as more Google Products and Features get added to the Site Kit. 

However, the newly launched stable version of Site Kit has a more simplified setup, and Google has fixed a few bugs, and fine tuned the overall look and feel of the plugin.

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