When it comes to your WordPress website, it entirely depends on how you make it. However, there are a number of WordPress plugins, and choosing the best ones isn’t easy.

While there’s no doubt that the need for such plugins is determined only by learning the type of your website, there are some that are beneficial to be installed on almost every WordPress website.

Moreover, these plugins help to add necessary features to your otherwise plain WordPress website.

Plugins are fun to use, especially since there are so many of them you can use and experiment with. However, you should only use plugins that seems necessary for the website and update them from time to time.

Also, delete the plugins that are no longer in use. Since plugins can slow your site, you should be really careful in choosing the best WordPress plugins for your website.

WordPress Plugins

5 WordPress Plugins You Should Have!

Here, in the post below, you’re provided with a list of five plugins that would help your website to rank on search engines effectively.

In addition to this, these plugins would make your website load faster. Scroll down and read what these plugins are!

1. Yoast SEO

If you’re looking for the best WordPress plugins, Yoast SEO is one that’s essential to have on your website. This plugin helps you write SEO friendly content by analyzing the writing readability.

Not only this, but it would also let you learn how you can optimize your content to attain maximum visibility in the Google SERPs.

Yoast SEO

It’s a handy plugin that would remind you of all those SEO aspects, which you might easily forget. True, it’s metadata.

It provides you with a simple preview of the snippet to check how your website will appear. Yoast SEO exemplifies the importance of SEO title and meta description.

If you don’t supply the metadata on your own, then the SEO title and meta descriptions won’t be optimized with the focus keyword of your post.

2. Monster Insights

If you’re focused on your website, you can’t close your eyes. You need to take a close look to identify how exactly visitors are interacting with your website.

You might be wondering how to do it!. Well, Google Analytics is the way. When it comes to install plugins on your WordPress website, and to get it adjusted in it, Monster Insights is the thing that you need to have.

This plugin provides with all the necessary facts and figures in a format, which is easy to read and understand.

Monster Insights - Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress

One of the best parts of this plug-in is that it connects itself to your Google Analytics account, and views the data. No matter whether you’re new to using WordPress, or have experience, you should be able to run it without any hindrance.


If you’re looking for increasing your website’s efficiency and maximizing your time, then IFTTT is something to be installed.

By now, it’s been essential to have a strong social media presence, but it should be done by putting a lot of efforts and devoting time.

This is why IFTTT plugin helps you create an automatic action like “if this then that.”

IFTTT Plugin for WordPress

So whenever you publish a post on your website, you can instantly share them on various social media platforms using this plugin.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best WordPress plugins you must install to your WordPress. It can be used for automating your complete social media platforms.

4. Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemap is also one of the WordPress plugins to be installed, and it’s mainly for the SEO. This plugin helps Google to index your website. All you need to do to use this plugin is to activate it.

Once you activate it, it’ll automatically create the XML sitemap for your website. Do you learn what sitemap does? Well, it helps the crawlers in the search engine view entire structure of your website, and then retrieve it.

Google XML Sitemap Plugin for WordPress

In addition to this, it notifies almost all the search engines whenever you hit the “Publish” button after completing your post. One more thing, this plugin Is free, for both personal as well as commercial use.

5. WP-Rocket

If you want to run your business successfully, make sure that your website looks good. Not only this, but it should also perform well; since performance directly has an impact on the speed of your website.

Some people don’t have patience if their website doesn’t have high loading speed. This would ultimately lead to a loss of interest.

You all learn that, if your website has slower Page Loading Speed, it’s not good for the SEO and would decrease your rankings on search engines.

WP-Rocket Plugin for WordPress

Having WP-Rocket plugin installed on your WordPress website, you can easily decrease unnecessary load time. WordPress plugins reduce the weight on JavaScript, HTML code, and CSS files.

They do this through minification. Once you’re done with the installation and set-up process, you would be able to see a boost in site load time, immediately.

You can check the Page Load Speed of your website using WebPageTest, or Page Speed Insights. Both these things would provide you accurate results, and also the pointers to optimize your website.


Well, these are the five WordPress plugins that you must have. Install these plugins to run your website successfully. If you’ve any questions about these WordPress plugins, feel free to ask in the comment section below.