WordPress SEO Plugins for 2023: A Handpicked List

By:  Dileep Thekkethil

Updated On: March 10, 2023

Here’s an SEO joke: why did the search engine receive a lawsuit? Because it was a creepy crawler. Get it? Haha. 

If you’re on the lookout for the best SEO WordPress plugins ever invented by mankind, you’ve come to the right place. 

You’re probably confuzzled by all the different options out there. Yes, we agree, it’s pretty nerve-wracking deciding which SEO WordPress plugin can help you out the most. 

Now, there are thousands of plugins available on the market. The problem is choosing the right one. You will also need to choose a good web hosting for WordPress for site performance and security purposes

With this handy list for your reference, you’ll have no trouble at all picking the perfect plugin for your website’s needs and requirements. So, without further ado, here are the best SEO plugins for WordPress. 

seo plugin wordpress

1. SEOPress

seopress xml sitemap settings

SEOPress is a solution for folks new to SEO who don’t want to shell out big bucks on one of WordPress SEO’s more well-established plugins. SEOPress isn’t just available in English either, with it being available in Chinese, Hindi, and 17 other languages. Talking about the asking price, it’ll run you a reasonable 39 dollars a year for the premium version. 


Titles And Metas

You can manage titles, meta descriptions, and meta robots (nofollow, noindex, noimageindex, noarchive, and nosnippet) for each post, page, custom post type, and archive page using the SEOPress plugin.

XML & HTML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps are used by search engines to crawl your website and the purpose of HTML sitemaps is to direct visitors to pages of interest. Each of these helps bots and human visitors navigate your website and contributes to your overall SEO.

Both XML and HTML sitemaps can be created in less than a minute using SEOPress.

The plugin also allows you to generate image sitemaps automatically.

Writing Assistant 

SEOPress also has a super helpful writing assistant. Generally, AI writing assistants tend to be a hit or miss. Mostly, a miss. But the writing assistant from SEOPress is a total gamechanger. 

Why, you may ask? With it’s razor sharp focus on structure of your content, titles, headlines, imagery and just general formatting, it’ll help you rank high on Google and other search engines. 

404 Error Monitoring & Broken Link Checker

Want to check your website for broken links and 404 errors? Look no further than the broken link checker and 404 error monitoring in SEOPress. 

(They also have a free version)

Download and Install SEOPress 

2. Yoast SEO

yoast seo

Loved by millions of SEO people and experts, Yoast SEO is the most downloaded SEO Plugin On WordPress. The free version has assisted people in learning and mastering SEO, while the premium editions have helped businesses in taking their content optimization to a whole new level of success.


SEO Analysis 

Get your site’s SEO analyzed with Yoast SEO’s SEO analysis tool. 

Snippet Preview 

One of the most helpful and useful features of Yoast SEO, snippet previews show you a preview of your meta tags like how it may show up on Google search. 

Content Readability Review 

The search engine uses a variety of factors to determine a post’s ranking, one of which is content quality. By making suggestions, the Yoast SEO plugin can help you improve the quality of your content.

  • How many words should a paragraph contain?
  • The use of transition words in content improves the readability of the text. They indicate to the reader that some related sentences will appear in the following sentence.
  • A post’s reading level
  • The use of more passive voice in content confuses the reader. The percentage of passive voice in your content is indicated by Yoast SEO.

Download and Install Yoast SEO

3. All-In-One SEO (AIOSEO)

all in one seo main dashboard

All in One SEO (AIOSEO) is the first WordPress SEO plugin, and it has been helping individuals with little to no SEO knowledge in getting their sites to rank higher since its inception. 


What sets All In One SEO apart from the crowd is its massive list of features. These are:

  • SEO Audit And TrustSEO score
  • XML Sitemaps, and RSS Sitemaps
  • Set up of WordPress that’s beginner friendly 
  • Competitor Analysis 
  • Import, Export and Backup settings
  • On-page SEO optimization like Smart Meta Title and Description, Unlimited SEO Keywords, Knowledge Panel SEO. 
  • Page and post optimization
  • Integration with social media 
  • Optimize eCommerce sites
  • And way more! 

Download and Install AIOSEO

4. WP Rocket

wp rocket dashboard

Speed is one of the few elements that WordPress isn’t generally acclaimed for. But you certainly want to ensure that you do everything you can to help your site be blazing fast for users. That’s where WP Rocket comes in handy.


When you enable Caching, it will store certain assets locally in the browser of the users, so that it can be reused without revisiting the server. However, in order to take into account all of the intricacies of your site and better tailor it by manually configuring.

If the content of the mobile page differs, you can divide the file for mobile devices. The plugin then generates two versions of the cache pages, one for the desktop and one for mobile.

Optimization of Files 

WP Rocket plugin improves the loading of Google fonts, HTML, CSS, and JS files. It is perfectly acceptable to optimise HTML, but it is worth activating this parameter after careful examination of the site as these features, at least sometimes, can result in unresponsive pages. 

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading of media, including YouTube, is supported by the plugin. It loads the picture sequentially only in the viewable region, reducing the page weight. This option is deactivated by default, although it is one of the most significant strategies for speeding up the site. 


If you enable cache auto-preload, the cache files will be loaded in advance. The Sitemap preloading function uses the sitemap to load the cache. If you install other plugins, like Yoast SEO, wp rocket will recognise and utilise the sitemap. It is also possible to turn on the preload bot. When you make modifications, this reloads the cache files.


The site will slow down if the database is overloaded with spam, version histories, and elements left behind by third-party plugins. WP Rocket contains a dedicated feature to clean the database. 

Additional resources 

The plugin lets you import and export settings configurations, as well as install extra helpers to enhance the functionality.

Download and Install WP Rocket

5. SEMRush Writing Assistant


SEMRush being a big name in the SEO industry, it’s SEO Writing Assistant is a free WordPress plug-in that comes handy for their subscribers. The writing assistant uses SEMRush’s extensive database of keywords and recommends the ones you must use within the content for higher rankings.

Additionally, you will receive recommendations and see a score divided into reading, SEO, originality and voice tone. 

Features of SEMrush Writing Assistant


The readability of your article refers to how easy or difficult it is to read. The Flesch–Kincaid readability test is used. Based on your SEO Content Template, you will be given a target score based on the top 10 Google pages for that keyword.


This metric assists you in adhering to on-page SEO best practises for the specific keyword you are targeting. It allows you to add semantically related keywords, which are critical for Google to understand more about your page.

Tone of Voice

You know what’s essential for a brand? It’s the tone of voice. This metric checks both consistency of tone and whether it’s casual or formal. 


This checks your content for plagiarism.

Download and Install SEMRush Writing Assistant

6. Ahrefs

ahrefs dashboard

One of the most renowned SEO tool sets available, Ahrefs, also has a WordPress plugin from Ahrefs. Though, you will need a licence from Ahrefs to take full benefit of all that you can do. Ahrefs deep databases will dig out info way beneath the surface.

The main advantages of Ahrefs are its extensive backlink checking solution, assistance in delving deeper into your competitors’ search traffic, and identification of which content generates the most revenue.

The software provides the most comprehensive and effective backlink checking platform in the industry. With a single click, you can obtain a detailed profile of any website or URL. 

Ahrefs reveals everything you need to know, from anchors and links to the strength of backlinks. You can even track backlinks and follow their evolution over time, as well as send advanced reporting and smart filter features to quickly find important information.

Download and Install AHREFs Plugin

7. Schema Pro

schema pro

Schema helps Google classify and categorize the information provided on your site. It used to be extremely tough in the initial days as it required coding knowledge to implement Schemas, but with a Plugin like Schema Pro you can enable schema in a few clicks.

Benefits :

Helps With 13 Types Of Rich Snippets

  • Review 
  • Local Businesses
  • Articles 
  • Service 
  • Product 
  • Course 
  • Recipe
  • Person
  • Job Postings
  • Software Applications
  • Book
  • Event
  • Video Objects

Download and Install Schema Pro

8. RankMath

analytics dashboard rank math

Rank Math is a popular and easy-to-use WordPress SEO plugin that allows you to optimise your website for search engines and social media. It includes a setup wizard and allows you to import data from other SEO plugins during the installation process.


In-Depth SEO Evaluation 

Some of the SEO Analysis tests rely on proprietary API to execute and function correctly. You must connect your website to your free RankMath.com account in order to conduct these API-based tests.

Setup Analytics Code 

After creating your free Rank Math account, you’ll be able to link the Rank Math SEO plugin to your Google Account, which is required to access the sophisticated Analytics section inside Rank Math. 

Furthermore, Rank Math may install the Analytics code on your website on its own, eliminating the need for a third-party plugin.

It allows you to quickly add meta title, description, and Open Graph metadata to your blog posts. You can also use the plugin to create an XML sitemap, connect Google Search Console, and restrict access to plugin features based on user roles.

Download and Install RankMath

9. Redirection


Redirection assists you in creating SEO-friendly redirects in WordPress. 


It is one of the most useful WordPress plugins for quickly resolving 404 problems in WordPress by configuring redirects. 

Broken links can harm your site’s SEO and provide a negative user experience. If you’ve been blogging for a while, you should check your site for broken links and fix them on a regular basis. 

There are several methods for quickly locating broken links in WordPress. If you discover a broken link, you may need to repair it by directing people to the right link or deleting the erroneous link. In such cases, the redirection plugin comes very much handy. 

10. Monster Insights

Google Analytics Report By MonsterInsights

One of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress is MonsterInsights. It makes it simple to install Google Analytics in WordPress and displays human-readable reports within the WordPress dashboard.

It tells you where your visitors are coming from, what your most popular content is, what your visitors do on your website, and much more. It also enables you to track your eCommerce SEO by identifying which products are popular and which are losing customers.


The Google Analytics Setup Is A Piece Of Cake

You don’t need to know a word of code to set up Google Analytics with Monster Insights. 

Other Benefits:

Ad Tracking – Monitor your Google AdSense banners to see who clicks on them and then optimise them to increase revenue.

Google AMP Tracking – Enable AMP (accelerated mobile pages) tracking with a single click and receive accurate data about mobile visitors.

Create custom dimensions to track the performance of authors, categories, tags, search terms, logged in users, and more.

eCommerce Tracking – See how well your online store is performing, which products are selling the most, and more.

Facebook Instant Articles – With a single click, you can easily track Facebook Instant Articles in Google Analytics.

Forms Tracking – Determine which forms on your website convert the best.

Google Optimize – Use Google Optimize to run experiments and A/B tests.

EU Compliance – Ensure that your website complies with the CCPA and GDPR by automatically anonymizing the user’s personal data.

Track File Downloads – Track downloads on your website without any additional configuration.

Cross-Domain Tracking – With cross-domain tracking in Google Analytics, you can learn about user behaviour across multiple websites.

seo plugin wordpress 2

Download and Install Monster Insights

11. Internal Link Juicer

Internal Link Juicer is the cutting-edge solution for creating internal links within the post content. It works by configuring your desired keywords intelligently per post. Overall, it boosts your on-page SEO and user experience (UX) by highlighting the appropriate content for the given context.

Basic Features 

Maximum diversification: The intelligent placeholder feature allows anchor texts to be diversified and the number of possible links to be increased with minimal effort. This also ensures that the linking behavior is natural.

Automation: You don’t have to manually link your pages every time you publish a new post. Links will be built automatically once your keywords have been configured.

Individual posts that should not contain generated links can be added to the blacklist, giving you complete control over linking pages. Whitelisted post types are those that should be used for linking. These settings give you complete control over the plugin.

Customize your link output as follows: Link output can be completely customized with the help of our predefined template tags. This allows you to tailor generated links to your specific context.

Configurable linking behavior: The options allow you to configure link counts per page, links per target URL, and linking behavior for specific keywords. You will have complete control over every use case.

Keep up to date: Regardless of our “set and forget” approach and the automation that comes with it, you’ll never lose track of what’s going on in the filterable and sortable statistical dashboard.

Optimal workflow: The keyword panel in the post editor provided by the plugin ensures an efficient and stress-free workflow.

The best performance possible: The high-performance index structure ensures that your pages are rendered quickly on the front end. You don’t have to be concerned about delays.

Pro Features

Taxonomies enabled: Allows links from and to category and tag pages. You’ve covered all of your internal linking needs with this.

Link to internal and external pages that are not managed by WordPress using custom link targets. This allows you to quickly link to affiliate links.

Importing keywords automatically: Import keywords for your assets in bulk from internal resources such as post titles or term titles. If you have Yoast SEO or RankMath installed, you can also import the previously set “focus keywords.”

Professional Stats: Make the most of your optimization process. With a full and unlimited link detail view, you can gain deep insights.

Scalability to the max: With the additional index modes, no project is too large for the Internal Link Juicer to optimize. The best performance for any size.

Manual optimization is supported: You can take your manually created links into account with the Pro version and exclude them from automatic linking on affected pages.

Construct a silo structure: Easily create a link silo by limiting automatic links between posts in the same category.

Teams are ready to go: You can give your editors access to the Internal Link Juicer through role-based access to keyword configuration.

Complete backing: Their experienced SEO and development team will provide you with prioritized premium email support.

12. Easy Table Of Contents

This handy little plugin may not be as well known as the rest you may see on the list, but it’s every bit as useful as the others. 

It’s a feature-rich, user-friendly plugin for inserting a table of contents into your posts, pages, and custom post types.


  • By analyzing the contents of your posts, pages, and custom post types for headers, you can automatically build a table of contents.
  • The!—nextpage—> tag is supported.
  • The Rank Math plugin is supported.
  • The Classic Editor, Gutenberg, Divi, Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder, and Visual Composer page editors are all compatible.
  • Enable for pages and/or posts if desired. Custom post types are allowed as long as their content is rendered using the content() template element.
  • Auto-insert the table of contents into the page, if desired, based on the enabled post type.
  • Provides a number of simple options for configuring when and where the table of contents should be inserted.
  • There are several choices for configuring the appearance of the inserted table of contents, including numerous built-in themes. If the provided themes do not fit your requirements, you can make your own by selecting your own border, background, and link colors.
  • There are a variety of counter bullet formats to pick from, including none, decimal, numeric, and roman.
  • You can choose whether or not to display the table of contents in a hierarchical format. This means that lower-priority headers will be nested beneath higher-priority ones.
  • The table of contents can be hidden at the user’s discretion. You have complete control over this feature. It can be turned off, and it can be set to be hidden by default.
  • Allows for smooth scrolling.
  • On a post-by-post basis, selectively enable or disable the table of contents.
  • Select the headings that will be used to create the table of contents. This, too, can be customized for each individual post.
  • Exclude headers on a global and post-by-post basis with ease.
  • If you don’t want to include the table of contents in the post content, you may use the provided widget to put it in the sidebar of your theme.
  • The widgets can be fastened or adhered to the page so that they are constantly visible as you scroll down.
  • The widget automatically highlights the areas of the page that are currently visible. The highlight color can be changed.
  • Many action hooks and filters are accessible for developers. More can be uploaded on Github upon request. Requests for pulls are encouraged.


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