How to Top-Rank Your Business on Google Maps Search Results

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Every company looks forward to having their business on Google maps. Having your business on Google maps doesn’t mean getting listed in the business listings but rather getting a high rank.

In this post, we shall discuss how your business can show up in local search results and the factors that help to rank your business on Google maps.

The primal task is getting your business listed on Google My Business (GMB). There are a plethora of tactics you can employ so that Google places the business on top of the local listings. Performing SEO on Google my business to get your business on Google maps is like asphalting a path towards a larger brand outreach.

Google My Business Optimization

Search Engine optimizing the contents of a website is the important factor in ranking a website high. It is believed that you obtain the huge traffic if your website is on the first page of SERPs. Likewise, you get huge traffic to your store/shop when your business is top-ranked in Google maps.

The Google local business listing optimization is so powerful that it drives you umpteen customers to you without any of your efforts.

The better you rank in the business listing the more trustworthy you become. More the trust you gain more will be your brand reach and the profits.

You can build an influential business if you precisely adapt the Google my business SEO. We hope you use this post to know how to get your business on Google maps, how to rank higher, and how you can perform Google local business listing optimization.

How does Google My Business work?

Opening an account and claiming your business on Google maps is the first job of local SEO. After listing it, you receive a real-time postcard to the specified address in the Google maps, proving that you are the real owner of the specified business.

You can include all the necessary details in the business listing once your account is verified. You should look into your account at regular intervals to check on your clicks, subscribers, and impressions your business list has got.

For businesses, regular checks are a great method of analyzing how their business is perceived by Google and customers.

Listing business in Google My Business is not the only thing that’s necessary for local SEO. You have to superintend on-page and off-page SEO as well.

Business on Google Maps


The Vital Aspects Google Maps Ranking

Features such as relevance, proximity, prominence and industry domains used to be the basis for Google Maps ranking.

Google, however, have several other aspects in consideration to allot Google maps ranking. It has helped many small and medium-sized industries to giddy up in Google my business listings, because, otherwise they may have been dominated by the well-established big-budget companies.

1. Verify Google My Business Listing

It is cardinal to verify your business listing in Google because it won’t show your business on Google maps until it’s verified. Verify each and every category you have mentioned in  Google. The more the authority, better the Google My Business ranking in the SERPs.

Make sure you update everything about your business in Google My Business listing, also add the below features:

  • Business operation timings: Updating your business hours in Google My Business can fetch incalculable potential customers. Google maps render information about a business whether it’s open or close or whether it’s about to close or open. This will help the customers to track your working schedule before they visit you.
  • Update contact and website address: Google emphasizes businesses which provide complete information and verifies with them. Hence, it is important to update your information like telephone number, address, and website address so the Google can assist users by providing your accurate information on the Google maps.
  • Avoid inept and matching business information: Google belittles businesses with duplicate information or businesses with multiple locations for single located business or having multiple phone numbers. Make sure to put aside redundant information and update the precise data in Google maps.

business information optimization - Google My Business Page

  • Include keywords: Google maps use different algorithms to provide search results just like traditional SEO. Similarly, it emphasizes search phrases and keywords to rank a business listing.  Since your business is already listed in Google My Business, the results will be incredible if you add the keywords as well.  LSI keywords usage also helps you in getting the plethora of keywords you can use.
  • Include photos: The photos on Google My Business perform way better than the business owners and marketers can think. Google reported that the businesses with photos on Google My Business got 35 percent clicks through to the websites and 42 percent driving direction requests than businesses without photos.

2. Invite for Google Reviews

Customer reviews are the very important snippets present on any website. The first thing people see on any website be it informational, investigational or transactional is the customer reviews.  Similarly, it is important to get reviews for your business from the business my listing which can show reviews to users on Google maps. Moreover, you may know that Google reviews render considerable rise in conversion rates than other local SEO strategies.

The surveys prove that more the number reviews on a business, more trustworthy will be the business; the customers typically view up to six reviews to make up their mind on a business.

google business page reviews

3. Insert the Google Map on Your Website

One of the other ways to get better rank on Google maps is to inserting your Google map location on the website. You may have seen such maps on other websites before.

Inserting Google maps on the website ensures Google that you are in the location mentioned in the Google My Business. Add the name of your business to the location and it clearly outreaches to the audience.

Inserting Google map on a website is easy. Get your location on Google map, click on three lined button beside your venture name and right click on ‘share map’. You get a link which you should copy and post it on the business contact page. google map on your website

4. Categorize Your Business Accurately

Google provides you with five categories to leverage in Google My Business. Don’t miss out on using these categories. You can use these categories while claiming Google map listing.

Most business owners are not aware of this option. Make sure you utilize it proficiently. The primary category should be used magnificently.

Add your business classification the primary category for example fashion or restaurant and include local SEO keyword descriptions such as Dallas fashion or paradise restaurant that act as additional classifications.

5. Consistently Evaluate Business Ranking

Once you have updated the business on Google My Business listing, you need to track your ranking regularly; if your rank is low, and then you should consider citing your business more. You may do it by:

  • Inspecting the citations of businesses that rank above you. Surf through the various directories to find where their business listed and add your listing there.
  • Avail link building services from authoritative websites to your Google My Business.
  • Make sure your business listing is accurate in Google maps.
  • Build strong online tenure and list business on third party sites as well such as Foursquare, Yelp, and YellowPages.
  • If you are new to the business, get citations building services from the GMB-savvy companies.

6. Provide a Local Contact Number

Google checks for the toll-free numbers while ranking sites on Google maps to despise the spam numbers.  By having a local contact number prove it that your number is genuine.

If you crave for the topmost rank on Google maps, add a local number in Google My Business listing. Local number having the precise area code builds trust with Google as it matches with your right location. You can put a toll-free number on your website if you really wish to.

7. Do Your Site Optimization

It looks like we are never going to break-up with SEO, right? Yes, of course not. The motto of optimizing your website is to enhance the chances of displaying up in Google My Business-it is acquired by localization.

Site Optimization

Check in the screenshot that the top-ranked local site turns out is the top in organic listings. So, keep being attentive in optimizing your website too because the top-ranked organic sites are also the highly ranked Google My Business ranked sites.

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8. Integrate Your Business with Google+

Integrating your business with Google + enhances and builds the authority of your business account on Google maps business listings.

Uniting business with Google + will help you to

  • Come up with content posts that can help customers to read.
  • It helps you to respond to the reviews.
  • It helps in having the cover photo of your business advertising to the customers.

Cheat Sheet to Optimize Google My Business Listing

Getting on Google maps requires your listing on Google My Business. Make sure you add precise and accurate information about your business in it. You will damage your rank and brand if you provide inaccurate details.

We hope the cheat sheet help you claim a rank on Google maps:

  • Include your real business name in the business listing.
  • Select the appropriate category of your business.
  • Include complete information about you in the business listing, update 100 percent profile.
  • Update and keep tracking your active mobile number enrolled in business listing.
  • Explore the business operating hours to see which time suits your niche customers.
  • Upload your business photos, review and see if they can be enhanced to attract customers.
  • Do careful about the spam websites; don’t create citations on such websites and directories.
  • Include Google maps on your website.
  • Respond to customer reviews on Google maps.
  • Most importantly, always keep your site up to date.

It is not like listing your business and forgetting about it. The algorithms change and so do the listed businesses. It is better to keep yourself active, supervise reviews and analyze tactics to be on top of the Google maps always.

Insight into Business on Google Maps 

All the aspects and factors we discussed are definitely going to help you rank your business better on Google maps. Sometimes, without having a website, a business ranks on top. It’s because they have listed their business in 1300 directories. It’s the power of listing business in numerous directories.

If you follow each step mentioned above you sure are going to shoot up in the ranks. If you don’t rank up even after doing everything, then you definitely can improve on it.

Follow the basic steps and keep pursuing more customer reviews on Google My Business, list your business in more and more number of directories, employ optimization strategies.

The more you do, the more you get. If you know any other tactics you have used to rank your business on Google maps. Feel free to discuss here in the comments section.

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