SEO For Car Dealerships: A Complete Blueprint

By:  Dileep Thekkethil

Updated On: March 10, 2023

Suppose you run a car dealership business, where you offer services relating to specific car makes or models, or offer all services relating to new and used cars. In that case, you need a website well-optimized for your business, and you also need to make sure that it is optimized for local listings. 

All these can be made possible using SEO, and you need the best car dealer SEO agency. That is where we come in – we’ll help you optimize your car dealership business website to ensure that it ranks high in search engine result pages


What is Car Dealers SEO?

Automotive SEO refers to the optimization process that will improve your website’s ranking on the search engine result pages/SERPs. Thanks to the optimization, you can look forward to increased site traffic, higher online conversion rates, and improved sales. 

Why Do Car Dealers Need SEO?

If you are a car dealer, implementing SEO elements leads to increased organic traffic to your website and subsequent sales.

SEO offers immense benefits, but the main reasons why you need to invest in the best SEO services include:

  • A car dealers’ SEO service will give you a competitive edge, ranking your web pages above the competitors.
  • Car dealers’ SEO will increase organic traffic/ clicks to your website 
  • SEO for car dealers will bring in more targeted and qualified leads
  • It increases your brand’s awareness and boosts footfalls

What is Included in the Car Dealers SEO Services Provided by Stan Ventures?

For you to enjoy a high level of brand awareness, improved rankings and higher authority, more traffic, leads, and a competitive edge, you need an SEO service provider with comprehensive experience in the field. 

Having worked with numerous other car dealers and dealerships, we believe that we are the best team for you. Our confidence comes from our full range of services to increase the success of your brand. The services we provide include:

  • Running competitive analysis 
  • Technical SEO Audits and fixes
  • Optimization of web content 
  • Creation of new web content 
  • Local search optimization
  • Backlinks building 

How Our SEO Strategy for Car Dealers Websites Will Skyrocket Rankings and Traffic

A good SEO strategy is one that’s been tried and tested, and we pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive SEO strategy for your car dealership business. Our strategic approach focuses on three primary areas – Content, SEO, and Backlinks.

Content Creation

Since people are always looking for information about cars and dealerships in their neighborhood, you need to make sure that your website content incorporates all the necessary information about your brand and website. 

We’ll do that by creating excellent content appropriate for your audience, making it easy for other businesses and individuals to find your business, services, and any additional information they might be looking for. All this content is optimized for top ranking on search engines and increased traffic. 


We provide a comprehensive optimization process for all the elements of your website and web pages. 

Our optimization process allows for optimizing all the elements of your website, from the addition of keywords and appropriate keyword phrases to web copies for your car dealership business.

The optimization processes feature on-page, off-page, technical, and local SEO services. We are careful not to overuse keywords while optimizing images, title tags, URLs, and meta descriptions, among others. Optimization ensures a boost in rankings, along with an increase in organic traffic to your website. 

Backlink Building

Backlinks are crucial aspects of SEO, and the best SEO strategies incorporate high-quality backlinks, which enhance brand credibility, level of trust, and credibility for your website.

To ensure the success of your business in the long run, and boost your website’s ranking on SERPs, our backlink building approach involves manual outreach for building credible sites, citations, and listings in the leading platforms in the car dealers’ industry.

Deliverables within Our Car Dealers SEO Services

We are focused on improving all the critical areas of your car dealers’ website and offer reliable auto dealers’ SEO services to ensure that your dealership ranks high on SERPs. Our deliverables include:

  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Content optimization
  • Blogger outreach
  • Local SEO

For all our SEO services, you will be happy to note that we provide SEO support services and end-to-end SEO management services so that you won’t have to worry about any aspect of SEO.

Steps We Follow While Doing SEO for Car Dealers Website

Our SEO services follow the six steps below for increased organic traffic to your website, higher ranking on SERPs, increased qualified leads, and sales. 

Step 1: Finding and Analyzing Competitors

The most important SEO strategy for any car dealership or an auto dealer is the identification and analysis of your competition. Understanding how your top competitors run their operations plays a vital role in developing an SEO strategy for your business.

The analysis offers guidance on some of the important marketing and SEO aspects of their business, from the keywords the competition ranks for to the backlink building strategies employed.

With the information collected, you can build a more comprehensive marketing strategy that ensures your business’s success.

Step 2: Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit refers to the analysis of technical website elements that ensure the best performance of your auto dealer’s website. It is an essential component of SEO, and technical SEO influences several of Google’s ranking factors.

One of the aspects determined in technical SEO is speed (page and site speed), and we’ll work with you to ensure that you have the fastest loading website.

The other aspects of SEO that we’ll analyze include indexing, sitemaps, redirects, broken links, internal links, crawl errors, HTTPS, and AMP, among others.  

Step 3: Zero-Down on the Keywords

Keyword research makes it easy for us to zero down on the best keywords to target on your website and web pages. Keyword research gives you a bird’s eye view of the kind of content your audience is searching for, and it allows you to target the right audience by ensuring that you target the searchers who enter specific search queries on search results. 

Keywords are also important because they guide the content creation process. And thanks to years of experience in all matters of SEO, we’ll optimize your web content around the selected keywords, making it easy for your web pages to rank on top of search engine result pages.

Step 4: Optimizing GMB Listing

Even with your potential audience looking up car dealers online, serious leads and car buyers will always make a stop in your local dealership, and this means that the best way for your to have your web pages show up on top of SERPs, for increased leads, and sales, you need to have your website and web pages optimized for Google My Business listings

We’ll do all that for your business, making sure that your content is not only optimized for local searches but also making sure that the information on your website is accurate. 

Step 5: Optimizing Content

Content is king. Website/ web page content is important for the success of your car dealership business because the content is the rope that reels in potential clients from your searchers and qualified leads.

Content optimization is crucial in SEO, with the right SEO content boosting your ranking on search engines. Great content boosts brand authority, improves organic traffic, boosts leads, and increases sales potential. 

Step 6: Manual Blogger Outreach for Authority Link Building

Link building is an important process that boasts your brand authority and online presence. By having trustworthy and credible websites linking to your auto dealership web pages, the web pages send positive signals to the search engines, hence higher rankings. 

To ensure that your website ranks high on SERPs and increases organic traffic and leads, we provide manual blogger outreach as one of the primary link-building strategies for your business. 

Advantages of Doing SEO for Auto Dealers

  1. SEO improves your ranking, giving you the chance to rank on page 1 of search engines
  2. SEO increases organic search and boosts organic traffic to your website
  3. It builds brand trust and credibility for your website
  4. Good SEO boosts your website’s user experience
  5. Higher engagement rate, more traffic, and higher conversion rates
  6. SEO best practices often updated
  7. Good SEO is an affordable long-term strategy
  8. Results from SEO are easily quantifiable 

Importance of Competitor Analysis While Doing Car Dealers SEO

Competitor Analysis is an important strategy in SEO optimization, which is why we spend a significant amount of time in this area. The research process involves analyzing the keywords used by the competition for content optimization, and the information gathered allows you to rank high on SERPs above the competition easily.

Importance of Keyword Research While Doing Auto Dealers SEO

Keyword research is an important element in SEO optimization, which is why we spend a significant amount of time in this area. The research process involves analyzing the keywords used by the competition for content optimization, and the information gathered allows you to rank high on SERPs above the competition easily.

Keyword research is also important for analyzing market trends, and it allows you to target the right market.

Importance of Improving the User Experience While Doing Car Dealers SEO

Improved user experiences will boost your ranking on search engine result pages since one of the factors used by the search engine bots to determine your page quality is user experience.

The improved rankings will help boost organic traffic to your website, increasing qualified leads and sales. 

Importance of On-page Optimization While Doing Car Dealers SEO

On-page SEO allows search engines to understand your web page content and identify your content’s relevance to the search queries.

On-page SEO is also becoming increasingly important because search engines are becoming more and more sophisticated, as they are now more focused on the relevance of web content and semantics used in SERPs. 

Google also uses complex algorithms, and thanks to on-page optimization, the algorithms have a better understanding of what the users are actually searching for. The algorithms also ensure the delivery of search results that meet a user’s intent

Importance of Website Content While Doing Car Dealers SEO

Website content is an essential part of SEO, and it makes it possible for people search for auto dealer services to access the services online.

Content determines how easy it will be for search engine bots to crawl and index your website content, but you need to make sure that you have the best quality content. 

You need great content for backlink building, an improved ranking on SERPs, and the best user experience. 

Importance of Link Building While Doing Car Dealers SEO

Link building enhances your brand’s credibility. Having a good number of quality backlinks on your website will give search engines the perception that your site is high-quality and trustworthy. 

Backlinks enhance the relevance of your web pages and the trustworthiness of your brand. 

Importance of Local SEO Optimization While Doing Car Dealers SEO

Local SEO is extremely important for auto dealers. We’ll offer Google My Business listings, ensuring that anyone looking for your car dealers’ services accesses and visits your store with ease. 

Some of the reasons and benefits of Local SEO include:

  • An increase in online visibility
  • Increased organic traffic and organic leads
  • Increased sales 
  • It improves your brand relevance
  • High ranking on Google Maps and Google Search 

When Do Car Dealers Need Help with SEO?

Your auto dealers company will require our SEO services if you need to bring in more organic traffic by using an SEO strategy that works long-term without breaking the bank. 

So, if your previous SEO team seems to have left things hanging or if you didn’t have the best results, you might want to try out our SEO services. We not only provide comprehensive SEO services for car dealers, but we also offer continuous support to businesses through end-to-end SEO management services.

You might also want our SEO services if you don’t have the time to learn about the industry’s best practices or implement them.

Regardless of your reasons for implementing SEO, we’ll be here to offer the guidance you are looking for. 



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