How to Improve CTR (Click-through Rate) on Blog?

Have you noticed that there are a number of people are searching for improving the Click-through Rate? Well, let’s start with the basics of CTR.

What’s CTR? CTR stands for Click-through Rate. It’s a metric that usually measures the number of clicks received on a page or a post divided by the number of impressions actually generated. Let’s discuss with an example. Suppose an ad is displayed 1000 times to the people and it receives 10 clicks. So, the click-through rate of this as is 1 percent.

CTR = Clicks/Impressions

Click-through Rate

If the click-through rate is higher, it means that you’ll earn more advertising revenue. CTR also refers to the total percentage of users who click on the calls to action button of your advertisement, whether it’s leading them to the external advertisement or to any of the landing pages of your website through which you’re generating sales for your business.

Why Do CTR Matter?

Since CTR is a factor that affects the Quality Score of your website, it’s one of the important things to your accounts. If you’re looking out for the means for offering the higher Quality Score to your advertisements, you need to have high CTR.

In addition to this, if you’re publishing your blogs based on the relevant queries for achieving the high CTR, it means that you’re anyways driving more people to it.

What’s a Good CTR?

Well, it completely depends on the type of industry you’re running? What sort of business you have? Also your goals, and a number of other factors. But, in the initial stage, there are a number of free tools available, which would help you in learning whether the Pay Per Click – CTR on your blog comes above or below than average.

So, now what’s the average CTR? Whenever you search for the ideal CTR, keep in mind that it takes time to determine it. It’s never constant for everyone, and its average range depends on the factors like keywords that you’re using, and how much competition they have.

Click-through Rate

From some data, it’s been concluded that an average CTR for all the industries is around 1.91% on the search network. Whereas on the display network, it’s around 0.35%.
Undoubtedly, in this case, a good is always better than average. So, possibly you would be looking for the ways to beat this CTR benchmark? Here are some of the easy ways that would help you in improving the CTR. Read it further!

What are the Ways to Improve CTR, Anyway?

Are you looking for the ways to improve the click-through rates on your blog? Read this post from top to bottom to learn the ways to better your click-through rates on your presentation.

Click-through Rate

A High-Quality Piece of Content

If you’re trying to improve the click-through rate on your blog, make sure that whatever you write, it should get more traffic. What you need to do is to focus on making your blog attractive and useful as well. A good piece of content which is helpful to the people always gets more searches.

So, write and post something that can easily engage people. Improving the CTR also requires the regular posts. For this reason, publish only the quality content and also include the keywords having the high search volume. This would help your blog to rank in the top results on the search engine. A blog having an excellent readability is actually good piece of content. It’s one of the best ways to improve the CTR.

Calls to Action Button in Your Blog

Including the calls to action button in almost all of your blog posts encourages the readers to click on it to get more information about the niche. Whenever it comes to adding such buttons, keep in mind that it should be of bright color, and should contain minimum text or graphics.

You must be thinking, which position would be best to place the button?

Well, it should be placed above the area where you see the scroll down option. This area is called as the “fold”. Doing this, you’ll able to attract more people to click on it. A copy having only the minimum graphics or text is one of the best ways to get clicks on it. Creating the button in such a way would make it stand out on the page, and it would be easy for the users to recognize it on your post.

Use only the Relevant Advertisers

Providing only the information through your blogs, which is relevant to your target audience would definitely help you in improving the click-through rates. You all learn that people are coming to your blog only to get the information they’re looking on a particular topic. So, if you’re adding ads and calls to action, which is related to the blog niche, there are chances that people would click on it. What exactly you can do to get a click from them is that you improve the relevance of the external ads. And this you can do by adding the primary keywords in the blog title. Whenever it comes to adding the ads and other necessary elements in your blog, make sure that you focus only on a particular topic.

Present your Blog in a Better Way

One more thing that can help you in improving the click-through rates on your blog is the way you’re presenting it to your target audience. The layout of your blog plays an important role in compelling people to come to your blog, click on it, and read it from head to toe. Not only this, one of the major things also includes the way you position the ads on your blog. If you position the ads directly above the content of the post on the homepage makes a lot of difference in the success rate. If you want to learn the best location of placing the ads, Google’s AdSense Optimizer is the tool you can use.

Final Thoughts!

Implement these ways and you’ll get to notice the improvement in your click-through rate. Remember that it’s possible that there will be high click-through rate. If you’re having a strong CTR, but less conversion rate, there won’t be any return on your investment you’re doing for advertising your blog.

There’s no doubt that you’ll be paying a lot for the clicks and it won’t turn into customers. For this reason, make sure that you’re offering exactly what people want, and all the landing pages of your website are well-optimized. And to optimize the landing pages, you should write better text for the ads, choose the better keywords, and incorporate negative keywords into the Adwords Campaigns. Following the ways are given in the post, you’ll be able to increases the impressions on your ads. Ultimately, it’ll improve the CTR on a blog.

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