Google’s new update makes Privacy Control access easier for users

google privacy control

With most of the credentials being stored online and most of the day to day activities being done online, people demand more security and control.

This means people would want easy access to privacy and security related settings. That is precisely what Google’s new update is bringing to the table of the users.

As announced by Jan Hannemann, the product manager of Google Account, the update is already available for Android users. However, for iOS and web users, it will be available later this year. Here’s what this new update holds for users.

The New Google Update Offers Easier Access

The new update changes the way users would access privacy and security related settings. The users would now be able to find a horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen as their Google account control panel.

This horizontal bar would consist of a number of navigation tabs, like account, search, support, etc. These horizontal navigation tabs aim at helping users access security and privacy related settings easier than before.

Within the navigational tabs, users would find a range of options related to activity controls, ad personalization, etc.

This change would make it a hassle-free task to access the Google control panel using the Google control panel dashboard.

In-Account Search

With the new Google update, users will be able to find a search bar in their account. This will help in searching for whatever option the user wants to access without having to go through the entire list tediously.

The user has to type in words related to what he/she is looking for. This will fetch Google privacy control settings options related to the typed word/words and make it quite easy.

Security Review

The new Google update also helps in reviewing the security of the user account. Google has introduced a user-tested design that helps in intuitively reviewing user’s privacy options.

This would also help the users work better with their Google accounts. While Security checkup related updates were already made in October, this would be an add-on to the changes made.

This update would help users figure out what changes can be made to improve their security. It also claims to prompt users to remove accounts from devices they don’t use.

For non-specialists, this update in privacy and security controls can help provide a clearer insight into what level of security they need to achieve.

Making a new Google account and Google control panel login would also be quite secure. Making the whole process easier, it would help to make more people aware of the privacy-related concerns.

In all, this update is expected to simplify privacy-related functions and make them more comprehensible.


Sai Digbijay Patnaik


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