Top Questions to Ask Law Firm SEO Service Providers

By:  Shreoshe Ghosh

Updated On: March 15, 2023


Availing professional law firm SEO services is the first thing that comes to the mind of lawyers and attorneys looking to expand their online reach. SEO is a significant investment for any law practitioner willing to connect with potential clients.

What is a Lawyer SEO Company?

A lawyer SEO company is specialized in helping law firms expand their local or global reach through tailored SEO services, which comprises quality content creation, effective link building, local SEO optimization, and website optimization.

Trying to manage SEO in-house can be tricky for most lawyers due to a lack of time or experience. By investing in a team of law firm SEO experts, you can improve your website’s visibility and get favorable ROI.

Top Questions to Ask Law Firm SEO Service Providers

Why Hire Law Firm SEO Services?

There are several reasons why it makes sense to invest in law firm SEO services.


SEO doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket if you hire a law firm SEO expert. An agency that has experience working with law practitioners can suggest cost-effective SEO strategies that yield high ROI.

White-label Indo-American SEO agencies like Stan Ventures have years of experience in providing affordable and scalable legal SEO services. With them, you can enjoy managed SEO services like content creation, on-page optimization, link building, and technical SEO.

If you want to target more targeted traffic to your legal site, get in touch with a trusted SEO agency that has experience in handling lawyers and advocates as clients.


Providers of law firm SEO services are experts in crafting compelling content that is not only helpful to your audience but also very engaging.

A law firm SEO expert will do thorough content-gap analysis to understand which topics to cover on your website. Moreover, they’ll also create content that follows Google’s EAT guidelines and boost your authoritativeness in your niche market.

Increased Relevant Traffic

Hiring professional SEO service providers for law firms will ensure that you get more targeted clients. Rather than attracting general traffic, getting more targeting traffic will help you in getting more clients and enjoy better conversions.

Return On Investment

Hiring in professional law firm SEO services will ensure that you get a positive return on investment. An experienced SEO agency will implement the best SEO practices for your business and ensure that you get maximum profit from what you spend.


What to Expect From a Lawyer SEO Company? 

If you are wondering whether it makes sense to hire a lawyer SEO company, let me tell you why it is necessary.

First of all, whether you plan to do SEO in-house or outsource it to an SEO company, you have to invest your hard-earned money into it.

Every industry is different, and hence, the SEO strategies also vary accordingly. If you reach out to an SEO agency that specializes in providing SEO services for dentistry or other medical practices, they might not be able to excel in crafting an SEO strategy for a law firm.

Hence, you should try finding an agency that provides law firm SEO services exclusively. Moreover, SEO is just not limited to boosting your online presence and reaching potential clients. It also aids in maintaining a positive image online.

You don’t want people to visit your website and exit it with a negative impression on their minds. To ensure that your website is doing its best to satisfy the search engines as well as your potential clients, you need a law firm SEO expert who can show you real online growth and not confuse you with some random analytics data.

Lack of communication is a significant reason why you need to be very careful while choosing a law firm. Even if SEO is an alien term for most lawyers, a professional law firm SEO company would be able to give a basic overview of what they plan to do for your website and how it may benefit you in the coming days.

While shortlisting an SEO agency for your law firm, notice how keen they are in knowing your clients. No SEO strategy can be successful without considering your target audience in mind. Additionally, you also need to inquire about the tracking tools used by the agency you plan to hire.


The success of your SEO strategies will be evident from the report generated by the tracking tools they use. The data that you’ll receive by the end of the month will tell you whether the strategies implemented for your site have actually been successful.

A successful law firm SEO company should be able to create a content strategy for your site from scratch, which includes competitor analysis, keyword research, and writing quality content for your website that answers user queries.

Besides, they must be able to take care of various on-page, off-page, and technical SEO elements on your site, such as optimizing the meta titles and meta descriptions of your web pages, adding Alt text for images, fixing broken links, creating quality interlinks, fixing speed issues on your site, etc.

Of course, a brief meeting might not be enough to finalize the best SEO company for your law firm, which is why we recommend you to be ready with a handful of essential questions to ask the agency during your conversation.

Top Questions to Ask a Lawyer SEO Company

1. Do you have a specific work process?

It is very essential to understand whether the SEO agency you want to hire follows a defined work process or customize their SEO plans on a client-to-client basis.

Based on your end goals, you’ll have to decide whether you want to go for a pre-defined SEO service or get customized lawyer SEO services.

If you need a customized SEO plan, you might need to fix multiple meetings with the agency and discuss the possibilities of the same.

2. What makes you different from other SEO service providers?

You’ll find multiple SEO agencies willing to offer lawyer SEO services. However, you should be very careful while shortlisting one for your law firm.

Choosing an SEO agency that specializes in legal SEO services should be your first choice since they are well-versed with the industry and its requirements.

Moreover, their years of experience in working with small, medium, and large law firms will help you receive some valuable insights on promoting your service online.

3. Do you outsource?

Knowing whether the legal SEO company you choose outsources their work or not is crucial. If an SEO agency outsources their work, you should try to understand the capability of those working for them.

Try asking for some past accomplishments and success stories that prove their success in outsourcing the work. Learn about the turnaround time for outsourced projects and the measures are taken by the agency to ensure that the quality and efficiency are maintained.

4. Do you completely adhere to White Hat SEO principles?

Although no agency will openly agree to use black-hat SEO practices, it is quite easy to find it out by deep-diving into their past works and testimonials.

A trustworthy and ethical agency will not deny sharing their past work and success stories. Moreover, you should also check their social media pages and profiles like Google My Business to see what people have said about their services.


5. Which SEO tools do you use?

If you want to be 100% sure about an agency’s work quality, don’t shy away from asking them the tools they’ll be using for SEO optimization. There are plenty of free and premium SEO tools at everyone’s disposal, however, the free tools come with their own set of limitations.

Paid tools, on the other hand, allow users to utilize full SEO benefits and enjoy better optimization. A good SEO company will use the top premium SEO tools available in the market to optimize their client sites.

6. How do you keep track of your progress?

Measuring success in SEO is very important to understand the effectiveness of the ongoing SEO strategy.

As a client, you should understand how the lawyer SEO company tracks the success of its SEO strategies and what measures it takes to ensure that the results are favorable. 

7. How often will you deliver reports?

Ask the law firm SEO company how often they deliver reports. A professional SEO company will send regular updates to their clients and keep them updated on the progress. Ideally, an SEO agency should send a detailed report at least once a month to its client.

8. Will you inform us about the SEO changes you make on our website?

Many SEO agencies make SEO changes on their client site without intimating them. This might cause problems for you later. It is best to ask the SEO agency you work with to take approval from you before making any changes to your website.

9. Can you work with our design/development team?

Many SEO agencies prefer working independently. Hence it is better to ask them beforehand whether they can work alongside your design and development team.

This is especially important if you have just started your legal site and want all the teams to work in sync to develop and promote your site.

10. What else will you handle for us?

Many SEO agencies offer to manage social media marketing for your site, along with taking care of your SEO needs. If you are looking for an agency, who can handle multiple tasks for your legal site, get in touch with someone who offers such services.

Tips to Choose the Best Lawyer SEO Services 

Check out their Portfolio

Before availing any law firm SEO services from an agency, ask for their portfolio. It will help you analyze their past work, understand their work procedure, check their past performance, and measure their success rate.

Looks at their past works

Understanding the past work of the lawyer SEO company is essential to find out how experienced they are in working with a legal firm like yours. You’ll also understand how many past projects they’ve undertaken and what was their turnaround time for each client.

Check out their company values

A company’s value and ethics play an important role in deciding whether your association with them will be fruitful in the future. Try finding the overall experience of the firm, the individual experience of the employees working there, how effective the firm is in working in a team, etc.

Ask questions

Ask as many questions as you want before confirming the law firm’s SEO services for yourself. A reputed SEO agency will be transparent about their work process and policies and will not hide anything from its clients.

Since you’ll be investing money for SEO services provided by the firm, it’s better to be aware of everything before availing of their services.


The fierce competition among legal firms to stay on top of SERPs can only be fueled with the help of best SEO law firms. So, try to get in touch with a trusted law firm SEO expert to get the best law firm SEO services required to grow your business online.



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